As Gne said in the previous post that Gne wouldn’t only refresh your knowledge about 12 Western Horoscopes/ Zodiac signs but Gne also would guide you into the deeper level with Astrology.

Yesterday was the first day of Spring.

Well, it was not actually yesterday since the exact time for the Spring Equinox came, it was slightly different from countries to countries.

According to Astronomers and Cosmo-scientists, the Spring Equinox for 2019 Christian-based year matched the line with the Sun was March 20th, 2019 at 21:58 PM GMT.

At the same night, the Moon reached the Full Phase-> it recorded a special Spring Equinox.

Spring Equinox 2019

Previous years, as Spring Equinox cames, we didn’t have the full Moon phase, but this year 2019, it was accidentally -> To Gne, it opened a door to Chronaturacity XD -> and now, Gne invites you to have a free trip to Chronaturacity -> Would you dare to take it?

It wouldn’t cost much since a trip to Chronaturacity is unusual trip hehe

What is the weird name, Chronaturacity!

Gne says it’s unusual trip because we will have an adventure by our imagination, not by our physical body.

Yes, travel in real world brings more benefits!

What if you could not do that, and the situation urges you to travel?

When we mention about the word “travel”, it also has a meaning that we can travel by our mind and our imagination. It’s not pure about traveling to Easterns Countries, to Hawaii, etc.

Okay, not go around 😛 Let’s Gne introduce the Chronaturacity trip to you 🙂

In this post, we learn about the Chronaturacity.

What Chronaturacity means?

First at all XD Let’s Gne introduces Chronaturacity to you!

Well, the Chronaturacity is a Pseudo-version of our Earth. It’s the Paleo-Mundo Astrology. If you misunderstanding between Astrology vs Astronomy, please click on the button to learn more the difference.

For more detail about the word “Chronaturacity”, hehe Gne creates it. Gne creates the word “Chronaturacity”->and then type the word in the Google search engine-> and it doesn’t give any result-> it means that word is a new word XD

As you read the word “Chronaturacity”, you find some similar syllables with English, right? It’s understandable because the word is created based on the Latin writing system.

🙂 Don’t misunderstand “Chronaturacity” is a name of a city!

It’s a name of a whole Astrology World. Horoscope is just the most popular topic of Astrology.

“Chronaturacity” means the quality time of nature.

The word “Chronaturacity” has three components:

  • The Prefix Chron- or Chrono-
  • The cardinal word Natura
  • And the last component is the suffix -acity

The prefix Chron- / Chrono- means “time“. However, the prefix isn’t derived from the Latin writing system. It’s from Greek. The original Greek word is “Khronos”.

The cardinal word “natura” is from Latin. It’s simple mean “nature” in English.

The suffix once again is a Latino loanword from “tenacity”-> It means “quality of” or “abounding in the characteristic of”

When Gne put all three components together, Gne sees it’s duplicate the consonant “n” and the vowel “a”. Thus, Gne elimites one and keep one

-> and the result Gne has “Chronaturacity” 🙂

Free Invitation to Chronaturacity

Does Gne disappoint you?

If so, then what do you know about Chronaturacity so far? 🙂

You have know about the daily Horoscopes and weekly Horoscope through online sources, by newspaper?

You have know nothing about the Chronaturacity because of?

  • Because you don’t have time to learn more?
  • Because you don’t interest in the topic?
  • Because you still don’t believe in Astrology since it isn’t Science?
  • Because Astronomy and Cosmo – Physic can help you to understand everything about the Universe?

Why Gne chooses to give a name?

hihi it’s a part of Gne-> Gne finds a little boring when Gne mentions about the Astrological World-> thus, Gne creates a name for it-> It’s easy to identify when it has a name 🙂 It’s also lovelier, right?

Actually, Gne has another name for the Astrological world, but it would give you more confused. Another word that Gne creates for calling the Astrological World is Paleomundocity. This word will make you more confused than the word “Chronaturacity”.

The word “Paleomundocity” means the quality of an ancient world.

The word is based on the Spanish. The prefix “Paleo-” and the core word “Mundo” are from Spanish. It means ancient and world. When you type “Paleo Mundo” to Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, or other search engines, you will see what it is about!

It describes the ancient world about a hundred, a thousand years before our Christian-based calendar. Paleo Mundo is the Dinosaur Age.

And the suffix “-ocity” is just one more writing type of suffix “-acity”.

Where is the Chronaturacity?

About the location….it’s a little difficult since a trip to Chronaturacity is unusual trip-> it doesn’t have the exactly physical location.

Recently, when the Spring Equinox 2019 occurs a few days ago, the Sun and the Full Moon fight to each other for giving our Earth attraction-> During the match, they create a tension on our Earth-> The tension is “so great” that it bends temporary the time and the space-> it opens a door to Chronaturacity!

Chronaturacity door

However, the Chronaturacity door is random. This time, you might find the door here. Another times, you might find the door appears in nowhere like a top stone of an island….

Sometimes, it locates inside a human individual-> it’s just a metaphor, but it makes sense to Gne because Astrology can open a door to understanding deeper an individual.

Gne totally understands when you have a doubt-> If you still follow Gne to Chronaturacity and discover the world, you will understand more about individual and about some events.

Gne doesn’t deny the fact Psychology and other Science branches can help you in order to understand an individual-> just give you one more option-> perhaps, it could be a faster method to understand individual 🙂

When we can go to Chronaturacity?

As Gne says above, the door randomly appears, so it’s hard to tell when you can go to Chronaturacity. One easiest way is looking the door from another individual 🙂

As the Spring Equinox 2019 is still fresh, the Chronaturacity door is open freely. However, this time has a limitation. The door will open freely the first ten days starting from the Aries Point. After the first ten days, you would need to find a different door to enter.

If it’s the first time and you don’t know anything about Horoscope nor Astrology, you better follow Gne 🙂

You said it would be a trip-> who will be a tourist guide?

Hehe it’s the obvious answer -> in this HWA, of course, it’s Gne XD Even Gne doesn’t have the license of the tourist guide, but Gne can guide you to discover Chronaturacity since Gne knows some Astrology knowledge.

Well, you also have another option-> you can change a tour guide with someone else-> it means you enter a different door to Chronaturacity. -> it’s just like other physical trips quality-> it depends on the tourist guide personalities and other things related.

How we can go there if we want to?

If you have Gne as a tour guide, then you would not need anything. However, Gne would like to remind you to do some preparations 🙂 Sorry for the obligation since it’s a common sense for all travelers 🙂

If you go with other Western Astrologers, 🙂 Gne doesn’t know what are their requirements. It would be usually a free invitation to Chronaturacity, but other astrologers might ask you to bring some accessories.

At the end of Chronaturacity introduction, Gne would like to say:”Happy birthday!”

Aries birthday

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