Jesus Christ calendar

It’s a normal number for all Western people. It says we have been spent 2020 years. We’re still counting from the moment when Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for human sin. Christians marked that year as the first year – starting from zero years. In another word, we are 2020 years of the Gregorian calendar .

No matter kind of calendar, it’s still based on the cycle

The “cycle” definition is “a complete sequence of recurring event and process.”

And the basic cycle in our human knowledge is our Earth’s rotation. As the Earth orbits itself, we have 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds. -> We know it as a fact because we observe the Sun and record it for practical purpose as well as the religious uses.

Another cycle relating to the Sun is Earth orbits around the Sun. For the Earth rotates a completely one cycle around the Sun, we record it with 365 days 5 hour and 49 minutes. -> It’s not easy for remember that number-> Cosmos-scientists round up the number until 365 days only. -> the rest of hours and minutes will be add on after 4 cycles.

4 seasons in circle

Beside of the Solar calendar, we also have the Lunar cycle. For Wester, it’s unusual, but it’s the main calendar in Easter countries. The Lunar calendar exists longer than the Solar calendar.

The length for this new Moon phase into a new Moon phase takes 29 days 12 hours and 44 minutes.

A Lunar cycle longs last in 27 days 7 hours 43 minutes.

Mayan uses the same Lunar calendar. They record the same lunar length. Mayan has a larger time scale with the solar calendar. It’s named ” 1 Alautun”-> equal 63,081,429 solar Christian calendar.

What is the similarity between Astrological calendar with Solar Christian calendar?

  1. Astrological has a solar calendar as well. It has 12 months. Each month has a name.

and the difference:

  • The starting time for the Astrological calendar is different from Christian. When the Spring Equinox comes, it also means astrologers celebrate a new astrological year. It matches with the natural seasons.-> it means the first day of a year is March 20th night.
  • The astrological month’s name is followed the horoscope order: Starting with the First month as Aries month-> Taurus month-> Gemini month-> Cancer month-> Leo month-> Virgo month -> Libra month -> Scorpio month-> Sagittarius month-> Capricorn month-> Aquarius month-> and last month Pisces.
  • Therefore the length of each month nearly equals each other. -> Astrologers don’t need to count 28 days for February or the second month as Taurus month.
  • Astrology has a larger scale, but it’s limited because it’s based on the cycle. (Gne talks about the cycle above already).
Scale time’s name The length of time (comparing to Solar Christian calendar AD/BC)
Normal solar based month30 days
Normal solar based year360 days
A Phase5400 days or 15 years
A Platonic Day25920 days or 72 years
An Era64800 days or 180 years
A Great Age around 777600 days or 2160 years
A Platonic Montharound 771840 days or 2144 years. A Platonic Month is exchangeable to a Great Age above
A Platonic Yearis between 25729 years to 25771 years. (Gne doesn’t convert to normal days)

Following the Astrological scale time, we are in the Gemini Phase – Pisces Era – Age of Pisces.

In a short saying, we are living in only “One Platonic Day” haha. Of course for some elder people, you are living a next Platonic Day-> you are so advanced!!!

Gne tells you about the Astrological Calendar for what?

Because our Chronaturacity map is based on that-> It would be easier for you to keep tracking.

If you feel don’t like to visit Chronaturacity at this time, you can comeback in other times. Perhaps, in your month?

Current Aries Pass

As you come back at other times, please present your astrological pass to the main gatekeeper Cephalate. This Astrological pass will change time to time, but it links to your astrology identity.

Still Happy your birthday, Aries!

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