In the USA, telling the birthday for someone else is not a common since it’s part of the privacy. Scorpio woman takes more serious about it when it comes to a stranger. She won’t let you know what day is her birthday. If her co-workers, her friends would not do the actions of buying a birthday gift, creating the birthday party, you would never know.

When you are still a stranger to Scorpio woman

Accidently, you hear about the Scorpio woman’s birthday. She doesn’t mind if you pretend you don’t know about it. If you want to get closer to her, buying small gifts for her would be appropriate. She would accept your gift easier than returning back.

Your choices at this distance have:

  • A simple birthday greeting card. Or a little prettier greeting card with your ideas-> purpose: get some impressions for the Scorpio woman to remember about you
  • A flower bouquet. Traditional fresh flowers are good enough. If you have a creative idea, a special flower bouquet when the “flowers” are actually food.
  • A set of relaxing candles

When Scorpio woman considers you as a not-so-close friend

Congratulations on getting closer to the Scorpio woman. Now, you would have better choices since she considers you as a not-so-close friend. Even so, it is a friend. One friend of her closed networks.

A birthstone for Scorpio woman will bring some lucks for her. Scorpio woman might not accept the gift easily. She might refuse to receive at the first time. You don’t give up so fast. You will need to explain to her to understand-> once she does, she would accept your gift without feeling the debt. In the future, she would offer a little favor in order to return your kindness.

A strong favor of essential oil. If you feel not enough, you can book one massage session for her. It could be the full body deep tissue massage for releasing all her pain, her stress from the workplace. Or a quick and simple foot massage. It doesn’t need to explain more details. Once Scorpio woman receives this offer, she likely to accept after the hesitant moment. Keep observe her. When she still keeps quiet for thinking, you can leave a coupon and the information about the massage provider. She would book the date suitable with her schedule later.

foot massage

The third choice would be sliding to the practical purpose more. A dessert would bring a happy hour for her and her family to enjoy the gourmet. Since you are still a not-so-close friend, it would be a large size pizza, a small birthday cake made in bakery, a cookie box, a fruit basket, etc.

When you want to express clearly about a romantic relationship

You feel enough for staying in the friendzone. You want to step closer with Scorpio woman. You want to be in the relationship when she is still single. A gift can’t express all your emotions, feelings for her. It needs to combine with your actions. You need to confess to her. Don’t worry much about the result. Insist on the confession. At least, you can show Scorpio woman that you don’t give up until you come to the end. That spirit, that attitude would be a highlight for her because that is one of Scorpio woman personality.

For this important step, you need to prepare more details, more delicate, more decor to leave a good impression for Scorpio woman. Remember, the goal of the confession is letting her know about your desire. And the decision still is in her hands.

A piece of jewelry would be the standard. You should think about a necklace or an earring or a bracelet. A ring is too much. If you’re confident with yourself and with the relationship between you and Scorpio woman, a ring for the confession would be the best.

There are three things you need to prepare:

  • A date with Scorpio woman in a shopping mall
  • Money for the payment in-store
  • The agreement from Scorpio woman

The second option derives from the above. It’s still a date in a shopping mall. And the gift will be fashion cloth. You would company with her to some clothing stores. You would offer to buy one cloth for her and she can choose with her interests, with her styles and her wants. Thus, prepare your wallet thick enough. Scorpion woman would take the advantage once in the lifetime for the cloth she craves. She could choose the Channel perfume, a new-arrival Gucci fashion, a Nike shoe and Nike relevance clothing.

You also need to prepare yourself that Scorpio woman surprises you. She might choose to go to the Victoria Secret’s store, haha When she actually does it, that is the signal. It’s a clue, a hint for the next step of the romantic relationship. People buy underwear, lingerie for each other when they are lovers only!

Even so, haha don’t expect too much because Scorpio woman would ask you to stay outside. She might be shy. She might feel not uncomfortable since she needs more time to show it to you. What you need to do is being patient. She doesn’t allow you to have another option no matter how much you want to see her lingerie in the bathroom setting. It needs more time since it’s a trust issue!

short vacation

The third option for the gift is a travel trip. It doesn’t need to be a fancy and long trip. It could be simply the short trip getting away during two day weekends. The purpose is letting her relax her mind, her body after the hard-working period. You can book the trip for you two alone only. Or you are generous and leaving two air tickets for Scorpio woman. Let her choose whom she will travel with. Don’t be so upset if she decides to enjoy the trip with her best female friend. Even so, it’s still a good impression with Scorpio woman and her friends. After all, you will have earned a more good feeling with Scorpio woman.

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