For Capricorn compatibility with other 12 Zodiacs, it has two best matches. Capricorn Zodiac will have a harmonious relationship with Virgo and Taurus. We don’t talk about Capricorn and Taurus here 😛 because I’m Virgo man. Therefore, I focus on the relationship between Capricorn and Virgo. Even I don’t know much about Capricorn man, I still have something to share with you. After all, Capricorn Zodiac gets together very well with Virgo hihi

Capricorn Virgo compatibility between Capricorn man and Virgo woman

The relationship between Capricorn man and Virgo woman starts based on the common. Since both Sun signs are the Earth, Capricorn man feels connected with Virgo woman because they have been seen the world at the same side.

Both Capricorn man and Virgo woman

  • are realistic.
  • value hardworking attitude
  • seek something safe enough
  • don’t like the surprise, unexpected things very much
  • don’t have a very charming appearance

The real thing keeping Capricorn man close to Virgo woman is about understanding. Scorpio woman might “know” what Capricorn man needs and wants, but Virgo woman understands Capricorn man in a different way.

Honestly, I am not very sure what Capricorn man’s choice between Scorpio woman and Virgo woman…

If comparing Scorpio woman with Virgo woman, Capricorn man will have more pleasure in the bed with Scorpio woman. Simple reason: Scorpio woman is the best about sex. No Zodiac can pass the skills, the sexiness of Scorpio woman in the bed. In short, you can understand Scorpio woman will use sex to “secretly control” Capricorn man.

And that (secret manipulate) would make him uncomfortable in the long term. (because Capricorn man wants to be independent at some points)

Although Virgo woman provides “less good quality” in the bed to Capricorn man-> However, it has one thing separate between the best choice and the great choice.

Virgo woman is the best choice and the most compatible with Capricorn man -> because it has trust between them. Unlike Scorpio woman, Virgo woman will share and usually tell the truth to Capricorn man. Scorpio woman can not do this because Scorpio woman usually keeps it as secrets. Scorpio woman doesn’t say directly the truth. -> simple: Scorpio woman is kind of “close” while Virgo woman is more “open” to Capricorn man.

Virgo man is the best match for Capricorn woman

About the relationship between Capricorn woman and Virgo man, I’m pleasure (and proud at some points) Virgo man is the best match for Capricorn woman. I can tell this because of my real love stories.

I have been liked and still loving Capricorn woman. I mean all my girlfriends have the Sun Sign in Capricorn. (from ex to current, but not in the future 😛 )

My first love is with Capricorn lady. My second love story is also written with another Capricorn lady. And my current story is still continuous. My current Capricorn girlfriend hihi I am thinking seriously about the future marriage with her!

The reason for two previous breakups is not about our chemistry, about our personality, about the compatibility… the main reason for both breakups is about family.

Now I want to write about two previous love stories with Capricorn ladies. One purpose is looking back one more times-> and then, it’s really the time to let it go. I still want and need to take care of my future Capricorn wife. Lessons have been learned!

Another purpose for writing is something like not to forget them. Even it’s sad ending with two previous Capricorn girlfriends, somewhere inside me, feel a little sad and nostalgia because I have been known them for a while. Do you feel sad if someone you know has to leave you? Would be a pity if no one will remember?

Thinking about one day when you leave this world, who will visit your funeral and cry?

Sorry, but it won’t be so sad like that 🙂 it’s just the ugly truth. Everyone will die one day. And both my two ex-girlfriends Capricorn are still alive somewhere.

Indeed, the first love is special for nostalgia, but it will have the time when we need to let it go

Aigoo~ I think my first love with Capricorn lady is kind of childish and youthful 🙂 Actually, my first lust is with another girl 😛 that girl Sun Sign is in Cancer. However, the real relationship – first love – happens with one Capricorn girl.

It starts from the 10th grade in Viet Nam where both of us are born. You can guess 🙂 the relationship is mixed with the academy hihi The first place we meet face to face is in one tutor class. Well, this is a different culture with USA Academy. Similar to South Korean education, students usually spend more than 8 hours for studying. -> main point: students really think studying is the only job they have at that young age. -> tutor more knowledge is for the future

Drop off those unnecessary, my first love with Capricorn girl is something passed the best-friend limit. Yeah 🙂 we start from the strangers-> electric sudden sparks when Capricorn girl passed my sit-> she is the hurry for the class attendance-> we group together for the teacher’s lecture-> we officially get the name each other-> meet each other faces more often during the tutor class-> talk more together-> get to know more her existing friends-> befriend with some new students-> aigoo~ we have more laughing times than actually studying. -> my score in the normal school increases slightly because my high school back then is common while her high school has a better reputation, more students with higher GPA -> then official best friend.

Aigoo~ it’s hard to maintain the best-friend relationship with the girl you like. -> we don’t have much chance to have dates… And then when the University exam comes. It’s also around the time I get the new: my whole family will go to the USA for permanent residents.

family divorce

Before knowing me, she does commit to suicide one time. Because of the pressure. Because she loves her mother. Because she wants to spend more time with her father. (her parents are divorced when she’s a little girl) Because of the fact, I move to the USA. Because Her mother also pushes more pressure about her future life. -> that Capricorn young lady… makes the decision-> to me, it’s kind of stupid, but… it is the best choice that young Capricorn girl can choose for that situation. *Sigh, she never thinks about long-distance relationship and what we can do*

Sorry but it’s time to let it go. R.I.P my first love. I know she is still living well because she has many goals to achieve in her life. I have been known her for a while 🙂

The long-distance relationship is still hard for a strong couple like Capricorn woman and Virgo man

The long-distance relationship’s never easy… The gap of geography… The gap of time zone…The difference of each other’s schedule…the way to keep in touch-> Those are the reality’s challenges.

The good thing about the long-distance relationship is the time. -> the time for individual becomes more mature, more time to work on each other things.

And the most important thing: The long-distance relationship teaches the couple to be “cherish” each other.

Nothing is free! Nothing is grant!

*sigh* where and how two people meet each other are the obstacles too… For me and my second young Capricorn lady… the place I meet her… honestly is a bad place for both sides… it’s one online dating site…

That dating site… makes me feel powerless and super unfair about the genders. Why that dating site (and more similar “online service” like that) are charging money from male-only?

Even I know when we are still the early stage of human evolution, the male has been gone out for hunting. And in this capitalist Era, why we still can not reach the equal of gender? the balance between male and female? Why those dating sites charge only the male side!!!

And then, the communication between me and that young Capricorn lady… by the way, she is younger than me 3 years old… is another challenge.

*sigh* with my Moon Sagittarius… it brings the opportunity to get to know more about foreign language. And this time is Chinese Mandarin.

That young Capricorn lady has the Sun Sign in Capricorn. Her Moon Sign Libra is the thing I am attracted to.

The reason is my Mars Planet which is Libra-> it tells that I will “instinctively attract” to any lady who has the “Libra” Zodiac. -> It has some possibilities like this:

  • I will attract the strongest to any girl, lady, the woman who has the Sun Sign in Libra Zodiac
  • The lower level is any female who has the Moon Sign in Libra
  • The quickest attraction is the female with the AC in Libra

That is the minimum condition in the natal birth chart. If any lady has more Libra in her natal chart, I am sure that I will attract to her very soon.

Therefore, my second ex-girlfriend Capricorn is the one who has the Moon Sign in Libra.

Like any couple regardless of communication, we have some fun times at the flirting stage. The language barrier brings more misunderstanding more often when it has a different culture.

And her job… I still think her choice is suitable for her…Just the company she is staying in… Her dream job is the teacher-> she finishes the University Diploma for teaching in Changsha city-> she is training in one private institute-> simple reason: private schools pay more than public schools.

And the time I meet that Capricorn lady is not a good time for both of us… At the time, she is still training in Beijing even the school based in Changsha. The training leaders change their resting place many times. Every 3 days, that Capricorn lady and some more colleagues need to move from this hotel to another hotel for the training. Of course, it’s paid training, but the schedule… is long…

From the moment I meet that Capricorn lady until our breakup time… the changing place for training happens like the daily task…

Although we have some basic trust, it has the crack before actually the main reason comes. The trust crack is I catch one video online where it has the scene of one man and one woman hugging each other in a bed (with full clothes -.-). The face of that woman in the online video is very similar to the face of my Capricorn girlfriend at that time. -> seem like cheating, right?

Honestly, I don’t know. For many reasons: people have a similar look, maybe I think too much, maybe I analyze too detail about the background of that screen, maybe I investigate deep…Now it doesn’t matter.

And then a few more weeks pass. After the New Lunar Year comes in China, that Capricorn lady with Moon Libra doesn’t reply to me on that dating site more. She just leaves some letters on that dating site. She said she needs to follow her parent’s ideas. Her parents run one grocery store as a small business. Her parents have been chosen the future husband in advance. -> to me, it sounds like marriage with a business purpose!

I don’t deny it’s still hurt some, but not so much. Because the trust has the crack before that new.

After all, the main reason for two times breakup with both Capricorn ladies is still her family!

I understand. Just understand some since I am still a stranger to them. I understand some because I know Capricorn woman’s personalities…

*sigh* this is one hard thing when loving Capricorn ladies! I understand Capricorn woman’s personalities-> so… sometimes when we are loving something, loving someone, we should let it go for happiness.

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