All about Capricorn woman is coming to the end. I sort all about Capricorn woman from characteristics, to the lifestyle to her own ideas, thinking pattern from A to Z. Each Alphabet letter represents one word about Capricorn woman. This final post starts all about Capricorn woman with letter “Q”. If you want to look back other alphabets, All about Capricorn woman and All about Capricorn woman part 2 are two parts summarised from letter “A” to “P”

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with Q

When we limit in English, words starting with the letter “Q” are hard to find because it doesn’t have many words. Thus, I choose only one word: Quarrel.

You know it’s synonymous with the word “argument”, but Capricorn woman tries to avoid much as she can. To her, the quarrel is the first step before it grows to the argument, the big fight. She doesn’t want to wait until it transforms into the full form. Capricorn woman will eliminate “quarrel” right at the misunderstanding stage.

In some cases… Capricorn woman doesn’t want to explain the misunderstanding. Once she does like that, it means she is ready to leave.

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with R

For the letter “R”, I have 3 words for Capricorn woman 🙂 There are:

  • Rare
  • Reason(s) ( and consequence as the following)
  • Rough

Hehe Actually, “rare” is the word describing how I cherish Capricorn woman’s quality. To me, the Capricorn woman is rare to find. And somehow 🙂 Capricorn woman has a hard time to find a boyfriend, a partner. -> To her, in some points, finding someone suitable is rare too.

More than 20 years of living in this life, I have some chances to meet and get together with other Zodiac ladies. The first lust I have when I was around 8th grade is one Cancer Sun Sign lady. And then, somehow I can make friends with other girls. (I mean female classmates and some strangers ladies.) I have been talking, working with other Zodiac women. Such as Aries ladies as the younger, lower grade friend in school; other Taurus women… not yet; Gemini young ladies -.- give me a break because I don’t want to lose my temper; Scorpio woman as a senior co-worker; Virgo ladies as a temporary co-worker, etc. However, the type of lady who can work with me, can understand me are rare.

I can not deny sometimes I get attracted to Libra women because of my Mars in Libra Zodiac.

I can not deny instantly, instinctively I like Sagittarius women because of my Moon Sign in Sagittarius Zodiac.

At the end, after all… I know I still love Capricorn woman the most. Even with the lust, I still like Capricorn woman more than Libra ladies, more than Sagittarius ladies. Two Zodiacs I get attracted -> they are just temporary. Until now, only Capricorn woman can keep my interest in her in a long time.

There are some reasons for it. To Capricorn women, they usually ask “why” almost everything 🙂 My Sun Sign Virgo doesn’t mind to take time to explain for Capricorn women hihi

The main reason I still love Capricorn woman from the past into the present and definitely in the future is about understanding. I say: only Capricorn woman can understand me so well. (even my mom can not understand me well enough like my Capricorn girlfriend -.-). Capricorn woman’s the number one person who understands me without much effort. The second place is other Virgo ladies.

Opening a little wider about “reason”. Capricorn woman also learns about the relationship between reason and consequence. Somehow, Capricorn woman learns about this by herself. Usually, she doesn’t get the education about it from her parents.

Plus, Capricorn woman is the native type of person who thinks first before action. Simply because Capricorn woman thinks about the consequences of her actions.

“Rough” is the adjective describes Capricorn woman. I mention about Capricorn woman’s personality and quality. You can understand like this:

Capricorn woman is born with no talent at all. What she achieves now thanks to her insistence in the past. She studies and works harder than others.

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with S

If I don’t have to choose only one word, I have three words about Capricorn woman starting with S:

  • Sajiao
  • Serious
  • Sex

“Sajiao” is just the pinyin form word of Chinese Mandarin. “Sajiao” shares the same meaning with “Aegyo” of Korean. You can go back to the first part “All about Capricorn woman” to check what is “Aegyo” 🙂

Serious is the important thing we need to talk about Capricorn woman. I mean all Sun Sign Capricorn is realism. Special with Capricorn woman. She is deadly serious when she studies at a young age, when she works in adulthood… Capricorn woman’s attitude is like that. Almost everything Capricorn woman treats with serious manners. She doesn’t play around (in both physical and mental)… Even if Capricorn woman plays one game, she still takes seriously. Her competitive spirit always presents during playing time.

About love life… Capricorn woman never is more serious than it. Capricorn woman’s philosophy in love life:

  • She never “play” in the love game-> She expects her future partner, plus current partner, staying on the same page with her
  • Once she accepts the romantic relationship, it means she already prepares for the marriage. If you are not mature enough… it’s hard to tell what Capricorn woman would do to you…
  • Once Capricorn woman accepts you, she also accepts if you are not good-looking, if you’re not rich, If you have some weird habits.
  • There is one thing Capricorn woman doesn’t accept and can not stand: her partner is lazy and not have an ambitious mindset. -> To Capricorn woman, she can help you to change the lazy habit by setting goals, by push pressure on you…about the ambitious mindset… when you lack it, it is the big minus!
  • One last thing Capricorn woman always takes it seriously. Betrayer. Once she figures out, collect enough evidence… her revenge… I can not imagine -.- I also don’t want to imagine. I am not stupid to betray my favorite Horoscope. If you want to try? Good luck -.- because you will experience how deadly serious once Capricorn woman revenge… it won’t less cruel than Scorpio woman’s revenge

Capricorn woman also takes sex life seriously. Sorry for not sharing in public since it’s Capricorn woman’s privacy 🙂 She definitely loses the temper if I talk about this… You know Capricorn woman is good about being patient… When Capricorn woman loses the temper…aigoo~ I can predict the consequence so I don’t stupid to do things that can lead to that worse consequence…After all, it’s an intimate moment between Capricorn woman and her lover. You will understand if you are Capricorn woman’s husband 🙂

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with T

For the letter “T” hihi I have around 5 words about Capricorn woman.

  • The first word is trust
  • The second is the truth. Don’t mistake between the first and second. It’s like the winner for the 1st place and the second place in the competition. Ordinary, people usually remember who won first place.
  • Next is tough
  • And then top
  • Last is trying the best

With a serious attitude to everything, Capricorn woman always tries doing things in her best. Aigoo~ I admire and also worry about her. Admire because she always wants to try her best. And Capricorn woman can make it happen in reality. Even the result doesn’t match her expectations, her plan, at least it has 70% of the total. Worry because of her health… *sigh* This is one Capricorn woman’s bad habit. During the time she works to present her best, Capricorn woman usually skips a meal. She uses all the time, her effort, her energy for it. If could, she would put her soul into her works.

I feel one Sherlock Holmes saying fit with Capricorn: “our mind is clear once our stomach is empty”

While you can observe Capricorn woman working, you will notice how tough she is. Capricorn woman is a strong type of woman. She might have a feminine body, but she doesn’t accept losing in front of men…She would achieve some goals in the men’s fields.

The top is the place Capricorn always eyes on. We don’t need to explain more details since the top goes side by side with higher goals.

And now, there are a few differences between Trust and Truth under Capricorn woman’s eyes. Those are co-existed together in Capricorn woman’s philosophy. You can earn some small decimal percentages of Trust when you volunteer to tell the ugly Truth. However, it’s never to be granted!!!

Capricorn woman expects you tell all the truth on a daily basis. Slowly, telling the truth to Capricorn woman becomes a normal activity like you drive your car daily to the workplace (Or taking the bus). In this setting, you don’t earn the “trust” from Capricorn woman. Always telling the truth is just the first condition for step further. Want to earn more trust from Capricorn woman… honestly, it’s a long and hard road -.-

Because I am still walking on that road. I mean for my two-ex Capricorn girlfriends, I have been walking on that road. It means I have been telling the truth. Thus, I earn some “trust” from Capricorn girlfriends. Of course, I know I don’t earn so much “trust” from them… Maybe 1 or 2% of trust from Capricorn ex-girlfriends -.- It’s high rank already… for others, they might gain less than 1% Capricorn woman’s trust. And so far, I have been doing things good enough. The prof is I have two ex Capricorn girlfriends, and I am very honored to have one Capricorn lady as my future wife! Summary hihi this is one personal achievement. For love life with Capricorn woman only

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with U

About the letter “U”, I think I have three: Useful, Understanding and U (informal word of “you”)

For the first word, how it is useful is the question you need to think about Capricorn woman. It could be hard truth that you are “useful” for Capricorn woman or not. She is realism, so she can find some aspects you are “useful” to her. Aigoo~ sometimes it sounds like the relationship with the benefit…However, it’s true to Capricorn woman.

When she chooses things or shopping, Capricorn woman will think about “How the item is useful to me” -> she cares about functions and their values. When she feels the price is acceptable with some useful functions -> then Capricorn woman will be happy to be own it.

Do you notice the connection between “u” and “understanding“? If you are (were) someone special to Capricorn woman, do you understand her? She expects her life partner, her lovers to understand her at some points. That is one desire. Capricorn woman wants someone to understand her for loving her.

However, it has a breakthrough point.

Because understanding Capricorn woman sometimes is threatening to her. What would she respond when a stranger understands her so well? In business, Capricorn woman is afraid that will become her weak points. She worries some bad people will blackmail her because they understand her.

Thus, Capricorn woman usually persuades the person who understand her into her side. Keep that person close to her-> change the weak point into the strength.

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with V

Hehe, I choose only one word starting with the letter “V” for Capricorn woman. It’s Virgo man hihi We don’t do details how good chemistry, how well compatible between Capricorn woman and Virgo man here. We will talk details at another time, at another post.

Yeah, you guess right. Virgo man will be the most compatible lover, life partner for Capricorn woman. Another choice is the Taurus man. I don’t have a chance to see how happy between Capricorn woman and Taurus man couple.

However, I know and confirm another couple hihi I am Virgo Man (even not typical). And I am sure that I can get along well with Capricorn women! Yeah~ it’s just my subjective but so what? XD I know I will love more, love deeper my future Capricorn wife! The well-match compatibility between Capricorn Zodiac and Virgo Zodiac is still there, in the relationship between Capricorn man and Virgo woman.

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with W

Wasting is the thing Capricorn woman hates. There are three main things she hates to waste:

  • Waste time
  • Waste money
  • Waste effort

About hate to wasting time, Capricorn has one philosophy: if you have time to complain, then why you don’t use that time for problem-solving? Crying doesn’t help much. If you are done crying, stand up and move on.

*sigh* because of this philosophy… Capricorn woman sometimes treats the love life is wasting her time, wasting her money and wasting her efforts. She is rather waiting for the right person, a suitable partner to her than playing around with boyfriends and flirting.

Since the young ages, Capricorn young lady understands the value of money. She’s definitely sympathetic and understands how hard for her parents to earn money. Right at the middle school (perhaps younger in some Capricorn young girls), she knows her job is studying. She understands study harder in order to have better Academy scores. It will be a solid foundation for her University time. Even her family financial has some unexpected, Capricorn young lady keeps insist to study by getting Financial Aid, Scholarship. She doesn’t allow herself to waste time, money, efforts that her parents give to her.

Wasting effort…Hmmm… only in one thing. Capricorn woman will feel wasting effort for quarreling, for arguing, for angry. Those cost energies-> she will need food to refill the lost -> it means she uses money. If she is able to work, she still avoids the arguments. It’s not good for her health at all.

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with X

Honestly, I can’t find any “X” words fit with Capricorn woman. Except for one fact: XX genetic. It’s very obviously XX is the 23rd genetic that produce the female Estrogen.

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with Y

“Y”… I think Capricorn woman’s very rare to yield someone. She will yield when driving if it has the “yield” sign. In normal life… Capricorn woman is stubborn… She might listen to her parents, but the chance she does the actions following her parent’s order is not high. Because she has her own mind. She will yield partly to reach the compromise together.

Once Capricorn woman becomes business owner -.- Erase the word “yield”

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with Z

Hmmm… I have three words starting with Z, but those are not very significant about Capricorn woman.

There are Zodiac, Zone, and Zoo.

Her Zodiac is Capricorn. Zoo will be the place Capricorn woman could never visit before. Simply because she doesn’t have time. Having a date in a zoo is not so bad idea, right?

And Zone… her zone, her place.

Aigoo~ finally, we go through all about Capricorn woman. There is one thing I want to a summary for you:

Even I ‘m confident enough to understand Capricorn woman, it still has the chance that Capricorn woman will do something for me to not turn it into her sore point.

2 Replies to “All About Capricorn Woman – Part 3”

    1. Dear Charlie 🙂 actually it isn’t research at all.

      I am a late-twenties. I have 2 ex-girlfriends and all of them have Sun Sign in Capricorn. My current girlfriend also is Sun-Capricorn-> so what I share in the post derives from my own love experiences in the past and the current. Aigoo~ somehow, I still love Capricorn lady more than other Zodiacs. Even it has many challenges 🙂 if you like or even love one Capricorn lady, you will understand my viewpoint!

      And I know the more you know about Capricorn lady, you will love her more. You can compare her as a wine: the longer you keep the wine, the taste becomes better!

      Thank you for your time, Charlie.

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