The Astrology in the Gospel of Judas

If you are Christian, you have hear about the Gospel of Judas book? Can you share what you know about that book?

For other people like Gne, we don’t know much about Christianity. However, thank you for giving Gne a chance to get to know about Gospel of Judas book.

You don’t know there is a relationship between ancient Astrology and Early Christian?

Here is what Gne found:

Since the video letture already, Gne just summary what Gne learn about the Gospel of Judas book.

The book talks about the time when Jesus Christ gives the talk about his belief. Jesus also receives 12 assistances. Jesus teaches them during the journey. However, there is only one person who is completely understand about Jesus Christ.

Let’s talk a little bit about Jesus Christ. As the moment Jesus Christ is baptized, he receives the messages from the real GOD, the highest and only one GOD.

With his given power from direct the only GOD, Jesus offers many miracles, so he has many followers. However, it’s rare people can truthly know about Jesus Christ background.

Judas is the only one student who can understand where is Jesus Christ come from. He descends from the heaven. He is the GOD’s son.

Since there is a myth: There doesn’t have one GOD in the Christian religion. Besides the great Creator GOD, he creates a few lower Gods (another saying is the Angels from heaven). One of them go to the Earth and transform into Adam-> next, the Great Creator makes Eva – Adam’s companion.

Misunderstanding Jesus Christ’s teaching leads Early Christianity rejected Astrology

The misunderstanding lies on the rest of Jesus’s disciples. Except Judas.

There is a moment in the book when Jesus teaches about cosmology. That is ancient Astrology, which mixed between Astronomy in the current saying with Astrology.

Other 11 disciples worship the God.

However, Jesus said that you keep continue to worship YOUR GODS

11 Disciples ask back that Teacher, you are not our GOD?

Jesus just smiles and left.

Sorry for Gne bad memory…Gne doesn’t remember where is the exactly statements in the Old Testament or New Testament, or bible Christian books…just remember the plot

That is the misunderstanding between Early Christian and Ancient Astrology.

Back then, the 12 planets included the sun and the moon, they are considered as 12 Gods. Those 12 Gods make the fate for each individual.

It’s not contingent that the 12 number appear and Jesus 12 Apostles. Why Jesus don’t take 10 or 11 or more than 12 disciples for following him all the journey?

Bible 12 Apostles

That belief is contrast with monotheism Christian where all Christians believe Jesus Christ is their only GOD. In the meanwhile, Jesus Christ believes there is only GOD who honored him as a son.

Jesus mind and heart heads to his Father. Judas follow Jesus Christ, but other 11 disciples are not completely follow the Christian.

The evidence shows up in the “Last Supper” painting when Jesus and 12 Apostles sit in a table.

And Jesus announces that there is one person will betray him.

Last supper drawing

Later, Catholic church accepts a part of Astrology

The misunderstanding of 11 disciples back then lead people, who believe in Jesus Christ, away from GOD.

It still has a minor Christian people still believe in Astrology but in a different aspect. They see Astrology Medicine is still good enough to adapt. Catholic Church is the one.

Catholic church is one branch from Early Christianity. In a simple words, Catholic Christian are from other Jesus Christ’s 11 disciples.

Based on Astrology Medicine, each part of human body is ruled by 12 planets, 12 Astrological houses and 12 signs.

For initial right now, Gne shares the list. In the future, we will learn more about Astrology Medicine.

The man of signs
From Astro Wiki
  • Aries rules the head
  • Taurus protects the neck
  • Gemini lead the arms
  • Cancer takes care of breasts
  • Leo fires the human heart
  • Virgo concerns about belly and stomach
  • Libra balances the reins and kidney area
  • Scorpio seduces with man/ woman private part
  • Sagittarius strong the thighs (for running and walking)
  • Capricorn pride is the knee (Capricorn NEVER EVER knee someone except for Capricorn family and Capricorn’s love one because Capricorn’s head is cold enough to solve the situation)
  • Aquarius manipulates the legs
  • Pisces domain area is the feet.

Since Catholic Church realises there is a connection between Astrological Medicine with Christian, so some Church Fathers still study Astrology as an interest.

For example, Martin Luther and his friend Phillip Melanchthon.

Phillip does have a period studying Astrology at the University of Heidelberg In Greek. Phillip also follows and learn some Astrology aspect with Germanian Astrologer Johannes Stöffler.

As Phillip make some Astrological reading and predict for Martin Luther, those prediction fails Martin Luther’s expectation and belief.

Besides Astrology, Phillip and Luther also study Theology. They have been argue about Theology and Astrology a few decades…

One more example is Albertus Magnus and Thomas Aquinas. Those two people are the link between Astrology and Theology.

On the Theology side, Albertus and Thomas believe in “Free will” when human is free to do the actions regardless the consequences.

With Astrology kicks in, both Albertus and Thomas admit the influences of the Stars and the Planets on physical body and individual characteristics. Or in another saying, they accept the Sun Sign with 12 Horoscopes only.

The hidden motive of many who turn to astrology is to gain access to hidden powers. This stands in conflict with the loving reverential esteem which we owe only to God

the current Catholic catechism statement

Simple summary for this opponent

Ancient Astrology had been developed at Babylon in Mesopotamia-> spread to ancient Egypt. -> next is Rome Empire. However, with the Rome Empire and the Royal Politics, astrologers were used as a tool for support or against the throne. -> in Rome Empire, Astrology created the first opponent

After the Rome Empire, Astrology also met another opponent right at the Rome Empire fell: Christian. It’s not just Christian, but also Judaism and Islam. All three major ancient Western Religion, they defend Astrology until nowadays. Even the Catholic Church has accepted the Astrological Medicine.

Until this post, Astrology has two main group opponents:

  • Rome Empire Royal Politics in the Imperials time
  • Religion and their belief.

The next group opponent is Philosophy, and we will learn it in next week.

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