Relationship between individual with individual varies.

It could be very simple and pure. It could lead to a chaos and toxic.

Gne wants to write this post as a blog since a few nights ago, Gne had a VERY DANGEROUS dream.

Dreaming during the sleep

Based on the Psychology and Neuroscience view, when we sleep, sometimes we dream. For almost adults, the body needs to sleep from 7 to 9 hours during one day. Some minor group people are owls. They prefer to work in the night time and skip the sleep sometimes.

It’s very normal when an adult body can skip sleeping within 3 days. After that limitation, the mind, the brain starts to have a Hallucination.

For the rest of population except those owl people, the sleep has 5 stages:

  • Stage 1: when you first fall in sleep about 5 minutes
  • Stage 2: starting from that 6th minutes until 20th minutes-> this is when the Sleep Spindles starts. “Some researchers believe these spindles represent the activity of a mechanism that lessens the brain’s sensitivity to sensory input and thus keeps the person asleep”- from Psychology – A concise Introduction book
  • Stage 3: could call the transitional sleep
  • Stage 4: a deep sleep
  • Stage 5 is a special stage wich calls REM – Rapid Eye Movement.

REM period is a special stage during the sleep. It’s characterized by rapid eye movement and brain wave patterns that resemble those for an awake state and in which most dreaming occurs

REM sleep is sometimes referred to as paradoxical sleep because the bodily muscles are immobilized but much of the brain is highly active.

Psychology – A concise Introduction
5 stages of sleep

From the moment a person awake -> fall in sleep in stage 1 -> stage 2 -> transit to stage 3 -> and then deep sleep at stage 4, all the process happens within 90 minutes only.

During the night time sleeping, we normally have 4 cycles sleeping. Some will have 5 cycles if they sleep longer. (If you don’t believe Gne about the number, you google it by yourself. Here is a Psychology Today Post indicates that a sleep cycle is 90 minutes.)

For Gne, it’s very dangerous when Gne had a dream….Gne imagination is very wide and creative. If Gne watches some creative arts from YouTube or somewhere else, Gne likely has a dream in the night time or when Gne takes a nap during the day….

Gne’s imagination is so wide that Gne could make those dreams into some short movies. It likes a few movies scenes which were created inside my REM period. Sometimes, it was an action short movies. Sometimes, it would be a short version of a bigger adventure around the world. Sometimes, it was a Déjà vu …

What a dangerous dream!!!

Researchers said that if you were wakened up right at the REM stage, you will recall what happens in your dream very easily. If something woke you up outside the REM stage, you have no idea what is your dream.

For this time, Gne can clearly remember what is the dream about. Gne was dreaming during the nap in a weekend day. Here is the story which Gne says it was a dangerous dream….


Gne was taking the role of an adult man. Gne didn’t remember how old is that man. However, Gne remembered he had a normal job that can support himself.

He was in his vacation in Asian country. He was landed in the airport. He contacted to one of his cousin. His cousin appeared as a same age with him.

That man and his cousin rode motor-bicycle. [By the way, a motor-bicycle is the most common transportation vehicle in Asian countries]. Both men was going somewhere. They passed all the old road that they were grown up with. The man realized that there were still some street food stores which still remained until the day that man came back that country.

Asian motorcycle

As they passed blocks after blocks, they arrived in a house. The house had two floors. The house was not very new, but had some ages on it.

It was a property of someone. It seemed like their old high school teacher house.

They entered-> met the teacher. The teacher was still teaching and had a conversation with some people. The man’s cousin joined their conversation, but the man remained stand out of the group. The man seemed like not interesting with the discussing topic.

The man went around the floor. Took a look with different rooms and structure.

The man realized that the house owner was a middle class in that Asian country since the man saw some good-looking and seem-expensive furnitures.

The man entered one room which opened at the same floor. That room was big. The main room door located in the West side, about 3 o’clock direction. It seemed like someone in the household was not closed the door properly. The man though it was not his fault since the door was opened before his arrive. He prepared in his head what if someone asked the permission. He would said he was a foreigner, so he didn’t know about the local housing rule and the specific that rules within the house.

After that prepared idea, the man took a first step inside the room with a confidence.

The man though :” what a relief that no one here”

The man took a look around the room. As he stood in the center room, the television was sitting on 3-foot wood storage. It was at his 12 o’clock direction. A little bit on the 10 o’clock, he saw a plastic storage cabinet. He assummed it was a clothset.

As he turned around, nothing special. It seemed like it was not a bedroom. He guessed it was a living room? Perhaps a playing room for entertainment?

The room name didn’t matter much to him. He lost the curiosity, so he was about left the room.

Then, a young lady ,who appeared younger than the man about 5 years old, came in the room. She didn’t introducedherself, but asked a question first. She asked does the man lost? if not, what he wants to do in this room?

Well, the prepared idea just blew out his mouth. As they talk, the conversation seemed lighter and more friendly.

Since it hadn’t a chair or something in the room, the man and the young lady sit on the floor and continue their conversation.

[Gne doesn’t remember the detail conversation in my dream, so can we skip?]

It seemed like both of them were compatible as they talk. Somehow, they started to lay down and face to each other in the spoon position. They kept talking normally and not do anything sensual actions.

The lady somehow started to move closer to the man. He was about offer his arm to take as a temporary pillow for the young lady’s head.

Before they completed the action, the man was aware of another person. He looked at the main door entrance. He saw a guess passed by. The man had enough time to recognize the guess was a middle-aged man. The guess might go to the bathroom?

open door

The middle-aged man guess by accidently saw the scene? Would the guess notify with the house owner or the young lady spouse?

The guess made the man worry a little bit, but not significant since the man skimmed the guess face expression. The man knew the guess expression was neutral. Like the stranger sees something on the street, and then the stranger just pass by without remember what is it.

Next, the lady became more open. She shared that she was kind of excited when a young person at her age came to the house. She was bored with all the guess come in and out. She wasn’t interesting to exchange a few words with those guess.

Then, a instinct kicked in the man mind. He felt this situation looked like a cheating scene. The prospect scenario would be the young lady complained about her loneliness. She was looking a partner. She was tired with old man….


Gne was waked up -.-

That’s all Gne can remember….

As soon as Gne woke up, Gne was scared why Gne dreamed about a cheating scene???

After washing face, Gne was thinking….

Let’s recall all the plots of that short movies in the dream. Let’s find more evidence what if that was really a cheating scene?

If that was a cheating scene, why Gne would have dreamed about it? Because Gne watched a similar situation on the Tik Tok social app?

Gne still remembers in the TikTok social app, it has a micro-video that records about a hard truth of a young poor woman in romantic relationship. That young poor woman breaks up with his current husband in order chasing to a rich younger man. The husband loses his temper and he looks for a farm stove nearby -> thinking about hitting the woman, but… he can not complete the action since he thinks about the time they share everything together. He put his arm with the farm stove down. He…he gives up and has no choice, but accept the hard truth.

That woman is tired of being poor, and she commits to seduce and cheating with a rich younger man.

rich man

If that short movies in my dream was NOT a cheating scene, what would happen next? A romantic plot would occur?

For example the man in the dream stood up and left the room-> leave the young lady behind?

Or both of them will stand up and walk out the room together-> and then, where they would heading?

If the young lady in my dream is a daughter of the house owner?

Final analyse

Everything was a dream in the nap time, except the micro-video on the TikTok social app before the nap.

Even it was a dream, but it gave Gne a chill. It rose the fear inside Gne. It questioned why some people commit to cheating in the relationship.

It also taught Gne a lesson for future. No matter Gne has married or still single, Gne needs to be careful when having a conversation with other girls at my age or younger ladies -.-

It could lead to a misunderstanding. It could lead to a cheating and fire a bomb inside another person.

It could be a positive for a new romantic relationship of two individuals?

What scenario do you think for my dream? what is the explanation? What is your interpretation dream?

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