If you have met one Pisces girl in the past, (not only you) but the majority of men/boys (even with some women) see Pisces female is adorable. I know the “cuteness” definition varies from person to person. Let’s review Pisces traits female and scan what makes her so cute!

Pisces female appearance is cute

Not only men like to look at a beautiful woman. The woman herself wants to look good on her own. Talking about appearance… don’t be so obsessed about Pisces female outlook. Once you get to know her more, you would love her hihi

Talking about someone’s appearance, we will review the body shape, the dressing style and the image she is presenting in front of another.

First about the Pisces female body shape. In general, Pisces girls usually have small figures with not so tall height weight. Nevertheless, Life still has some exceptions such as the blogger Tall Pisces Girl. And those cases tall Pisces girl are rare -.-

Under any woman’s eyes, something small -> usually consider as the cute thing. -> somehow the myth “short girl is a cute girl” spreads in Asian countries. In the Western, it still has some Pisces girls with an average height based on the Western genetic-> no matter what, you will see, in general, Pisces girl has cute body shape.

The second thing is about Pisces girl’s face beauty. And the cutest, the most Highline on her face is her big, round, glitter, twinkle eyes haha

I can tell because I have one female friend who is the Sun- Pisces! she is younger than me, but… aigoo~ you will be surprised when you can see Pisces girl academy rewards!!!

Back to the Pisces girl’s eye 😛 it’s very charming. It’s hard to describe by words. For the short imagination, you can regard the Pisces girl’s eyes similar to the cat’s eye.

When you observe Pisces girl’s eyes, you can feel her eyes are prisoning a small corner of the sky. At there, it likes a whole personal sky for Pisces girl freely.

The third thing Pisces girl’s cute appearance is about her dressing style. Pisces girl wants to be pretty, and more prefer to the cuteness. It’s also something girly. Even with the simple jeans and t-shirt, Pisces girl usually adds on some cute accessories. Thus, her favorite image presenting in front of someone, Pisces girl decision is the cute style.

Sometimes, her creative’s ideas show her cuteness

Pisces girl creative can express by her daydream, night dream and in what she does. For daydream 🙂 Pisces girl sometimes can not control. Her daydream might attack her mind while she is working in the workplace. This situation often happens with Pisces girl once she works in the non-artist environment.

If in the right place, Pisces girl’s daydream would be very sweet with many romantic ideas. For example, she wants to wear cute dress-> wear light make up to fit the cute dress -> going a date with her lovers-> she daydreams she and her lover sits on the green island-> she lays her head on her lover’s leg for sleeping.

Or Pisces girl can draw something cute.

Even some special occasion, Pisces lady is still cute

In each life, it has many special occasions. Here we talk about three main special occasions:

  • When Pisces girl is crying
  • At the moment Pisces girl confess about her feeling to someone she likes
  • And last unpredictable period: her childish wants to come out.

About the first occasion… crying doesn’t always mean sadness. Crying sometimes means truly happy so much that can’t control. Crying at some moments really means sadness. Sometimes, Pisces girl might cry when she hears someone’s life story. Maybe sympathy into cry. Maybe so move that she cries.

Yeah, you can understand Pisces girl is easy to cry. However, Pisces girl doesn’t use her tears as a tool in order to exchange for your pity.

The point here is the image when Pisces girl cries-> is cute 🙂 Perhaps, Pisces girl is cute already, so what she does-> all become cute?

And then the confession moment! Pisces girl cuteness shows right on her face! Pisces girl is not so brave. she often daydreams about what she can do with her lover. Somewhere in her heart, Pisces girl is scared about reality. She is shy when she is around the person who she likes. As a result of the shyness, her face changes to red. -> here is the moment a lot of boys and men feel cute!

Last is about her childish period. It’s unpredictable when it happens. Pisces girl is famous for her changing moods. Childish is just one of the series. In the workplace, Pisces girl knows she needs to be professional.

Childish? Should show at another time. Perhaps childish with her parents, her older siblings? Childish with her boyfriend, lovers -> hmmm… it could happen when Pisces girl feels comfortable enough around you.

Those are a few examples of Pisces’ female traits. We will check how compatible Pisces girls with 12 Zodiacs.

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