I feel a little irony about one thing. I have a short conversation with my co-workers when we have a break time. One guy is old, but he’s a newcomer in my team. He has two grandchildren already.

I don’t remember how the conversation starts, but he askes other co-worker’s opinion about: What do you understand when a woman says “NO”?

Well, the conversation ends soon since almost my co-workers agree with him because they still believe: when a woman says “NO”, it means NO.

To me, it’s just correct in the American context. That is one special thing about American culture. American likes you speak the truth more. When you volunteer to tell the truth, American (in most case) is appreciated.

I, an Asian immigrant, have a different opinion. In the past, I meet some girls who say “No”, but their actions are completely different. In fact, the action is opposite to the words. Thus, sometimes we hear the saying:

When a woman says “No”, her meaning is opposite.

Of course, that second saying can’t apply to all. Some woman does the exact actions following her saying. And some don’t. -> To me, I know one type of woman who belongs to the second model. I think English doesn’t have the term to describe that type of woman. However, Japanese Manga has exactly one word.

Tsundere :3

You still don’t believe Leo woman is Tsundere? Haha, you don’t believe because it’s simple you DON’T understand Leo woman enough. Watch the video below. You will get the idea about Tsundere :3

Want to understand Leo woman, you need to know her characteristics

Normal, Leo woman is a Queen

When a girl is born under the Leo Zodiac Sign, which the birthday is from July 23rd to August 21st, the star gives her the Queen aura. When Leo female is a young little girl, she knows she’s the princess of her family. Once she grows up, her mind adapts a Queen mindset.

You can’t blame on her personality. It’s the Sun who is the main ruler of her Leo Zodiac. It’s the Sun gives her

  • A beautiful face. -> you will see two kinds of beautiful. One beauty like the example below.
  • A normal body shape hehe (If a Leo woman body is a little chubby, it’s because of her lifestyle. The Sun doesn’t give Leo woman a fat body).
  • A brain that is full of creative ideas.
  • A Queen aura
  • A high self-confidence
  • A high self pride-> It sounds a little negative to you? 🙂 However, do you feel it makes Leo woman special and different from other girls?
  • A warm-heart

All conditions are good enough to make Leo woman a Queen. Leo woman is born to be a Queen even her family background isn’t wealthy. No matter other reasons, Leo woman sees herself as a Queen. She expects other people “knee down” and treat her like a Queen.

If you do not treat her like her expectations, Leo woman will turn into the Queen Mode. She will be bossy. Her saying is the absolute command. Like the ancient King/Queen system. The King and the Queen are the highest. What the King and the Queen say, you MUST follow their orders once you are the civilian in their kingdom. Even you leave their kingdom, the King and the Queen still have many ways to make you subjugate for sure! Because they are supreme and have the highest power! ? ? ?

However, when Leo woman is in a romantic relationship, she is simple.

This is considered as the most attractive about Leo woman. Normally, you see Leo woman acts like a Queen by herself. However, she changes completely when she is in a romantic relationship. Normal, her standards are high, but she has a very simple love life definition.

Indeed, what Leo woman wants and needs in a romantic relationship are simple. Here are what you need to know for a better understanding of Leo woman:

  • First of all: you need to be honest with her. She doesn’t want to play a game in the relationship. She is seriously looking for a long-life partner. You need to stand out of the crowd. She sees all men who chase on her are just the accessories, the clothes, the jewelry to identify her mighty quality.
  • When Leo woman falls in love for real, she doesn’t have any fixed ideal partner. She won’t pay attention much about your social status, your finance, your outlook, your family background, etc.
  • Leo woman wants and needs attention from you.
  • Leo woman heart is warm. When you treat Leo woman right, she will treat you like her King of her life.
  • Leo woman needs something new to keep her mind in an active mood.

Leo woman strong characteristics


High self-confidence

High pride



Leo woman negative


When losing temper, Leo woman will be unreasonable.

Self – center

Hidden fear and concern

Still, believe in fairy tail-> high expectation on other people

What Leo woman wants in love

Leo woman wants you to look at her only. ONLY LOOK AT LEO WOMAN. HER AND HER ONLY. If you just have a “quick look” on other women pass by on the street… you will receive the Lioness anger… INSTANTLY ? ? ? ? ?

Leo woman wants romantic as well. Sometimes, Leo woman wants the fairy tail romantic when her partner offers a hand, asks her to stand up and go with him as a princess. Sometimes, she wants to have a little romantic in daily life. She might remind her partner today is the anniversary of three-month-dating, the first day saying “I like you”, the first day receiving a gift, and so on.

Caring-> this is little surprise about Leo woman. Usually, Cancer woman is the best care-taker. Leo woman wants to take Cancer woman first place about caring, but… Leo woman can be the second place only. One core reason for Cancer woman victory is patience. Leo woman is easy to lose her patience when the results don’t come out as Leo woman expects.

Understanding Leo woman and her love

All what you usually see about Leo woman ( her beautiful face, her high self-confidence, her Princess/ Queen aura, her self-center attitude) are just the cover of her life book. You don’t have a chance to skip the fancy cover and look in deep what inside her life book.

Inside the fancy cover, it fulfills with fear and concerns.

Once you understand Leo woman fear and concern, you can explain almost her behaviors.

beautiful eye closeup

The first hint is looking at her eyes. That is the only way to understand her real meaning. Don’t pay attention to what Leo woman says. Leo woman actions are opposite with what she says. Her body language also turns her in that she might tell the lies. It’s not really a lie. It’s just something with purpose covering her deep thinking inside.

Because Leo woman has a beautiful face at the moment she is born, she knows she’s a beauty. Since she knows about it, she tries her best to maintain her beauty. She spends time to take care of her skin, get rip off acne, moisture skin, using makeup, done some hairstyle, going to the gym for a slimmer body, etc.

-> Leo woman has done all to maintain her beauty -> she wants to show to other girls that she is more beautiful than them. She wants to show off her outstanding beauty to other men. She feels proud and good about herself when there are always men who want her, who chase on her.

-> However, there is concern behind: Leo woman is afraid to be abandoned. She is afraid no one will love her. She is afraid to fail the expectation of others. She’s afraid to be hurt.

Because Leo woman is scared that she might be abandoned. Thus, she tries all to get the attention.

Being more beautiful is just one method for getting more attention in public. Making some big claims in public is another way. Sometimes, Leo woman claims something bigger than her ability in the public. And then, when she comes back to her home, to her room, Leo woman bites her nails, has headaches in order to think how she makes her big claim in the public to come true.

Once again, Leo woman put many efforts in her private place for just a few glory moments in the public. -> this is the most misunderstanding point about Leo woman.

She’s also a human!!!

She is tired sometimes too. She is tired to push herself to be beautiful all the time. She’s tired to be the center of attention all the time. She has some depression in order to satisfy public expectation.

Leo woman is waiting for a suitable partner. She is waiting for someone special that she can rest on his side. She can temporarily remove all her Princess/Queen pressure. She can believe and count on him. She can have fun with him. She can act like a child in front of him without his judge.

Leo woman love is simple. Sometimes, it’s naive too. Since the Princess/ Queen idealism bonds on Leo woman mind since she is a little girl, Leo woman wants to have a happy ending in the fairy tale, like Disney Princess movies.

Leo woman dreams one day there is a gentleman. He doesn’t need to be a Prince or a King. He’s nice and treats her good enough. Leo woman dreams about a man who treats her and loves her like she is the ONLY QUEEN of his life. She dreams that man is able to take care of her when her woman period comes. When she is angry, he should silence and not critical about her faults. Leo woman wants her man to tender and gently remind her about her flaws-> and help her to change them into good when her anger pass.

She also wants to find a partner to understand what her heart is saying. Because of her pride, her fairs, Leo woman usually “tsun”, humiliate, nagging, saying things completely opposite with her heart.

For example, she might say: you should feel honored. She has long-line men waiting for dating with her. She feels pity for you, so she agrees to be your girlfriend.

Another example: when she makes a dish for you or making something for you but she is embarrassed and her pride is so high that she avoids saying directly. Leo woman would say: she makes this for her friends. This is one portion left-over. You look pity, so take it. You should show some gratitude to her because not every man can receive anything from her. Usually, she has a ton of gifts from other men.

haha, it’s cute because that is her code of loving XD that’s just the way Leo woman says. You need to break her loving code and look at her actions.

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