It seems like you are attracting to a Libra woman. You think about what attract a Libra woman. You have tried a few. The result seems not very obviously. However, your desire says you want to get to know more about Libra woman. Somewhere in you tell you that you want to understand Libra woman.

You have a little problem. You don’t know how to understand a Libra woman. The only way is asking help from someone. You need someone in Libra woman’s own network that does understand her.

Thus, Who does understand Libra woman?

Until now, you get the idea. When you want to understand Libra woman, you need to find someone in her network for some advice. When you come to that idea, it brings a little challenge for you. Libra woman network is big. She has a bunch of not-so-close friends, business friends, benefit friends, casual friends, drinking buddies, her normal friends for hanging out in the shopping mall, in some restaurants and so on.

networking people

It’s too much choice. You don’t know anyone. You take a random choice. Finding Libra woman best friends is the best shot. Best friends are those people closest, right?

Now, you need to choose what kind of best friend you should contact further? Libra woman is social and extrovert. She is popular with both genders. You would have a little surprise that Libra woman has some men as her best friends. She also has some normal female best friends.

If you try to contact Libra woman’s best male friends, you have a little concern. You might across a competitor… Libra woman’s best female friends sound like a better choice?

Actually, you can get some advice from her both genders best friends. There is one thing you need to understand about Libra woman. Once Libra woman decides that person stays in the friendship, it means you still have a chance because everyone needs to start from the friendship to best friend to the breakthrough for a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship-> and then one more breakthrough for the life partner.

And I hihi I have some experiences interact with Libra lady. I can share a few. So far, I get to know two ladies who have the Sun Sign in Libra. Their nicknames (following by the time I get to know them) are Si and Rosella. Si is my classmate at the University in Viet Nam. I have around 3 years to get to know Si at certain level. Back then, I do not have a chance to go further the friendship since I hear their best friends say she has a boyfriend already. Even I don’t meet Si’s boyfriend yet but I get the feeling. Before meeting Si, I have a girlfriend, so I know the feeling if a lady has a boyfriend or not.

About Rosella. She is younger than me. Once again, I meet Rosella in English as the Second Language when I move to the USA. I admit that I do attract to Rosella. However, somehow I know it’s just a crush. it’s just temporary. Besides, I love Capricorn lady more than the rest 11 Zodiac women. When the Capricorn month comes, you will know what experiences I have with Capricorn girl, how much I love Capricorn girl, how much I understand them. It’s the experiences I have through relationships. After my first love with Capricorn girl, I can’t escape the Capricorn woman charm. Libra girl can distract me from Capricorn girl a little bit because my Mars is Libra. It means I attract to Libra girl. However, in the end, I still love Capricorn girl more! Aigoo~ sorry for a little distraction 😛

What they understand Libra woman when she’s in the school, College/University

Hmmm… based on my observation, both Libra young girls I know are a good student. Si has been studied French for a long time. All her French skills (speaking, listening, writing, reading and even translating) are the top 10 in the class.

There is a time our department has some French exchange students. Si and a few more classmate take the charge on guide them in the University. Even out of campus, some exchange students still want to hang out with Si since she’s friendly and has a good communication with them. There does not have language barrier.

(and me TT.TT I just admire Si from far away…)

For Rosella, I can see a similar thing. When the ESL – English as the second language – gives the homework and some class assignments, Rosella points are around 98/100.

I have a few times to team up with both Si and Rosella… And the result… is good. I know it’s thanks to Libra girls. Not me… I just contribute a little bit. I do my duty, follow instructions from Libra girls.

Even so, there are three things both Si and Rosella shares together:

  • In the classroom, LIbra girls are kind of active and genetic. They usually help others. They also make friends easily.
  • When doing the assignments, the final portfolio, the final exam, both of them want to have the perfect points. They will take time to correct and push more into the teacher’s requirement. They make some changes in the layout, change some sentences, add some more connected words, etc.
  • The last thing is fairness. When Libra girl receives something from a friend, she will think about the way how to return the favor. They don’t want to own someone.

For example, if Libra girl receives a drink from you, the next day, she will buy a drink and give it to you. If you help Libra girl with some important assignments or just a few things in the Microsoft Word she doesn’t know, Libra girl will thank you in a different way. Perhaps one meet-up that only has you and Libra girl.

outdoor running

It depends on how comfortable Libra woman is around you. She will invite you to a different place. It could be just a Starbuck coffee shop for a little chitchat. Or invite you into a short work-out outside with her. Or ask you do you know how to play a sport-> and then she might ask do you want to have a matching sport with her?

How about in the workplace?

Libra woman does the same about fairness and a comfortable, friendly environment in her workplace. I don’t know about other Libra woman. For Rosella, I get to know a little bit because she volunteers sharing with me a little bit. Of course, it’s not much since the relationship still stays in the friend zone.

For a fancy word, Rosella is a steward in a Vietnamese restaurant. A lot of customers satisfied about her service, about how friendly she is when they order food. Rosella also has a lot of tails in the workplace too. Other people in the workplace confirm about it since a lot of tails go to the restaurant just one purpose: meeting Rosella.

Libra woman does take some advantages about how friendly is she. However, she also is hard-working. She doesn’t lazy and seduces a rich guy for a wealthy lifestyle. She still goes to work daily. She finishes her tasks on time, takes her duties and responsibilities in a serious matter.

The difference when Libra woman is going back home vs when she is at home

Libra woman is the type of person works hard in the workplace and exhausted at home. I don’t have experience with Si since we still study at the University at the time. Si doesn’t look for a part-time job back then. And for Rosella, I am a little lucky to have one experience when she is on the way going home. I also have the experience to get to know Rosella when she is at home.

It’s a situation I have with Rosella. Back then, I don’t smart enough to catch the Rosella idea. She tries to tell me in the indirectly way… Just at the time, I feel it’s a crush. It comes and it will go since I know my heart is still loving Capricorn lady more.

It’s nighttime when Rosella just gets out of her workplace. A female co-worker lets Rosella carpool into a bus stop. When Rosella waits for the bus stop, she goes to one deli and picks up the ordered foods for her mother. Rosella actively phones to me. Well 😛 It’s kind of a cute experience since I never receive a phone call from a girl. Normally -.- it’s me who actively calls them in the first place.

bus stop

Rosella is walking to the bus stop and talking with me on the phone. (Ladies is good about multitask :))It’s just a little chitchat but I don’t pay attention that she wants to have a ride from the bus stop to her place. I just follow the conversation with Rosella until she gets inside her place.

After getting her place, Rosella closes the call because she needs to take a shower, eating, do some school homework and other activities. We just send a short message goodnight.

Thus, what I want to share here is Libra woman will find a little free time to talk with you when she is interesting to you. Just don’t bother Libra woman much when she is at home. Libra woman will be lazy like a cat. The time staying at home is the time for Libra woman to restore, recharge and relax. If you can help her to relax, she will send a message to you first-> and then, just exchange messages until the sleep.

Those are what her friends and her best friends understand about Libra woman. You want to step out of the friend zone, you should check the compatibility between your Zodiac sign with Libra.

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