Summer is official here. It also means our Sun is entering Cancer Zodiac Sign.

Cancer Constellation

Cancer Constellation stars

Under Cosmology view, Cancer Constellation was official set up by Eugène Joseph Delporte in 1930. According to him and the International Astronomical Union (in 1922), the Cancer constellation was the dimmest stars in the group 12 Zodiac family.

” Covering 506 square degrees or 0.921% of the sky, it ranks 31st of the 88 constellations in size “-> the best time for our human can see the light from Cancer constellation stars around 9 PM (at nighttime) during March. At that time, you can see the Cancer constellation bordering like the photo.

Cancer background Mythology

Hercules - the Greek super hero from Disney world

Have you ever hear about Heracles? He is the super hero of Greek history. Maybe the Greek ancient population see him as one God, but actually, Heracles is the half-God only. He is the son of Zeus – The highest GOD of Olympia – and the mortal woman Alcmene. He receives a gift of supernatural strength, which belongs to Olympia God.

The more gift you have, the more responsibilities you need to embrace.

Heracles is called of the duty of human world. He has a very famous adventure with 12 significant labours:

  1. Kill the Nemean Lion
  2. Kill the Lernaean Hydra, but accidentally kill Hera’s pet – a crab -> this labor is the main source of Cancer mythology.
  3. Capture the golden-horned Cerinitian Hind
  4. Capture the Erymanthian Boar
  5. Clean the Augean Stables in one day for King Augeas
  6. Slay the Stymphalian birds
  7. Capture the Cretan Bull
  8. Steal the Mares of Diomedes
  9. Obtain the girdle of the Amazon warrior queen Hyppolyte
  10. Obtain the Cattle of Geryon
  11. Steal the Golden Apples of Hesperides
  12. Capture Cerberus, the hound of hell (underworld)

In this post, we only go detail the second adventure, which kills Hydra. The monster is a multi-headed monster which was half serpent and half dog. And Heracles mission is slaying the monster.

It’s a hard mission because Hydra has the ultimate recovery strength. In the beginning, Hydra only has one head. With his swords, Heracles manages to cut off Hydra head. Once you cut off the enemy head, it would be dead and done the battlefield, right? It’s a common sense on the battlefield, right?

That method is still good with other monsters before Hydra.

After one head is down, the neck grows more heads. As soon as Heracles cut one head down, It multiples by three. After a few times, Heracles realizes it’s not the right way to end the battlefield before he might be eaten by the monster.

Hera – the official Goddess wife of Zeus – order her pet – a crab to join the battlefield. Hera wants to end Heracles soon because she is jealous. Because Heracles is the son of Zeus and another mortal woman.

Hera’s pet helps Hydra monster by imprison Heracles foot. It would minimise Heracles range of motion. The crab is so annoying because the crab never intend to let Heracles free. Heracles tries some ways to get more free dome from the crab. He gives some damages to the crab, but it doesn’t help much.

The carb still insists to imprison Heracles foot even the crab is hurt itself. After a while, Heracles decides to kill the crab before continue to fight with Hydra.

According to the mythology, Heracles kills Hera’s pet by his foot while his arms are busy with Hydra heads.

Once Heracles is distracted to killing the crab, Hydra locks Heracles into a mountain shoulder. He doesn’t have another choice. Heracles decides to use the whole mountain as his weapon.

He punches one hit to the mountain.

It cracks.

The mountain head and rocks at the top keeps fallen down.


Hydra monster is buried under the rocks.

For Disney cartoon movie, they cut off the crab. However, in the Greek mythology, Hera immortalised the crab for its help by transforming it into the star constellation. The Goddess names it as Cancer because the crab has the Latin name – Καρκινος (Karkinos)

General Horoscope Cancer

The name of Zodiac Sign: Cancer

The order in astrological calendar: 4th

Date of birth: around June 22nd until July 21st

Cultural and season: Summer and midsummer festivals

summer party time

Quality: Cardinal

Element: Water

One special: Cancer is the first sign of Water Group-> it makes Cancerians are leader-born. It’s not always the first sign of Element group will be the leader. For the category leadership, we have four in order the calendar cycle: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. You can learn more detail about Aries in a different post. Here we will look at Cancer. As the calendar goes, we will learn more about Libra and Capricorn. Since four Signs are a different element, so the leadership styles are also different.

Horoscope Symbol:

cancer zodiac symbol

The animal symbol: The crab ( in the ancient world). Until nowadays, crab, crawfish, and lobster are the symbol of this Zodiac Sign.

Cancer zodiac animal symbols

Chinese quality: Yin -> it means if a man is born under Cancer Zodiac Sign, he would be more feminine comparing with other “manly” men such as Aries man and Taurus man. And for all ladies who are born under Cancer sign, she will be super girly, more feminine than the rest of 11 Zodiacs signs :3

The Main ruler: the Moon

The controlled body part (sometimes it’s the pride. Sometimes, the body parts have some health problems): Breasts, chest, and sometimes stomach. -> For Cancerians women, chest and breasts are their pride. It also has health problems.

5 Best Cancerian Traits makes them the best wives/husbands/parents in the world


Cancer is family orientation

Not everyone is family-orientation, right? For Aries, it’s about ego and appearance. For Taurus, it’s money-addiction and food porn. Somewhere inside Taurus heart, it has the place for family, but Taureans focus more on money, food, and nature. Well…Gemini… is a great lover only. Gemini treats the new family relationship very light…light like air.

At a young age, almost Sun Sign Cancerians love their own family where they are born from. And then slowly, they grow up. They start to think about having their own family.

For some young little girls… they might have a weird idea: they would marry young and have babies!!! It can not blame on little girl’s naiive. If you want to blame, the Moon planet and the Sun Sign Cancer are the one.

Therefore, Cancerian is home-loving person

No matter how old Cancerians, they still love to stay their home. It could be their parent’s house where Cancerians are born from. It could be a new house where Cancerians build a new family with their partner.

They are willing to go to work. Deep inside the Sun Sign Cancer, they still love their home more because they spend almost their time during the day to take care of the house: cleaning, do housework, decor internal house. Of course, Cancerians also want to take care of other family members, as well.

It releases Cancerians deep desire: take care of and being taken care by someone

This will be the happiest thing for Cancerians. For individual who has the Sun Sign in Cancer or for anyone has the Moon Sign in Cancer, volunteer to taking care of someone is in their instinct. There is one more scenario If your Venus in Cancer.

And I know it is because my Venus planet locates in Cancer Zodiac Sign. It’s not very obviously but taking care of someone is my hidden desire. I still remember when my little sister was born, I want to take care of her. However, my mom doesn’t allow it because I have “too much physical attach” to my little sister. My mom worries I might do some incestuous actions

*sigh* What are my mom thinking at that time? If my little sister was born in Cancer zodiac or Capricorn Sign, the chance for it will be higher.

However, -.- after I use Astrology to obtain my little sister’s natal chart, I know my little sister is a tomboy, so basic, she acts like a little brother more than a little sister. Until now, my mom still doesn’t believe my little sister is the tomboy. Well, she has a little lesbian trait too, but my mom doesn’t have the thinking about that direction yet.

Anyway, my hidden desire for taking care of someone will be free soon because of my girlfriend. Once she and I can arrange into the marriage, I know I will be happier than now because I have my future wife to take care of (both physical and mental :3 I know it will take more effort than normal because taking care of someone is not the easy task). I wouldn’t need to come back to the family where I am born from.

Maybe when I earn more money and maybe when my parent’s bodies have trembled, I and my future wife will come back to take care of my parents. And the parent-in-law too

Oh, one more thing. When Cancerians volunteer to taking care of someone, they don’t ask anything. Sometimes, it has seen as a grand. However, deep inside, Cancerians is waiting for receiving the same. They want to be taken care of too. They just don’t say it because the desire taking care of someone is higher than being take care by someone.


Sensitive is the main keyword for the Water group. Besides Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are Water Sign as well. It means all three Signs are in turning with emotion world. They usually apply their own emotions, feelings into objectives.

Cancerian Lady is more sensitive than Cancerian Man. Cancerian lady is easy to shy, easy to laugh, easy to cry, easy to sorrow. In short, Cancerian lady is well-known for their moody moods.

Cancer is sensitive with emotions and feeling

The mood changes quite fast and wide range too. If Cancerian lady meets another lady who is crying, Cancerian lady would come and talk with her. Cancerian lady has connected the emotion level quickly. Cancerian lady is sympathy for other people situation-> therefore, Cancerian lady might cry with that person as well. If Cancerian lady’s friend has trouble, she would be the first one to go help her friend IF her friend tells Cancerian lady first.

And sometimes, over-protection

That is all Cancerian’s flaw. When everything is too much, it would turn badly. Cancerian men and women like to take care of others. Sometimes they over-protect and take care too much. For some Zodiac signs, they will complain Cancerian is acting like their mother, their father.

And when the pressure is over-limit, other Zodiac Signs will break up with Cancerians. *sigh… poor Cancerians people because other Zodiac Signs don’t cherish that action*

The rest Cancer Zodiac Characteristics

Straight forward

Cancerian view everything objective as the camera lens

The good one about Cancerians is their observation quality. Everything outer world are objectives to them. Cancerians stay objective as much as the reality is. Is it straight forward characteristic, right? it’s different with honest, right?

That is the reason sometimes people see Cancerians is stupid. Cancerians just tell what they see. They don’t interpret more about your actions. They don’t ask why you do such as action. Cancerians is the type of people believe what they see. Whatever behind the scene… they don’t believe it because it’s hidden under their eyes

For example, when a young Cancerian lady holds the hair dryer the first time, she might ask why it doesn’t work. She doesn’t take a look at the electric source. Another person nearby will ask: Is the hair dryer plug-in yet?

Or one more ugly example. It’s a story in the Quora platform. There is a lady who is born in a very wealthy family. Every year, she receives a few million USD as the pension from her parents. She doesn’t go to work. Most of the time, she “is playing”.

And then, there is one moment her parents are tired. Her parents freeze all her money. She makes a phone call to her parents and complaining about money freezing.

Next, her phone provider cut off the data-> she can not make any phone call or mobile internet on her phone anymore. She completely doesn’t know about it. She asks a friend phone and dials to her parents again. She keeps complaining about why they give a USELESS phone to her. Her phone doesn’t work anymore. Everything is fine before.

A Quora comment explains that her phone is fine. Her phone does it’s job. She just doesn’t know about the service of phone provider. -.-

Extra characteristic following Cancerian’s over-protection

When the parenting instinct inside Cancerians swims over the water line, Cancerians people could be rude and “very dangerous”. In order to protect friends and their loved ones, Cancerians don’t pay attention to their own safety. They will be very brave. They don’t care about other things. They will do anything to bring justice, the right to their friends and their family.

Take a look in the animal world. Look closer to a crab. The crab never is afraid of bigger size animal. The carb is born with two claws in order protect themselve. It’s also the weapon for the crab to hunting.

So far, all characteristic listed above are the core and unchangeable for all Sun Sign Cancerians. If their moon sign is different, that Cancerians will adopt a few traits of their Moon Sign. Therefore, we will have 12 combinations of Cancer Sun with 12 Moon Signs.

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