Sunrise and sunset always are the beautiful scenery for all lovers. In the Horoscope with Astrology, when the Sun starts to rise on the Eastern horizon, ” It stands for the individual’s start in life and the energies which influenced this particular moment. The Ascendant is considered to indicate the direction of the individual’s path in life and the soul’s intention. In addition, it shows how an individual interacts with his surroundings, how he presents himself and how he is perceived by others.”

Ascendant (Rising Sign) Pisces – dreamy

In short, it’s the individual’s face to the world. Or it would be the first impression you look at before the conversation starts!

My Ascendant Sign is Pisces. And I sigh about it. With the Ascendant Pisces Sign, I receive more negative treatment from other people in the ugly reality where dog eats dog. Before I get to know about my Ascendant Sign, I just eye on the Sun Sign only.

*Sigh* Ascendant Pisces is the reason I sigh because it makes me “appear” like a weak person. If you look at my first impression, you won’t feel anything since my “face” Pisces to the world is undefined. My first impression might be a gentle and harmless guy. Plus, you might see my “face to the world” has something elegant, nice, comfortable, a little weak and special dreamy!

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Thus, I am the easy target for “hunting”. Special when I travel alone. It’s not the big scam but the scam is still a scam after all! When I travel in Zheng Zhou city, I am over-charged by the unofficial taxi with the VIP rate van. They charge me twice normal prices. And the normal taxi doesn’t leave me alone too. They once cover the computer tracking in order to trick me about the actual money I need to pay based on their government, their company rate.

The good thing about Ascendant Pisces Sign is the romantic soul that deserved to cherish in the intimate relationship. Sensitive, sympathy, mystery, a little sadness on the “face”, and caring mind are the unique traits of a man with Ascendant Pisces Sign.

Everything has a bad side. A man with Ascendant Pisces usually has the idea about running away from the hard reality where money has the supreme power over everything. When alone, he would love to stay in his unrealistic inner prism.

However, every dream needs ending. When Ascendant Pisces changes into Sun Virgo after you get to know more, you won’t see much the Ascendant Pisces traits.

Virgo Sun Pisces Rising in general life

With the Sun Sign in Virgo, individual Ascendant Pisces Sun Virgo becomes more down to Earth, less daydream, but more dream in the rapid eye movement at nighttime or during the nap in the afternoon.

It’s like what happens in the realism revolution. But at the period when realism rebels against romanticism.

With the normal self in Virgo, individual can duel with the daily repeat tasks without tired and boring. With some people, repeating the daily task in the workplace can boost speed since it becomes muscle memory. They do with their pride.

When individual Virgo Sun Pisces Rising meets the hard reality such as the dog eats dog concept… At first, the Rising Sign Pisces feel the reality is so hard to accept. He/she wonders why people can’t generous to each other more and less think about money. Ascendant Pisces tends to see the good in people. However, other people see it’s as naive, as an opportunity to take advantages, to scam.

Rising Pisces assume everyone is good-> after experiencing a scam from some people, Rising Pisces wants to escape the reality-> go somewhere better. If the individual can’t move in physical state, Ascendant Pisces inside that person will choose the inner world. In that Rising Pisces inner world, everything is good under their eyes. People care about each other. People don’t fight over the money, the authority, the power. Everyone share their emotions, feelings openly. They tend to think in a romantic way.

As long as the Ascendant Pisces dreams, everything is good. If nobody really cares, even with a family member, Rising Pisces will stay there forever. And the dream… is endless ability where the impossible becomes normal

Unless some events in reality happen, the Rising Pisces won’t wake up. When the reality hits the dream, the Rising Pisces comes back to the Sun Virgo to collect facts -> analyze -> organize -> critical thinking for finding a solution-> just focus to finish the task. -> after the work is done, Sun Virgo is exhausted. The mind, the body is tired of helping people and they keep it as a grand.

Once again the circle begins. Since the reality is too hard to accept, the Sun Virgo will change to Rising Pisces -> want to escape and leave all the worries behind.-> go to the inner world, the dream (or the fiction comic books)-> continue to dream until the reality calls for duties, responsibilities.

Virgo Sun Pisces Rising in relationships

If you have a boyfriend who has Virgo Sun Pisces Rising like me, you will need to stay strong. As the intimate relationship, your partner sometimes wants to run away from the hard reality (when the Ascendant Pisces comes out). If that happens, would you comfort him when his lazy side comes out?

If you have a chance to talk with him in such the situation, you will find he daydreams a lot. He might read comic books, play games for hours to hours. When he meets some romantic scenes in the game or comic books, he will think about you. He will leave the inner world-> find you-> follow the romantic idea in the game or comic books-> do some romantics actions for you-> make you feel spoiled and be loved.

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He also understands, sympathy and cares about your moods. He will gently hug you, caring you into his lap. He will share his romantic dream with you. If you are ready, he can do the actions right away. Perhaps, it would be the happiest moment during the day when he can help you to relax and have a romantic moment with him.

If you ask him to help you with some realistic issues, he might a little hesitant, but in the end, he still helps you in his ability.

That is the good sides: gentle, caring, romantic soul, sympathy, understand others emotions and sympathy. He will become reliable when he comes back to the Sun Virgo.

The main negative is he tends to dreams unrealistic too much.

2 Replies to “Virgo Sun Pisces Rising”

  1. I am woman with Sun in Virgo and Pisces Rising. I don’t know if I like this combination or I hate it. I love that I am Pisces bc I am soft and I am warm sometimes and people like me. I also like to be Virgo bc I think I am smart and racional.
    But sometimes, I can be too dreamy in pisces side and virgo I am too critical. I have libra moon, maybe it helps to balance.

    1. that is good for you when your Moon in Libra helps. ( and I bet 🙂 I will find it attractive to you soon because my Mars planet is in Libra. It means I will naturally feel the attraction to any Libra Sign, no matter where it is in your natal birth chart.)

      When you have Rising in Pisces, Sun in Virgo, Moon in Libra. Between you and me, we have two commons: the same Sun Sign and Rising. For ease and not confuse you, the Rising means the first impression that the opposite person recognizes about you at the very first time meeting.

      And I apologize for replying so late. My current situation is I have work with 2 different job in order to earn enough money DURING this virus times. I hope! I really hope it will be my turn, my group tier for getting COVID-19’S vaccine in my city.

      Take care of yourself there, Sara!

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