Well, it’s just about me hehe but under Horoscope with Astrology point of view. 

Since I write this for the updated version in August 2019, I see it’s a good opportunity to share more detail about myself since I am not ordinary Virgo man haha (since it’s Virgo month :3 ) 

horoscope Virgo month

If you keep looking at the Sun Sign, you would miss out. You would not have a chance to better understand. I know it takes some hours to learn. (some people take years to years for understanding and controlling their behaviors). Once you have certain knowledge like me, you will understand your partner well enough. Or your ex and your future partner. It would be a nice investment for your short-term and long-term needs plus wants.

Take me an example 😛 because I am one in the group!

If you look at the Horoscope only, you will see me as a Virgo man. 

If you open your knowledge wider, you will understand why I am different with all Virgo people in your network. (Perhaps you will know about abnormal Virgo outside your common network).

For Horoscope with Astrology, the basic information you need to know in order to understand yourself and another individual:

  • The Sun Sign – which is the birthday based on the normal Western calendar. 
  • The Moon Sign
  • The Ascendant Sign

When you’re interested to learn more than basic, you will look for other planets such as Venus with How to find your Venus sign. By using the same method and result, you can find other planets through your Natal Birth Chart

My basic Horoscope with Astrology is:

  • The Sun Sign: Virgo
  • The Moon Sign: Sagittarius
  • The Ascendant Sign: Pisces

With the basic level, the reason making me abnormal Virgo is about my Moon Sign plus my AC sign – the acronym for Ascendant Sign or Rising Star.

Thus, in order to get to know me, you would need to learn more about Sun Virgo Moon Sagittarius.-> and then, Sun Virgo AC Pisces. And for understanding me at the intimate level like my girlfriend and my future wife, hihi, looking to my personal natal birth chart with different aspects is one way.

Examining details about the composition between two given natal birth charts is the only way (in literal) to predict and understand at a higher level. After that, you will change your actions, your behaviors according to the higher understanding. 

Sun Virgo Moon Sagittarius in general life

Sun Virgo

For the typical Virgo Sign, you will find some traits:

  • Order, organizer
  • Detail-orientation
  • Realism-> idealism -> and perfectionism is the Virgo highest goal
  • Cleaning
  • Silence, quiet
  • Subjective thinking
  • Student life
  • Observer
  • Fact collector, researcher
  • Knowledge seeker
  • Planer
  • Reasoning, analyzer

When you look at the list above, it seems normal, right?

In fact, Virgo displays the list for the purpose: order.

-> You don’t see the list of Virgo typical personality putting in order, right? This orderly sense sometimes makes people confused. For the list above, Virgo puts it in order with the scale from the highest priority, the most concerns at the top-> and then lower with the unique traits only in Virgo. Besides, Virgo insists to use all the nouns instead of mixing words.

Virgo can put the list above on another scale such as choosing all adjective-> put it in the Alphabet orderly.

Moon Sagittarius

And the Moon Sagittarius is one of many elements make me become abnormal Virgo man. Indeed, I have all the typical Virgo traits above. Nevertheless, they don’t display hardly and visibly since Sagittarius in the Moon Sign has changed some quality, the intensity of them.

For example: If you look at the sun Virgo only, and separate other elements in the natal chart, you will see Virgo man is the idealism. Sometimes, Virgo man over-does and seeks perfection in general life and the job. With the liberal spirit and love of freedom of Sagittarius, I – Sun Virgo Moon Sagittarius – is less seeking perfection in everything.

I understand my perfection term is different scale with others. Thus, I reduce it into the idealist when I work alone. When I work in the team, I am less expecting on other people will devote their efforts, their times to the team project since I am not the team leader. In the team project, I do my duty well enough with my capacity. If I still have some times left after finishing my job, I will help another teammate since it’s the common trait for both Sun Virgo and Moon Sagittarius.

Even Sun Virgo generates some quality for management, but the Moon Sagittarius doesn’t want to be “prison” with duties and responsibility. Indeed, when the situation requires, both Sun Virgo and Moon Sagittarius definitely perform well the job duties and responsibility. However, it doesn’t last long since the Moon Sagittarius will feel bored and tired since other people don’t meet the self-standards.

tired and boring emoji

If you skim the Moon Sagittarius, you will find some uniqueness in the emotions and feeling: romantic soul; optimize spirit in the crisis, difficulties; explosion and completely focus when Moon Sagittarius finds some interesting things; easy to lose the temper, but also quick to happy mood when it’s freed; vision; philosophy; motivation and sometimes inspiration; spoiled and being spoiled; happy when doing something Moon Sagittarius loves and happy for being with loved one; more ambitious than Sun Virgo; strong mind when eyeing on the goals; independent self.

Combination Sun Virgo Moon Sagittarius

The traits sharing between Sun Virgo and Moon Sagittarius, I would say:

  • Curiosity
  • Honesty
  • Philosophy
  • Reality
  • Sincerity

In my part-time UPS job, I – Sun Virgo Moon Sagittarius – am quite…

For the current team leader, two previous team leaders, I am a good UPS loader – unloader. With my previous 20-years-working for UPS team leader, He always calls my name since he knows I can arrange my position job duties for a little free time to help other team members. When I work alone, he doesn’t complain me since I know what to do, know what is the process from the beginning into the end. He doesn’t worry much about my working quality when he needs to do something else as a supervisor.

While the new temporary team leader comes after the previous team leader changes from UPS to Amazon warehouse, the temporary guy leaves me a comment. He wishes he had 5 of me in the team.

For the current team leader, he says one time that I am one of his favorites. Well… honestly, I don’t feel very happy about it because UPS loading and unloading is a hard physical job even with the ’20s. I have seen many newcomers join and leave in a short period. And the fastest record is a middle-aged guy. He’s signed as the unloader. At that day, he teams up with me for unloading position. And that guy -.- quits the job after 2 hours working. He says before he experiences in some loading jobs. However, he quits soon because he can’t lift the packages which weight’s higher than 40 lbs.

To me, he doesn’t work hard enough even in the past. I can tell because of his actions. When he touches the over-40 lbs packages, he, in purpose, lets the packages jump into my area. It seems it’s his mistake for letting the over-40 lbs packages roll to my area.

Nevertheless, to me, he passes his job duty to me and chooses to lift the lighter packages. -> Well, you might see it’s my subjective judgment, but I can tell it’s the truth because I observe his body language while I work with him. Even it’s just around 2 hours working together, but his max lifting weight is less than 40 lbs items. And the prof for my correct judgment is that guy quits the UPS unloading position after 2 hours trying.

And for other current team members, I am “so-so”. You know you can’t make everyone love you, right? You can’t please all the people around, right?

I have to work hard in order to cover the team member short-coming and weakness. I mean the weakness here is the lifting capacity. For some newcomers, they would have a little trouble when lifting the package weight range from 40 lbs to 70 lbs. They need to pour more strength for the heavy over-70 lbs packages.

team lift

For the UPS regulations, you need to team-lift when you meet the heavy over-70 lbs packages, no matter it’s unloading or loading. That’s only in the paper! In reality, with the pressure of the time and work volume, being able to lift over-70 lbs packages alone is saving time.

*sigh* Sometimes, newcomers, who talk loudly and “gift of communication”, becomes lazy after a few months trying in my team. At first, they shout I am a team player. After 6 months, they don’t do any actions to help other members when that person is struggling or it has a jam in the workflow volume. Inside, they definitely feel arrogant when I act as the know-it-all.

Sun Virgo Moon Sagittarius in love life

In the love life, hihi I have some good qualities because all my two ex-girlfriends and the current girlfriend recognize them.

Hmmm… I am just one guy in the group of Sun Virgo Moon Sagittarius. Thus, I share a few things when Sun Virgo Moon Sagittarius man is in romantic relationships.

(Assume Virgo Moon Sagittarius man is normal in all aspects)

As I mentioned above, Top 3 personalities that a lady will love about Sun Virgo Moon Sagittarius man are the curiosity, sincerity, and honesty. Thus, the best match is a lady with Capricorn Sun Sign. Without trying, without hiding, the Sun Virgo Moon Sagittarius man can earn the Capricorn lady’s trust. However, it’s about 1% of Capricorn lady trust.

And Capricorn lady can believe on Sun Virgo Moon Sagittarius man because every time, he tells consistently the ugly truth no matter he is Virgo Sun, or he is Sagittarius Moon. Sun Virgo Moon Sagittarius man doesn’t need and doesn’t want to play a love game with anyone. He is seriously looking for a girlfriend, and then find a suitable life partner whom spend the rest of his life.

Being a girlfriend of Sun Virgo Moon Sagittarius man…indeed doesn’t have benefits like other men. He can’t give you all the luxurious items, high-end fashion. Sun Virgo Moon Sagittarius man will make you happy when you choose to spend your free time with him. The more you are open with him, you will receive the wide, varies knowledge and some philosophies from Sagittarius Moon. When both have the same free time together, he will plan some short travels trip. -> asking you to temporary to escape the normal daily life pressure-> get out of your comfortable zone-> go to the new place together-> learn more new things-> add more values to yourself and the relationships-> create more meaningful, romantic moments together.

couple travel

When traveling with Sun Virgo Moon Sagittarius, you won’t worry much because he will plan before going. He will share with you all the plan from A to B to C and so on. You will notice he might over-thinking. And he also makes the preparation lists items for the trip. He will remind you to bring some necessaries, a few small tricks on travel, gums, medicines if you have the transportation-sickness, etc.

With the duty and pressure to keep you safe for the whole trip, Sun Virgo Moon Sagittarius man usually in cautions mode. He worries someone might rob you. He worries he doesn’t strong enough to protect you while traveling with him. Thus, he accepts to miss out the joy in order to see your happy face, your beautiful smile, let you experience some fairy-tails romantic, etc.

When both of you come back from the trip, both physical, mental are refresh. Sun Virgo Moon Sagittarius man can do the daily repeat and boring task; go shopping supermarket with you for food. If you can, cooking together with him. You will learn some recipes from his Sun Virgo.

lazy caution sign

After finishing all the activities, he would allow the Moon Sagittarius to come out for being lazy at home. When you can notice his Sagittarius Moon come out, you would see how childish he is. He will be in the hurried state. He is impatient if you ask him to do things he doesn’t like to do. He also is easy to distract by games, reading comic books, some TV game shows, etc.

Even so, he will change back to the Sun Virgo when you have trouble, when you are sick, when your woman period comes. Sun Virgo Moon Sagittarius man will hurry to leave his game, his comic books, his favorites channels, etc-> go to check on you what he can do for you. He also tries to remember all the occasions because both his Virgo Sun, his Sagittarius Moon wants to spoil you and make you happy. Of course, those good things just happen sometimes. You should not limit his freedom. He understands and knows when you need to be alone. However, for Capricorn lady ? prepares yourself to be bothered!

For two of my ex-girlfriends and my current, I can do a few about what I write above. I know Sun Virgo Moon Sagittarius would feel uncomfortable because they could do what they said. I wonder what I can do for my future wife than a girlfriend can’t experience ? I’m Sun Virgo Moon Sagittarius anyway!

Actions always speak louder than words.

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