Before we go to detail, Gne would like to celebrate the Mother Day in advance. Since my mom birthday is April 29th, Gne writes this post for gratitude. It’s a mixed feeling because it has bad and good memories.

What is the connection between Taurus and Stroke in Women over 50?



It is dangerous for any gender regard age. Gne knows how it’s serious because of one simple fact.

My family medical history is my maternal grandfather has a stroke. So my mom does.

My grandparents has more than two children. My second old aunt has a mental situation which doesn’t involve clearly to the stroke. However, it looks like the stroke inherited gene pass down to my mom from my maternal grandfather.

Within this post, we focus on the stroke in women over 50, which is clear the target – my mom.

That’s the point of view of medical. Under the Astrology Medical view, Taurus with both gender has a higher risk of stroke disease because of one Taureans personality and behavior.

What Taureans Woman trait is the potential of a stroke?

If we dig until the root of internal reason, Gne would say the core Earthy trait of Taurus.

Inherited from Mother Nature, Taureans Women is gifted with a very patient mindset. Taureans women also are stubborn sometimes. (Well just stubborn sometimes, not like my favorite Sun Sign haha Capricorn ladies is rarely to yield-> however, usually stubborn like that is one of the Capricorn lady’s charm XD)

Being gift with the patient mind is the root-> following, it’s inflexible trait-> it leads to one behavior.

The behavior: If the external intensity like the depression, the stress, the frustration is bottle up for a long period times, the external released is the Stroke disease since it’s over – limited Taureans withhold capacity.

Taureans usually bear it alone. Taurus women cannot release those negatives to another kind of physical activities because almost everything in this world involves the money.

Taurus external stress releasing are eating, planting or collect some beauty. However…

Eating gourmet is one way can help Taureans women releasing stress-> nevertheless, after gaining some extra pounds, it strokes the common women mind, which is want to stay slim -.- (you still believe it? My mom, which is over 50, still wants to stay slim!!! For what?)

After gaining some pounds because of eating gourmets, Taureans women would choose the flower arrangements or the garden jobs.

One more activity Taureans women can do beside is collecting some beauty things under Taureans points.

Even combining all three activities together, it could not help to reduce the stroke disease potential.

Here is my mom Taurus stroke story

The official stroke explosion was in 2011. Actually, my mom had the risk right in 2010.

The main medical reason was the stress from work. Another reason is women menopause. My mom birth year is 1960-> until 2010, my mom turned to 50 years old-> it means the women menopause started.

The first place occurred was in the office where my mom worked back then in my home country Viet Nam.

A little work background of my mom:

  • My mom background University diploma was the French language.
  • However, my mom chose to be a bookkeeper as a long-term carrier.
  • My mom found the bookkeeper job in one private company long time ago-> and my mom stuck with that company until the year our family immigrated to Seattle.
  • At the beginning working for that private company, my mom took care of input, output paper for other employee’s income.
  • As time went, my mom was pushed to take care of more stuff.
  • When that private company went to international buy-sell, my mom took care of the import/ export papers and other things related to the transactions.
  • As a result of that, my mom income increased equally to more jobs.
  • About 2008, 2009, my mom was promoted until the financial CEO position of that private company. At the time, that private company considers as a medium size company within Vietnamese business regulations.
  • You know what happened around 2007-2009 in the worldwide, right?
  • The global great financial crisis started to effect to Viet Nam around 2010-> that was the time my mom had the most stressful.
  • Of course, that private company didn’t escape the trend. The company was survived through a hard time. The company had some damages. The business owner had their own frustration too.
  • In the meanwhile, my mom had the risk of the stroke -> however, my mom didn’t pay much attention when it was first signs in 2010. And it was partly Gne fault since Gne didn’t care much about my mom.

At the first time when my mom had “brain attack”,

She was in the office where she usually worked. Gne didn’t know the detail because the co-workers in the office called the ambulance.

As you know the emergency procedure, having stroke was a serious case needed to take care of right away. Gne just heard her co-worker tall that the doctor in the emergency room asked my mom to take some Aspirin pills.

After that, my mom was calm down and relax. About 4 hours later, my mom asked a co-worker to call Gne and let Gne know where the hospital was.

Gne remembered at that time, Gne had a bicycle only. It took more time to get to the hospital. Gne went directly to the ER room and looked for my mom.

Next, the coworker went back the house, and Gne stayed there. Gne also called my dad and let him know as well. At the time, my dad was still working.

Then, the ER doctor transferred my mom until a room for observe more. -> Gne was taking care of the paper and the fee for the room. At the time, that hospital room had about 6,7 beds.

luggage preparing to hospital

After a few hours, my dad came to the room. We exchanged the shift. My dad stayed overnight with my mom in the hospital. In the meanwhile, Gne bicycled back home for eating, little rest, prepare my mom clothes and a few necessary things.

The next day, Gne exchanged shift for my dad to take some rest at home and go to work later on.

While Gne was in charge, a doctor diagnosed my mom situation again and checked the current health.

After, the doctor reminded both Gne and my mom about the stroke. The doctor warned about the stroke’s 5 signs:

  • Sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm, or leg, especially on one side of the body.
  • Sudden confusion, trouble talking, or understanding speech.
  • Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes.
  • Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, or loss of balance or coordination.
  • Sudden severe headache with no known cause.

My mom had all 5 when the first stroke attacked her -.-

And then, the doctor shared what need to do if the stroke came back and the ambulance didn’t come yet

It was not very special, but it required a strong mind and a cool head when the incident occured again.

Gne was not paid attention much about that prepared step. And when the second mini-stroke came to my mom, it made Gne angry! because it was hard to control my mom body when the stroke was happening.

During the stroke was happening, all my mom limbs were automatic “dancing”. However, my mom “was dancing” with her back on the ground. She cannot open her mouth and say anything.

left shoulder on the ground

When the situation happened, the doctor reminded that Gne needed to push my mom body into 90 degrees, let shoulder meet the ground. It would be best to push the body into the right side. Let the left side body where the heart locates face to the sky.

Then find something soft enough to put inside my mom’s mouth. It would be prevented for my mom to bites her tongue during the incident.

That would be the must action because the incident made the jaw and the tooth to join the dancing party with other limbs.

The doctor suggested a normal wallet would be enough.

After those actions, just waited until the ambulance came or until my mom body’s relax itself.

That would be a hard time as well since you was done what needs to be done. You could not help more.

After the stroke and some mini-stroke,

My mom was partly disability.

According to NINDS – National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, it calls “hemiparesis” which is one-side weakness.

My mom had the “hemiplegia” same side as my maternal grandfather. The LEFT SIDE.

Besides, my mom had some problems with thinking, awareness, attention, learning, judgment, and memory. She had pain, uncomfortable numbness on the left side from head to toe.

A blessing in disguise

Until today, my mom is still alive and celebrateS her 59th birthday a few days ago. (My mom birthday is April 29th)

My mom still can see the cake that I bought from last Saturday for her birthday.

happy birthday mom

My mom still eats normal food and some Vietnamese gourmet.

My mom still can cook some traditional dish.

Even my mom’s memory decreases, she still worries about money (Again, *sigh)

Even my mom left arm is weaker after several mini-strokes, my mom still can walk, talk, complain, nagging my little sister every morning for her daily school, work in the office, hold some light stuff, hold the rice bowl for eat, change her clothes, take care of some flowers -.-, etc.

It’s good that Aspirin and some drug can help my mom stroke stay flatly and under control.

Once again, Happy birthday mom! And who has a birthday for today as well!

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