Happy New [Seasonal] Year! XD It’s not the 2019 New Year anymore!

Actually, it’s a completely brand new natural circle year!

Spring Equinox comes when?

Since the paleo-time, our human doesn’t have the normal calendar like now since it’s based on the Christian Calendar. We have been depend on the nature. We observe the sky and the seasons for cultivation and other.

As It’s a fact for Western countries, a season circle has 4:

  • Starting with Spring
  • Then, Summer
  • Next Fall
  • and last is Winter

The Spring season comes when the Spring Equinox aka Venal Equinox comes back to the zero degree in Aries-> Astrologers call it as the Aries point.

Changing to Astronomy point of view, Astronomers and cosmo-scientists divide our Earth into the celestial sphere. -> the celestial equator is inclined by 23.4 degrees to the ecliptic plane.

An equinox is commonly regarded as the instant of time when the plane (extended indefinitely in all directions) of Earth’s equator passes through the center of the Sun.[ This occurs twice each year: around 20 March and 23 September. In other words, it is the moment at which the center of the visible Sun is directly above the Equator. In the northern hemisphere, the equinox in March is called the Vernal or Spring Equinox; the September equinox is called the Autumnal or Fall Equinox.

The word is derived from the Latin aequinoctium, from aequus (equal) and nox (genitive Noctis) (night).


[Here is a reason Gne doesn’t like Astronomy – cosmo science much. When we need to define something, we touch another brand new definition-> and then, we keep to defini all the matters in the Universe by a new definition matters….]

The short and simple answer is between March 20th and March 21st. According to Wikipedia, the exact time, date, hour for the Spring Equinox 2019 is the March 20th, 2019 at 21:58 PM GMT.

As it occurs, 24 hours in that day and thereafter until another season divides almost equal with 12 hours daytime and 12 hours night time.

There is a tradition when the Aries Point comes

For another culture, they celebrate the Ostara rituals with eggs, with rabbits, with flowers, etc.

For Western Astrologers, they have the tradition to celebrate this Aries Point for 25 years – Officially with AFAN – Association of Astrological Networking. They first celebrated in 1993 -> they named it as the International Astrology Day.

What special about this Spring Equinox 2019 comparing to others?

Full Moon on Spring Equinox 2019

For this year, it’s a special Spring Equinox to Westerns Astrologers.

When we have the Aries point at the daytime, the Moon becomes full moon at the night.

As we have a full Moon, it means the Moon, our Earth and the Sun are located in one straight line. The correct order at full Moon phase for this year is The Sun on the left -> our Earth is in the middle -> On the right side, it’s Moon.

Let’s draw a simple illustration. Put the Sun, our Earth, the Moon into the 360 degrees circle. Pretending our Earth is the center point-> the Sun will be on the left side, at zero degree.

Since the Moon reaches Full Moon phase, the Moon location is on the right side, at 180 degrees.

Put that circle into the Horoscope circle

The Sun is in Aries-> it marks the Spring Equinox

The Moon is in Libra.

Spring Equinox 2019

According to Horoscope circle, Aries and Libra are the opposite sign-> it means today, we have the tension force from both sides. One side is the flammable energy of Aries. Another side, we have the craving all knowledge of Libra. Well, Libra also indicates some issues about Love.

And the tension between, it gives us one general affection. Do you realize these two, three days, your eating habit and sleeping habit have a little problem? Do you notice that there are something interrupt your habit pattern about eating and sleeping?

You would explain it’s because of other reasons-> Yes, you are right! There are other reasons for explain the interruption of eating, sleeping habit-> and the tension between Aries point and the Full Moon in Libra is one of many reasons 🙂

The tension between Aries and Libra doesn’t stop with that general affection-> it bring some issues.

It brings two options:

  • The first option is receiving the flammable energy from Aries.
  • With Aries energy, it would make you to have a “conflict” or a issue that goes aggressively with family members, friends or co-workers-> However, you might not be affected much if your sun sign is NOT Aries.

Another side with Full Moon in Libra, the Moon:

  • will push your emotion into the peak (like the Full Moon rise up the ocean tides to the greatest)
  • It gives you an opportunity to express love-> You might find a new love for single people. Or you can easily express love to love ones. [ Gne doesn’t guarantee about this 😛 ]

At the end, it’s your choice.

You might “fight” because of the Aries Flammable energy

Or you might find love with Libra beauty.

Of course, it would have the third option for creative people 🙂 You can boost your education or academy with the Libra energy.

To Gne, Spring Equinox 2019 plus Full Moon open

A door to Chronaturacity XD

Hehe it’s a fancy name for Horoscope With Astrology World

As Gne shares above, when Western celebrates the Aries point, it also means a beginning of a new Astrological Year.

Gne knows that you have been reading about 12 Horoscopes, 12 zodiac signs in the newspapers or online. You read it daily -> weekly, but here on this website, Gne will guide you to go deeper than just pure Horoscope you have been known about 🙂

For who have been loved with Astrology and for other Western Astrologers, let’s refresh your knowledge with Gne because Gne will approach Horoscope With Astrology in a little different direction.

Since today, we have the Aries flammable energy, Gne rather uses it for my imagination 🙂 than “fighting” with my love one. Since Gne Moon sign is Sagittarius XD Gne has some benefits when Aries Point comes. Gne will slowly explain more detail for who don’t know about the Moon sign during the journey.


Aries birthday

🙂 Is today your birthday?

If the answer is yes, Gne would like to say “Happy birthday again” XD

If not, Gne is pretty sure today IS SOMEONE BIRTHDAY, at somewhere around this Earth world.

We are busy with daily activities, so we usually forget about our own birthday-> To some people, they are afraid when birthday comes, special women.

No matter what reasons, consequences, your birthday is special! because of you! You start your life with that day. [after your parents gave you a birth 🙂 ]

In next post 😛 Gne will let you know how Gne approach Horoscope With Astrology in a slightly different direction with Western Astrologers. The post will coming soon :3

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