Scorpio Zodiac is the most mysterious sign in 12 Horoscopes. Their characteristics are also complex. With 7 things to understand Scorpio man, the complexity becomes simpler. How about Scorpio woman characteristics? When she has her woman period, will she turn unbearable and unexpectable? What makes Scorpio woman characteristics so attractive that 90% of men can’t forget about his Scorpio (ex and/or current) girlfriend? Only 10% left have the immune with Scorpio woman “sexual string” because they don’t have a chance to meet-> get to know -> love Scorpio woman. (hehe I feel lucky that Capricorn girls keep me away from Scorpions!)

There have 3 things you need to know before the X-ray process.

  • First, Scorpio woman shares one thing common with Capricorn woman ? They both hate liars. They prefer the ugly truth more. Hmmm… With Scorpio woman, it’s useless when you tell a lie. Because she can X-ray human needs and wants. That is her natural unique gift.
  • Second, the Scorpio woman has a lot of secrets. She protects her own secrets pretty good. And she finds other people’s secrets quite easy too.
  • Third, this post serves as a guide for you to understand Scorpio woman. How deep you can understand her? it doesn’t involve your EQ, IQ. It depends on Scorpio woman – the one who allows you.

Scorpio woman acts cold outside but inside, she’s warm.

“Cold exterior, and warm interior” is the common description for Scorpio woman. No matter who you are, Scorpio woman usually treats like that. It’s simple because you are a stranger. She knows nothing about you.

stranger walks in the dark street

With her past experience, Scorpio woman aware of other peoples. She senses their wants, their needs. With a few looking, a Scorpio woman can tell that man chases after her because of her sexy body? because of the man’s pride when having a hot girlfriend? Because of the want harassing her? Or different purposes…

Thus, Scorpio woman always keeps her guard high, her head cold enough to X-ray the purpose when they approach her.

Changing from the cold exterior into the warm inside, you need to pay a certain time in order to experience it. Astrologers estimate the time for a man (or another woman) to warm up Scorpio woman’s cold heart range from 1 year to 3 years long. During the time, it depends on Scorpio woman. No matter how active your hunting is, Scorpio woman still rejects you when she has the feeling “I can not love this man”. And Scorpio woman definitely says it very clear and loud enough for you to hear and make sure you understand.

In opposite, when Scorpio woman has some good impressions about you. It doesn’t matter you are active or not, Scorpio woman definitely does all methods to have you. Simple because you give Scorpio woman a special feeling that she can love you.

love is the bond connecting souls

In the love relationship, Scorpio woman believes: true love is a bond which touches the soul

Thus, the Scorpio woman expects honesty all the time. You don’t need to tell the liar when you want to go out with your buddies. What you want to do, what you need-> Scorpio woman senses it by asking some questions plus experiment some tests. After confirming from you, she will volunteer to share your pain, your dream, your burden. it happens only Scorpio woman is interested in you. With her natural strength of will and the loyalty, Scorpio woman expects highly in return.

When Scorpio woman releases her warmness, her guard slowly turns down. However, it’s still there. She still makes more tests for you. Because the warm equals with a passion, to her. At first, you will feel happy when Scorpio woman keeps thinking about you, missing you. Your cellphone inboxes with some messages such as “what are you doing”, “where are you now”, “who you are with”, “do you eat yet”, “do you wear more clothes when you go out in the Autumn and Winter”. All of that, it summaries with one meaning: I am missing you~

Do you know, before sending those simple, normal caring messages, Scorpio woman is nervous, and scare a lot? Before you actually receive the messages, do you know inside Scorpio woman’s head, her brain fights with her heart?

Scorpio woman acts cold outside because of her fears.

All is about Scorpio woman’s fears. Do you find it’s weird? With the cold exterior, Scorpio woman gets men’s attention because of her mysterious. And inside Scorpio woman, her soul is fragile?

Well, the reason lays in the past. Scorpio woman, in the past, experiences some darks side of life. Every time, Scorpio woman learns the hard lesson. Even with her first love. It could be an opportunity for a bad boy to show up with his alliances by playing with her feelings.

Besides, Scorpio woman scares if one day, everyone abandoned her. She fears If she would be hurt one more time. She is nervous If she were rejected after the confession. She worries If people harassed her because of her background. And so on.

Artwork by akirakirai from Deviantart

As a result of the situation, she needs to protect herself first. She needs to stay strong in front of others. Because the majority of people are selfish and lazy. People usually attack the weakness in order to take advantage. They are also lazy. They yield the hard work to someone else.

Scorpio woman thin lines between warm love and rude hate.

Scorpio woman believes: Love is love. Lust only stays as lust. Even Lust similars with Love feeling, but it has a gap. She will make it clear! Plus, when Scorpio woman feels someone special, Scorpio woman won’t sit down and wait as a tree which provides the shadow. Scorpio woman comes back to the “scorpion” form. She is ready to fight for her own happiness. If she doesn’t grab the happiness by herself, who can help?

And then, when Scorpio woman offers her warmness to you, she’s expecting you treat her as a treasure. She knows she would do anything to cherish you, to help you to achieve the life goals. When you are tired, she would provide quality care by doing real actions. Not just talking. She will go to your place-> help you to arrange the dirty clothes If you have -> help you to clean up your room-> cook meal if you feel hungry. And more.

couple cherish
people usually don’t cherish UNTIL they lose things

However, when you expect more, Scorpio woman turns back to the frigidity. The reason: you don’t show anything gratitude or cherish her time, her actions. She wants to feel special when she has someone to take care of her at some points.

Inside Scorpio woman, the fighting spirit doesn’t sleep long. Sometimes, it wakes up and fires the boring, quiet daily life. She would look for a worm in the apple. Perhaps, Scorpio woman jealous of others. She will want to keep you for herself.

For some people, the quiet time indicates the rest time. It means opposite Scorpio woman. To her, the quiet time is the time for preparing an upcoming battle. When things seem quiet so long, Scorpio woman suspects something happening underneath.

And then, Scorpio woman might create a quarrel, a provoke, a messing scene in order to find the worm. She would continue to investigate until the end. She doesn’t know what is waiting for her. If she jumps into someone’s trap, she fights back. And she will remember what they do to her.

Scorpio woman has a good memory of the good and the bad. Once you help her, even you have the bad pass, Scorpio woman still believes you are a good person. Of course, she won’t believe 100%. She saves some doubt for leaving herself exist in case you help her with benefits.

For the bad, Scorpio woman remembers them very clear and very deep. It will be the hate. There doesn’t have a dislike – the gray area. She is ready for “the eye for the eye, the nose for the nose”. In some cases, it depends on how bad. The more worse Scorpio woman receives, she’ll be happy to “payback” with multiple interests.

At the end of the process “finding the worm in the apple” or the fight, Scorpio woman accepts what it is. Even it doesn’t have the worm at the beginning, she doesn’t mind to come a long way. In contrast, Scorpio woman will see it as the accomplishment because she does follow what she’s after.

The Scorpio woman rewards might feel:

  • A change in the relationship
  • The shift of her attitude and perhaps her partner if he involves
  • The new level of insight.

Last, leave Scorpio woman alone. For your own sake and your own safety. IF you feel you can’t insist to love Scorpio woman in a long time.

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