Scorpio and Aries is the hardest relationship in the series Scorpio compatibility. Changing to Taurus, Scorpio combines with Taurus. Other people notice this relationship is interesting. Is it? or just the viewpoint of some people?

What makes this relationship interested

Taking the outsider viewpoint, this couple Scorpio Taurus has some mysterious. Normally, individual Scorpio and Taurus are not very outstanding. Both look not talkative, quiet almost the time. Both are little anti-social since they limit friendship in the small circle. People usually don’t pay attention to them. And then. Their friends notice they are dating! Friends are curious about how they know each other, what makes them closer, how they can change so fast. Friends find an occasion and ask the couple.

small group of friends

The couple agrees to share. Yet, they come together to the place for making it clear to their friends.

Friends expect to hear a love story with a few drama scenes. Nevertheless, Taurus actively tells the story. Friends open their eyes O.O when they see Taurus, hear Taurus talk about the process with Scorpio. Mature tone, yet adding a little sweetness of love. Looking at Scorpio, friends also surprise more when they can see Scorpio’s humor.

How do they get to know each other?

Taurus says a hobby brings them together. Before, they don’t know they have the same hobby. Things after things. They find each other quietly and slowly.

How they feel attracted to each other?

Taurus silences a while and then reply

If using the material world to explain, the attraction between Scorpio and Taurus similar to the opposite polar of the magnet. The positive and the negative of the magnet straight in the line. Or the attraction of the Black Hole in the Physic.

In the meanwhile, Scorpio understands and helps Taurus out. Since it’s out of Taurus’ perspective, Scorpio is a suitable person for the answer. Scorpio replies it belongs to the spiritual. It’s not the first-sign-love. Their eyes accidental meet in line. It has something very attractive between them. The attraction saves more and more after the day meetings. Until the day official confession, Taurus and Scorpio feel complete.

Why Scorpio Taurus is an interesting couple

For the deeper explanation, Scorpio volunteers to talk first. From the Scorpio viewpoint, Scorpio notices they have a lot of common things such as

  • Both are quiet in the classroom and in the workplace
  • Both focus on the things they do
  • Both work hard and take the responsibility seriously
  • Both look like self-isolate, don’t express the self much
  • Both are introvert and express in a different way.

It likes the two internal worlds emerge together. In the margin area, Scorpio and Taurus feel they have found the last puzzle in order to complete the picture. They feel very suitable together. They can step in each other internal world. So far, they just limit themself in the joint area.

joint area intersection

To Scorpio, somehow doesn’t feel enough. Scorpio wants to know more, understand deeper. And then, both go to the Taurus internal world. At there, Scorpio’s satisfied when Taurus is patience and has a caring soul. Scorpio also respects Taurus hard-working attitude. Scorpio enjoys Taurus’ beauty from body physical to the mind. Special Taurus passion in the bed haha

However, Scorpio’s internal world… makes Taurus nervous and scared. That world has too much passion, too many emotions. Extreme takes control in Scorpio’s internal world. Taurus doesn’t feel safe there. Things, emotions changes fast and running through this extreme point to another extreme area. Taurus feels more comfortable at the joint area between two souls.

For the long-term (And/or in case of the break-up)

For this relationship between Scorpio and Taurus, sex is the short-term solution. Sex can help to smooth out other differences. In the long term, it doesn’t have benefits when the difference in sex also comes out. In the bed, Taurus wants to enjoy intimacy by slowly touching. Taurus feels the best when things repeat.

At first and in the short term, Scorpio follows Taurus’ desires. Later… Scorpio’s passion is way more excess than the Taurus limit. Since the patience and the sex drive, Taurus stands with Scorpio extreme. Taurus might choose to be quiet and not share the feeling.

Not everyone can take all the passion from Scorpio. Taurus also doesn’t feel safe, worry when Scorpio’s actions usually based on the 6th sense and emotions. It makes Taurus doesn’t understand Scorpio. Scorpio feels upset when Taurus doesn’t understand Scorpio’s mind.

Small misunderstandings follow by another misunderstanding. Until everything goes beyond the limit.

Break-up will be super hard and hurtful since Scorpio and Taurus have been “love” together deeply. Love’s extreme point is where the hate starts.

It’s the best when Scorpio and Taurus completely “disappear” from each other life. If they have the chance to meet each other when they are with others. All the past, the stubbornness, the desires, the high possessiveness will turn into a deep hater. They will release all to each other and to the new partner of both sides. They really want to destroy completely…

If things didn’t go to the break-up line, Scorpio and Taurus should have a strong and perfect relationship since they had over the differences. They had to leave each other space after the fight. They had to think about the time when they first get to know each other. They had to flashback the good things they love from each other. They had to cherish those caring moments.

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