Scorpio Zodiac doubts others a lot. Scorpio doesn’t give away easily the trust. Thus, finding a partner for Scorpio is hard. It also takes a long time since Scorpio’s mysteries. Scorpio Aquarius compatibility at first is good, but later on, Scorpio and Aquarius can’t avoid the difference laid inside their own characteristic.

This time, Pisces is the second Zodiac we check how compatible 🙂

For the initial, Scorpio and Pisces are both the Water Signs. Cancer Zodiac is the third Watery. In the horoscope circle, Scorpio formes the sextile aspect with Pisces. Astrologers believe this relationship between Scorpio and Pisces has a lot of potential affection, empathy, and deep understanding.

Scorpio man Pisces woman – a “perfect” couple in some meaning

First Scorpio man is attracted to Pisces woman because of her “fragile physical”. Pisces woman is born with a body type which appears as “fragile”, “very feminine”, “weak”. Other women see Pisces woman using her “fragile, weak” physical as the bait. Thus, they don’t happy -> feel “challenge”, jealous, annoying when Pisces woman receives all the protection from men.

Scorpio man isn’t the exception. Following men’s behavior, Scorpio man stills protects the Pisces woman. However, Scorpio man agrees to do so not because of Pisces’ woman’s fragile physical appearance. Scorpio volunteers to protect Pisces woman because he x-rays things other men can’t.

Pisces woman fragile appeareance-> that actually is just a mask, the exterior. What really makes other men protect Pisces woman are

  • her cuteness
  • her fragile soul. Actually is Pisces’ enormous sympathy. People usually treat Pisces woman as a naive person-> other bad people take advantage of her sympathy -> treat her bad times over time.
  • her golden heart. Even Pisces woman understands people take her as a grant, but she accepts it…

To Scorpio man, he can see through all the emotion level running inside Pisces woman. When Scorpio man gets to know more about Pisces woman, he has some surprise. Behind that fragile-look, Pisces woman is actually caring to other moods, other emotions, and feelings. Pisces woman characteristic’s also gentle. Most of all, Pisces woman has pure loyal love.

That is what the Scorpio man craves the most. Urgently, he finds someone that can trust him, can understand even he turns his back with the rest of the world. Scorpio man also super hates about betrayal. Pisces woman doesn’t disappoint him because of her serious attitude in the love relationship.

Pisces woman provides the safety feeling in the relationship for Scorpio because of her Watery element. Pisces woman can understand what Scorpio man by looking at his eyes. This couple communication moves into a deep level “understand each other without a word saying”

Pisces woman softens Scorpio man guard with the surrounding. She helps him to enjoy life more.

Even Pisces woman considers as Scorpio man weakness, but she also takes the inspiring role for his actions

Scorpio woman Pisces man – you are born for each other

Unlike the “perfect” couple above, Scorpio woman and Pisces man are the soulmates. Their nature characteristic attracts to each other as fate. After seeing, feeling a lot the darkness of life, Scorpio woman slowly gives up the hope to find a true love excluded the money, the benefits, the power, the sexual physical attraction, and liars. Until the day when Scorpio woman meets Pisces man.

Scorpio woman believes in her sense and the first impression. She knows Pisces man is a good person because she can feel he is the type of man with gentleness, humor, creative, optimist and sometimes a little dreamy. To her, Pisces man dreamy is a cute thing and also has a bad effect because he is so naive at the dreaming moments. Scorpio woman senses at that moment, Pisces man love is so pure. Even it has some “ridiculous, unrealistic” 🙂

Doesn’t want Pisces man to receive some lost, Scorpio woman slowly gets besides him.-> enlight him-> share with him about the darkness she experiences-> and then, Scorpio woman feels ecstatical when she understand Pisces man behaviors. He sees this world, this life as a whole. He chooses to sympathy with all, even they commit to the bad.

Summary Scorpio Pisces compatibility

Definitely, Scorpio and Pisces share the most compatibility together. They connect with each other to different levels. They also give unselfish love for each other. They heal the scars together.

This relationship will become better when Pisces learns to control the worries. if Pisces feels Scorpio still keeps a lot of secrets, Pisces should find the occasion-> gently prompt about it. Pisces would feel safer when Scorpio shares some secrets.

Scorpio has things to contribute to a better relationship. Scorpio needs to learn to wipe out the illustration when Pisces is dreaming (both daydream and night dream). At those moments, Pisces is entering the spirit world. It doesn’t mean the coldness to Scorpio. Just treat that as Pisces own romantic and dreamy times.

Love becomes better when both accept to learn more about each other, understand more, to get over Life challenges, to grow together.

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