Scorpio usually pushes things to an extreme level. Once again, the relationship between Scorpio and Gemini is one of the weirdest. Perhaps Scorpio and Gemini relationship comes fast-> stay-> and leave fast.

When Scorpio meets Gemini, they thought its love

As you know Scorpio usually has something mysterious and a little negative in the soul. Gemini often appears as a social person, a person with a lot of smiles on the face. Since opposite, Scorpio’s easy to attract to Gemini.

It’s a weird thing that no common between Scorpio and Gemini. They are a stranger to each other. Yet, they feel attracted to each other through conversation. Perhaps, the intelligence at the peer level forms the basic.

Gemini knows a lot of topics. Gemini has a lot of opinions. Once Gemini starts the conversation, Scorpio finds it’s interesting when someone smart enough for conversation.

However, the more they talk, the longer the conversation goes, Gemini makes Scorpio annoying and a little angry. Scorpio usually wants to dig the deep. Once Scorpio touches a topic, Scorpio won’t stop until discussing all the problems, and into the root. That is the thing Gemini can not follow. What Gemini has, all are on the surface.

It can’t deny the benefit of the conversation between Scorpio and Gemini. Through conversation, Gemini learns any issue at the deeper level with Scorpio’s explanation. Sometimes, Scorpio doesn’t release all the facts and secrets. Because Scorpio still cautions.

Gemini is a smart person with a language gift. When Gemini gets to know deeper, it will turn into a threat to Scorpio. Scorpio still doesn’t know Gemini will be a friend or enemy.

The benefit Scorpio has through conversation with Gemini lays in the spirit. Scorpio less thinks about the bad things in this world. Scorpio has some little really fun times when Scorpio chitchats with Gemini.

Thus, the feeling “want to be together” appears. By a miracle and by unlogic, Scorpio and Gemini agree to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

However, being together long enough realizes it’s lust

When dating, Scorpio and Gemini enjoy the flirting together. Their flirtings are decored by fancy words and the deep meaning under each saying.

flirting in restaurant

At first, Scorpio and Gemini both want to talk with each other more because they have a lot of topics to discuss together. Opposite gender keeps the conversations long.

Both are happy for many reasons. Scorpio feels happy when Gemini brings new things to. Scorpio feels excited (because it seems like a challenge to Scorpio) when Gemini asks Scorpio to do some crazy things such as suddenly drive to the beach and look at the sunshine at the early morning. Besides, Gemini also gives enough attention to Scorpio. That action, that behavior makes Scorpio feels warm. At least warmer than other people who want to take benefit from Scorpio.

Gemini’s happiness lais in a different area. Under Gemini’s viewpoint, Scorpio is so beautiful and so attractive. Gemini wants to know more secrets of Scorpio (just counting the number, not the quality -.-). Gemini adores almost everything about Scorpio. Since Scorpio physical’s mysterious, Gemini finds every action contained something sexy.

Breakup is determined-> what should Scorpio Gemini do for less painful?

Next, it reaches a breakthrough point where both are the fault. For Scorpio, Scorpio doesn’t want to stop until the conversation goes to the root. While Gemini is easy to distract and sometimes adding some weirds, unrelating sentences. Gemini also needs a brief period to find something else new and interesting. Even Gemini’s still with Scorpio, but Gemini will leave soon when someone more interesting appears.

Scorpio also has the high possessive. Scorpio wants to know detail what Gemini is doing, where Gemini locates, who Gemini is talking with, when Gemini can meet Scorpio, and why Gemini sometimes avoid Scorpio at all cost, why sometimes Gemini wants to be alone, is it a liar, etc.

communication by cellphone

Scorpio also worries and feels jealous. With the 6th sense, Scorpio can identify IF Gemini has the idea of finding someone new, If Gemini goes a date with a different man.

With gift language, Gemini can turn the impossible into the possible. Gemini also finds the right excuses for hiding what Gemini flirts with others.

Usually, Scorpio is the one who ends this relationship. Gemini acts like a frog. Gemini scares to say things directly, clearly because Gemini afraid of hurting the self. While Scorpio wants to know things clear.

The only suggestion is don’t harass each other by words when breaking up.

The lust between Scorpio and Gemini can continue If individual Moon signs, each other Mars, Venus and other planets forme a good aspect. If not, Scorpio and Gemini gets married by a miracle.

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