I start the Scorpio compatibility with 12 Zodiacs with Aquarius -> then Pisces-> Aries-> Taurus-> Gemini -> Cancer-> Leo -> Virgo-> Libra -> even compatibility between 2 Scorpions together-> Sagittarius. And last is Capricorn which is my favorite Zodiac ? Actually, I love Capricorn lady. I am not so confident about loving a Capricorn lady. I have some experiences. Until now, I have two ex-girlfriends. And all of them are Capricorn ladies :3 Even with my current partner, she still has the Sun Sign in Capricorn. I will share more detail when the Capricorn month comes.

Here’s the relationship between Scorpio & Capricorn. We should not digress to the Capricorn lady topic ?

How they melt together

Both Scorpio and Capricorn have some common traits, share similar viewpoints. It would be duplicate when we discuss the relationship between Scorpio man & Capricorn woman and Scorpio woman & Capricorn man.

Therefore, I choose the couple Scorpio man & Capricorn woman. ( ? I have some experiences about loving Capricorn lady, but Scorpio man somehow does the better job than my Zodiac)

university classroom lecture

This relationship between a Scorpio man and Capricorn woman starts quite classical. The meeting place at the first time would be the working place. If they would not meet each other in the working place, they would have the chance to meet at the classroom in University or the training center or the internship company. It had the tiny chance for a Scorpio man to meet a Capricorn lady in other places because both do not usually go out and play.

Both Scorpio man and Capricorn woman are the hard-working people. They put all the efforts, the mind, the heart to finish the job in their own carrier. They do with pride plus responsibility. They would stay late in order to finish the work volume.

Plus, Scorpio man and Capricorn woman usually get hired as a leader. They are willing to spend a little time to prepare before starting the jobs. Even the unexpected things happen, they still stay calm-> think-> provide the solution. People under their leadership respect them. The higher rank supervisors also feel content and not worry much to give them an important job.

Simple, they are trustful because they prove with their actions, their productivity!

In their personal life, those great characteristics remain. At the first time meeting a Capricorn woman, the Scorpio man feels distant. It’s understandable when both are still the stranger at the moment. Thing changes when they have met each other more often.

With the natural gift, Scorpio man can read and sense what is the truth inside the Capricorn woman. He can see through her mask which usually stays there for cautions. He feels sympathy because he also doubts others very often. Without saying much, Scorpio man can feel her emotions behind the mask. Outside, Capricon woman is hard. Inside like Scorpio. Capricorn and Scorpio want to feel love and be loved.

She definitely waits until the suitable partner step in her life. The meanwhile, she rather focuses to build her stable carrier than playing the love game with other men.

Scorpio man shares the same idea, but different reason. Scorpio man, deep down in the heart, is afraid of being hurt by someone. Scorpio man would choose to hurt someone if that person does the bad things.

The trust between them

The trust doesn’t exist at the first time they meet together. Scorpio man also Capricorn woman, both are in cautions. The hard mask doesn’t matter to Scorpio man since he can x-ray the hard mask -> skim through the mask and find the real Capricorn woman.

For Capricorn woman, she stays polite with Scorpio man. She’s a little shy inside. In front, she still presents the prim face. She controls her emotions. She tries to find what is going. If nothing is big, Capricorn woman will come back to her job.

Scorpio man feels attractive because of Capricorn woman’s ambitious. In her carrier, she likes a goat who always climbs up mountains. She climbs from this mountain to another. Each time higher and higher. Before climbing one higher step, Capricorn woman prepares everything well enough. She wants to make sure everything will happen in real life at least 70% of her expectations.

capricorn woman wants to be on top of mountain

Scorpio man starts to like Capricorn woman more by the time because he can see her soft side. Even she likes the mountain goat, she still has some feminine side. That is her cuteness ??? She doesn’t know!

Capricorn woman slowly starts to trust more on Scorpio man. He is the type of person using the actions to say. He’s different with talkative people who do less than saying.

Capricorn woman might feel a little uncomfortable when Scorpio man always wants to contact her. When it’s new to her, she feels a little move because not so much people care about her, not ask details about her situations. Capricorn woman feels that behavior has a good side. When Scorpio man messages or call her like that, she knows his attention is all on her at the moment. Even it’s just temporary.

Once they can communicate more, both know each other have more common about the viewpoint of life, the belief. When Capricorn woman stays with Scorpio man, she feels more comfortable because she can temporarily put down her hard mask. It’s useless action because Scorpio man can feel what inside.

She can see more sides from Scorpio man. She can feel his chaos inner world which is potential for some future problems. She has a choice. She can choose to believe more in Scorpio man because he will take care of her health when she’s busy with her job. She supports Scorpio man to work on his inner for a better version. A better self

Even a happy married couple, they still have some small “fight”

The first issue, that Scorpio man and his Capricorn wife might have fought, is about Scorpio man secrets. Even Scorpio stays silence before confirming anything, Capricorn woman still has a little worry because he doesn’t share much about his secrets. If he agrees to share a little bit in advance for her to prepare, it would be better.

Second. When both are busy with their jobs, they have a mini domestic “cold war”. After the working hours, both don’t have much energy when they arrive home. Capricorn woman will often skip the meal and go straight to sleep after finishing the job. While Scorpio man wants to eat something.

Third, control each other pride. Scorpio man wants to manipulate others. Accidently, he often uses it on his Capricorn wife. He would order his wife to do this, do that. he might ask for sex while she is busy working.

Capricorn woman isn’t an easy person. She still has things to do. Her top priorities are not sex. She wants her carrier has some achievements. She also needs to take care of the house. She wants her place to be tidy enough. She wants to feel love and be loved even they are married.

Scorpio ah, Capricorn ah, don’t be stubborn together like that. It’s hard to find someone suitable for you. You two should cherish each other. If need, you can discuss honestly together for a compromise.

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