After the Scorpio Gemini Compatibility, it’s Cancer. We move from the weirdest relationship in the Scorpio compatible with 12 Zodiacs to the most compatible relationship. It’s Cancer who has 90% compatibility with Scorpio. When they get together, their love story definitely rich all the deep emotions, lovely, understanding, caring and romantic.

What brings them together

It’s similarity yet it still has small differences. Scorpio is Water Sign. Cancer’s also Water Element. In the 12 Horoscope, the Water element group has three Zodiacs which are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Each separate exactly 60 degrees if we look at the 12 horoscopes as a circle.

Astrologers believe 60 degrees and 120 degrees are two majors aspects of the harmony relationship. If we class it on a scale, the couple with 2 Zodiacs at 60 degrees is level 1 of compatibility. 120 degrees go to level 3. And when the couple has the same Zodiac sign, it means they have zero aspect, or it comes back to the beginning after running 360 degrees. Zero or 360 degrees has a 50-50 chance. One is the most perfect compatibility. Or nothing.

With the reason both Scorpio and Cancer are the Water, emotions and feelings are the main thing bringing them together. Without any effort, Scorpio can understand Cancer very good. Every emotion, feeling running in Cancer mood, Scorpio can sense all. Plus, Scorpio understands it and caring for Cancer. Scorpio wants to make Cancer happy. And Cancer can sense it. Then, Cancer replies with a firm and pure loyalty.

Besides, Scorpio has a lot of common things with Cancer. Such as:

  • A caring soul under the solid shield
  • Loyalty
  • Objective
  • Passion
  • Romantic
  • Sensitive
  • Sincerity
  • Sympathy
  • Trust

(And more common in the long list)

So compatible like a river goes to the ocean

Scorpio usually doubts others for its own safety. However, it doesn’t work with Cancer. Scorpio can not find anything suspicious in Cancer when Cancer always tells the objectives. Cancer doesn’t tell liars.

Scorpio doesn’t need to jealous since Cancer also draws clearly the boundaries with opposite-gender friends. Thus, Scorpio learns to believe more in Cancer. Without the worry Cancer would betray one day.

Because of Cancer personality when in love. Cancer puts Scorpio in the highest position in the heart. Cancer treats Scorpio like a King or a Queen. Cancer sometimes changes the self, the actions following Scorpio. To Cancer, making Cancer’s lover happy is the goal. And Cancer commits to doing everything to achieve that goal. It’s the blind belief in Cancer love.

King and Queen of hearts

Scorpio understands it; nevertheless, Scorpio doesn’t take advantage. Since Cancer treats Scorpio like a King or a Queen, Scorpio definitely returns the flavor. That is a Scorpio belief. When someone treats Scorpio well, Scorpio puts it in the heart. Scorpio will wait until the day, Scorpio can return all. It works the same IF someone does the bad things with Scorpio. It’s a difference. Scorpio will return multiple 10 times with every single hurt, pain, scars Scorpio receives.

When Cancer wants intimacy. A thousand kisses, thousand hugs in daily, it seems never enough to Cancer. Cancer wants to stick with lover 24/24. If someone else, that person would crazy already. Scorpio is different. Scorpio likes intensitive. When Cancer wants to be together with Scorpio all day long, Scorpio feels comfortable and happy about it. Just a few times, Scorpio needs to be alone. It doesn’t matter to Cancer. Deep inside Cancer’s heart, it feels empty even Scorpio leaves Cancer just a few hours.

Scorpio senses that deep flow under Cancer mood. Scorpio sometimes has that period as well. If we symbol Scorpio and Cancer as water. Cancer love is the ocean. And Scorpio is the river, in the land, going back to the ocean. That is the fact everyone knows. Even water quality has still a difference between river and ocean, water is still water. The flow always emerges for a bigger.

For a better marriage life

It will be a surprise if Scorpio doesn’t get married to Cancer. Their love grows firmly since the dating days. They understand each other deeply. They make each other happy as they can. They still go out for dating even they are a married couple. They still do some romantic actions to maintain their passionate love.

couple are dating

Their marriage life will be more perfect when Scorpio and Cancer can promise three small things.

There are the possessiveness, the safety, and the money.

Both Scorpio and Cancer love to be intimacy together. Just Cancer wants more than Scorpio. Sometimes, Cancer still feels not enough. Scorpio often needs to be solo with the challenge. When Scorpio leaves Cancer (even just a few minutes), Cancer scares. Cancer feels empty. Cancer feels not safe when Scorpio is not around. Cancer needs Scorpio to be physical in order to feel safe. And one kind of safety feeling involves money. It’s not a big deal when Scorpio and Cancer are hard-working. The small problem lays in how they use money. Cancer needs to do something firm while Scorpio wants to take some risks. Once Scorpio listens to Cancer to take less risk, Cancer will be happier following Scorpio’s decision.

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