Scorpio Aquarius Compatibility significates the love between two analyzers. Both Zodiacs consider as the most intelligent individual, the most mysterious. And sometimes, both Scorpio and Aquarius use their cold heads right inside the relationship. When “their periods” comes, both are rude to each other as well.

1% Scorpio man and Aquarius man confess about their love. Also, 1% of Scorpio woman falls in love with an Aquarius woman. The rests 99% are the normal case formed from a man and a woman. Let’s analyze the relationship between Scorpio (man/woman) with Aquarius (woman/man)

How Scorpio and Aquarius are attracted to each other

Putting in a 10 scale, the compatibility of Scorpio Zodiac and Aquarius Zodiac reaches highly, at 9/10. After a while, Scorpio and Aquarius will definitely have “their periods” of the fighting. The initial compatibility score lays at 7 of 10. There are reasons for it. The third heading explains why. (You can skip and go to there ? )

First, we analyze each individual strength, what they bring in the relationship.

For Scorpio, this Zodiac strengths are:

  • The intelligence about manipulating others by using their wants and needs
  • The mysteries,
  • The analyzing head,
  • The patience to find a suitable lover,
  • The stubbornness after found true love,
  • The consistent mindset,
  • The hidden caring mind,
  • The intensity, and intimate.
  • The strong characteristics

For Aquarius who does not inferior much with Scorpio, what Aquarius brings in the relationship:

  • The intelligence about reading human behaviors
  • The curiosity
  • The interests of all new/ artistic/special, unique/tattoo things
  • The complex mind that a few people can understand
  • The creative
  • The friendly attitude
  • The small social network
  • The insistence mind after found someone can really understand what Aquarius says
  • The bold personality

Second, the essential attraction between Scorpio and Aquarius is the mysteries. Actually, it’s an individual’s mystery. Scorpio’s mystery lays in the eye’s deepness, the talent about managing secrets, and the interest to all the tattoos in the world. Aquarius’s mystery, people find it in Aquarius’s complex brain.


It’s the mysteries brings Scorpio and Aquarius together. For Aquarius’ viewpoint, Scorpio is the unknown number, the unsolved-problem. It boosts Aquarius’s curiosity. It makes Aquarius wants to know more about Scorpio. It urges to discover and release all the secrets in Scorpio. How about Scorpio? With the talent reading other’s minds, Scorpio still needs more time than usual in order to catch up on what is happening inside Aquarius’ brain.

The third is another attraction source. Scorpio combined with Aquarius significates for the opposite intelligence yet compliment each other. Scorpio can understand-> reply almost things Aquarius says. When Scorpio “trick” to others, Aquarius is the best supporter which brings “the challenge” into the artistic level. This is the attraction of this couple to others. Once this couple “picky-picky”, they silence all people. No one can reply nor critical their works.

The attraction within them is different above. When Scorpio can stay alone with Aquarius, they usually “play” together. And their plays… kind of weird… They would give each other some challenges and bet each other to do it. Or they play hide and seek. And their favorite “game” is reading each other minds, ideas and thinkings!

Glue within this relationship

It’s only one thing glued Scorpio and Aquarius together as a couple. It’s about sexual attraction. Frankly, it’s about sex. Scorpio has a ton of naughty ideas, and all are buried. Aquarius… also has many “unique” ideas in the bed. When they are together in bed, it’s hard to distract them with something else.

kissing illustration
Can you see two people are kissing near each other’s neck?

Outside the bed, in normal life, one supporter within this relationship is their stubbornness. Scorpio takes a long time to accept someone. Scorpio is cautions and gives a lot of test before the intimacy. And Aquarius doesn’t want to leave Scorpio because no one can understand Aquarius much as Scorpio does. Even they have some fights, they still insist stay together and makes the relationship durable. They still look at the same page, still love each other. Thus, they sit down-> discuss all-> share ideas and thinking with purpose solve the problems once for all.

Why the compatibility of Scorpio and Aquarius stays at 7/10

The differences represent why Scorpio and Aquarius have a separate and quiet period. Sometimes, the actions, the behaviors are misunderstood and misinterpreted. To Aquarius, Scorpio’s intensity considers as the possessions. Aquarius needs a period for breathing. To Scorpio’s viewpoint, it symbols about the coldness, not caring from Aquarius’s behaviors.

Sometimes, Aquarius doesn’t understand Scorpio’s feelings, moods, and emotions. It sounds “unreasonable”. Sometimes, Scorpio feels Aquarius’s love doesn’t deep. Often, Scorpio needs to take care of the drama which Aquarius creates.

3 tips for a better relationship

First, Don’t use 100% intelligence in the love life. Sometimes, using the heart to feel things that the brain can’t understand. At those periods, one should pretend to be naive, stupid. For the purpose: making another happy, coddle when both don’t look at the same page.

Second, Accept each other’s differences. Even Scorpio sometimes acts irrationally, but Scorpio’s feelings do have some profound logic. About Aquarius’s airy period, those are necessary to refresh Aquarius’ self. It might not have the intensity. With effort, Aquarius can love deeply without creating some drama scenes.

Last, Learn from each other. With natural talents, Scorpio helps and guides Aquarius to express more the self emotions, more open to talking about Aquarius feelings (not from the brain, Aquarius!). In return, Aquarius teaches Scorpio to stop going too deep. Everything has its own limit. All have the boundaries before things would go wrong.

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