samsung shs-1321 digital door lock

Product Description

A house should be safe in order to turn to a “home sweet home”. Do you want a secured home? I don’t know how much you want for the safety, but I know for sure Cancer Zodiac people want it badly. Within 12 Horoscope Zodiac Sign, Cancerians are the one who needs a secure home the most. Samsung Digitial door lock could satisfy Cancerians need of being safe.

Samsung Digital Door Lock is my recommendation to secure your property: your business store, your resident home entrance, the tenant private room if you are the landlord.

Why makes Samsung Digital door lock SHS – 1321 series is a good choice?

  • Because Samsung is a strong, durable, international Brand.
  • Because Samsung digital door lock provides more security. With the latest Samsung digital door lock, it has the extra security access method: fingerprint. Do newest August, Kwikset, Schlage smart locks have fingerprint to unlock the door?
  • Because Samsung digital door lock has a better performance.

Product Specifications

Product Brand: Samsung

If comparing with local North American companies such as Kwikset, and Schlage in the same door lock industry, Samsung company is much younger. Kwikset has been made homeowners feel safe since 1946. While Walter Schlage is founded Schlage in 1920, his first door lock invention is actually invented since 1909. And Samsung enters the industry since 1985.

The parental, original Samsung company is found in 1938 by Lee Byung – Chul. At first, it’s just trading about food and other groceries-> by the time, Samsung enters Electronic industry-> Samsung Electronic company has dominated the worldwide. You don’t believe? There is one small secret you don’t know about Apple and Samsung: Apple is using some chip invented by Samsung. Don’t believe? watch the video below. The video admin will share with you some facts and some secrets about the Samsung group.

Not stopping in the Electronics industry, Samsung also has a hand in everywhere: home appliances, car, chemical, heavy industry, construction, medical, insurances, etc. Samsung is bigger in its width than Apple.

Under the Samsung brand name, it has at least 6 totally independent companies, but all of them share one philosophy with the parent company. And for this Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS – 1321 series, it’s just one product of Samsung SDS company.

The manufacturer: Samsung SDS company – a division company within the Samsung group

Where you can buy: Amazon, Walmart, independent sellers on eBay. In the North American region, one more authorized distributor is HD Video Depot, where I bought this Samsung digital door lock SHS 1321 in the event Black Friday XD

Price: range from $90 to $118.99 ( the price varies from sellers and retailers)

The design series: SHS – 1321

The type of lock: RIM door lock design

Operation method: 4 x 1.5 V AA Alkaline batteries in the regular performance time. *Alkaline battery is the recommendation from Samsung SDS manufacturer*.

9 V battery for the emergency power source or in case you forget to change the dead AA batteries (this 9 V battery doesn’t include in the package. When I buy from HD Video Depot, the 4 AA Alkaline batteries are included inside the package. If you buy from other sellers, retailers, I do not guarantee that batteries are attached or not)

Operation time: all-year-around until the normal batteries are dead. From the manufacturer, if you close the door with this door lock 10 times per day, the 4 AA batteries will last around 10 months.

My small tip: For indoor using like me 🙂 when I go out of the room for taking water, cooking, eating, washing & drying clothes, I don’t close the door completely. I leave around half an inch between the doorlock anchor and the closing sensor.

For outdoor purpose like cutting grass in your front house, taking the mail, pick up the delivery package, you can do the same: not close the door completely for the digital door automatically locks inside.

Product total weight: 1.7 Kilograms-> it counted both device internal part and outer body part

Product dimension:

  • Inner body: Weight 163.5 mm x Height 91.5 mm x Depth 43.2 mm
  • Outer body: Weight 68.7 mm x Height 175.1 mm x Depth 21.5 mm

Color: For the North American market, and international, Black is the only choice.

Warranty period: 12 months from the purchase date. Within the warranty time, you can ask the manufacturer or distributor for repair, replace IF NOT damaged, subjected to acts of God 🙂 More detail in the user/owner manual

Product Features

Anti-theft mode

anti theft with manual tool

This feature is the most important purpose for all door lock, right? This SHS-1321 outer body is very smooth. There isn’t a place for theft has a chance to unlock it. Even with the manual hacking tools. The RIM lock actually behind the door. It’s automatically locked once the door is closed.

Thus, the only way for a theft to go inside is breaking the door haha Or going by the side window Or other electronic hacking devices!!! (does normal theft have a professional, electronic device for hacking?)

Auto polling with RFID cards and tags

Samsung chooses RFID technology for this SHS series. With the latest series Samsung digital door lock, it adds more Wifi and Bluetooth for the smart opening. It makes Samsung has three ways for open: RFID, Wifi and Bluetooth.

In the meanwhile, August, Kwikset, Schlage and other brands use the old school:

  • August smart lock has Wifi for open from distance.
  • Kwikset chooses the re-key technology-> it means they provide you two tools that allow you to reset physical key. One tool is a smart key tool. Another is your new physical key. For Kwikset newest electronic Kevo door lock, Kwikset uses Wifi and mobile app for access control.
  • Schlage newest door lock also has the built-in Wifi

I personally like RFID technology. RFID stands for radio- frequency identification. You will find more common in real life in some hotels. Some hotels (maybe 4 stars up) install a digital door lock with the same RFID technology.

For example the Civil Aviation hotel in Zheng Zhou city, I place the RFID card into the room door lock-> and then it’s open. This SHS-1321 series has the same function. Once you place the RFID card or tag, it’s polling automatically and unlocks the door.

Or the same RFID technology for Samsung pay or Apple pay.

Built-in fire warning

all samsung digital door lock has built-in fire detection

Other smart locks like August, Kwikset, Schlage don’t have this feature. All Samsung digital door locks are built-in the fire sensor. Is it convenience? If the temperature outside the door or inside the door installed SHS – 1321 heats up into the fire, the internal chip will automatically unlock the door. Plus, the device produces an alarm sound for people inside to get out.

Double authentication

Another unique feature that only Samsung Digital door lock has. With this SHS-1321 series, the double authentication is the combination of password on the touchscreen pad plus access card system. It means when you activate this double authentication, you will need to do two actions in order to open the door.

First, you will need to touch to the pad screen -> enter your passwords

Second, place the RFID card or tag to the outer door lock

Now, the door is opened.

Does this double authentication verification strengths the security access? Even someone knows your password, that person can’t enter because it still needs the access card or tag to completely verify the ownership.

Prevent young children and teenagers to prank your place

You know how young are children, right? XD They are also curious almost everything. This Samsung SHS 1321 definitely is abnormal from their normal life. It’s understandable if children, or teenagers, want to play around with the new thing…

If the situation takes place, the door lock will produce an alarm sound after the children or teenagers, enter passwords wrongly 5 times consecutively. And then, the power source will automatically cut off for three minutes. It’s enough time for you to re-active from the internal body behind the door.

Random touchpad numbers

This is a small preparation before you enter your password. Other smart locks don’t have this random feature. All they have is just entering the password once the virtual numbers appear. Every time SHS 1321 will random selective appear two numbers-> you need to touch that two numbers. No need to touch them in order-> after touching two appeared numbers, the device will show up the full number pad from 1 – 9 for you to enter the password.

If you are lazy and usually forget the password, you can take the RFID tag or card advantage.

How does it work in real life?

This is normal operation when I use the tag for opening. You should place the card at the near end where the logo RFID card located in the outer body. You can use the password for entering after the full number pad highlight it, instead of using the RFID tag because you need to set up and register the tag with the device.

Bonus 🙂 If you buy from Amazon, they offer the technician to install for you (with a fee). Why you don’t DIY?

It’s my installation video. There is a different because I install this Samsung SHS 1321 into my door room-> it makes my room become to a private room hihi Therefore, the process installation is slightly different.

Before I install the Samsung device, I uninstall the normal door lock knob. I reuse the old hole from that doorknob. Since this Samsung SHS 1321 doesn’t have the push/pull handles. I am creative -> installed the normal and classic push/pull.

That is for indoor use. If you install for your main door entrance, you will need to follow the instruction plus another tool to skim a new suitable hole under your normal handles.

Samsung digital door lock SHS 1321 works well for me as the internal door. I know this Samsung device will work well also for your apartment door entrance.

Samsung SHS-1321 Digital Door Lock






Brand Samsung



  • Open with a RFID cards, tags
  • Screen pad number without leaving fingerprint
  • Random security code
  • Double-locking
  • Double Authentication Mode


  • Using internal 4 x AA 1.5 V batteries
  • Having brothers, sisters models with better performance
  • Don't have built-in push/pull handle

13 Replies to “Review Samsung SHS-1321 Digital Door Lock”

  1. The video didn’t make it clear that the strength of any door lock system is securing the part where the deadbolt goes into the door frame. It’s essential to ensure it is securely attached to the solid framing around the door.

    The screws attaching that part of the lock system to the door frame need to be at least three inches long and as large in diameter as the mounting holes for the screws will allow. Small 2″ or smaller screws do not provide enough strength.

    I think I would like to get one of these to replace my current deadbolt. I hate messing about in the dark with keys!

    1. 🙂 you have your point, Casey. However, I need to let you know the Samsung SHS 1321 is attaching in-door!

      I use this Samsung SHS 1321 with in-door purpose. It means on the door frame on the right side, I need to buy extra an 8-foot long door frame from Home Depot-> and then I cut the length to fit with the longitude.-> next I use the flat head nail with 2-inches long to secure the new door frame into the existing one.

      “The screws attaching that part of the lock system to the door frame need to be at least three inches long and as large in diameter as the mounting holes for the screws will allow. Small 2″ or smaller screws do not provide enough strength.”-> for this part, I can’t because my in-door thickness is 36mm or 1 3/8 inch thickness-> so what I can do is just using the provided screws from the manufacturer.

      If you still want to use Samsung digital door lock for your house main entrance (or your apartment door entry), you can look at the different series such as SHS P718.

  2. Anything that says Samsung is an eye catcher for me. I know their brand is to be trusted and this Samsung digital lock sounds like something I would want to get.

    I think the battery system works just fine. 10 months is a good time to get a replacement. I love how the RIM lock is out of sight for a would-be intruder. This is such a great feature.

    Thank for for a well examined review. Much appreciated.

    1. 🙂 Hello, Carol. You are also a fan of Samsung? You’re Welcome :3 Nice to having your comment 🙂 I have been a fan with Samsung product since 2009 🙂 I have one Samsung Chromebook, my cell phone is Samsung Galaxy S6 active and hehe I just have that Samsung Digital door lock in my possession. 


  3. This door lock looks like a wonderful solution, especially if you don’t have a security company that comes when your alarm goes off. The price is pretty reasonable and Samsung has built up a good name for themselves over the years.

    I like the tips you supply of leaving the door slightly ajar if going outside or into another room. I also like that an alarm goes off if someone enters the wrong code too many times, as this will at least be a warning for you to get help.

    I am relieved to see that if you order from Amazon they will install, as I would not have a clue on how to do this.

    1. Haha Michel 

      It seems you don’t read the article until the end.

      I have two videos. One video is about how this Samsung digital door lock works in real life. Another video is How to install this Samsung digital door lock SHS 1321 

      If you order from Amazon, they ask the installation when you check out, but the expert will charge a fee. The fee is around $129 for one-hour installation. 

      To me, I just feel it’s waste $129 for the expert installation. Actually the first time I DIY, it takes like 30 minutes because I need to read the instruction at the same time installing. 

      I DIY just around 20 minutes long when I record that video: How to install Samsung Digital SHS 1321. You can ask your hubby for the installation. It’s easy since it has the instruction included inside the package when you order. 

  4. Thank you for sharing. This is a very interesting, informative and helpful article. 

    I had never heard about the Samsung digital door lock. I love how versatile it is with all it’s built-in features, like fire warning and the alarm if someone even tries to key in a wrong number.

    I think we all need to be more security conscious these days and this really does a good secure and very safe door lock. I’m impressed with it. I’m also quite impressed with the fact that amazon sends someone to install the lock, that really is good. 

    However, I do think it would take a while to get used to using it at first because it does seem a bit technical, how long did it take you to become comfortable with using it if you don’t mind me asking. 

    1. Hi Russ 🙂 

      I would like to correct you again. When you order from Amazon, their system will ask you automatically: do you need the installation? -> As you click on it, the fee for an expert to come to your place and install this Samsung Digital door lock for you. And the fee rate is around $129 for one hour long. 

      Thus, I suggest you to DIY. It’s easy to install. If you watch my video above, you will see how I install by myself. I have zero experience in the field. I just follow the instruction, watch some other installation videos. Just like how you craft IKEA furniture. You don’t need to be expert to craft/install. 

      I am a normal person. If I can do it by myself, you should be able to do it too. Good luck and take your time if you DIY! 🙂

  5. I love the fight the Samsung company is putting up just to keep being one of the best brands in the market admist so much. This device is indeed a really wonderful device considering its feature. I’m quite impressed with it being anti theft and can detect tire. I’ll prolly get one for my house 

    1. 🙂 thank you for leaving a comment. You can wait until it has some holiday discounts. You can head to HD Video Depot to check out the Samsung SHS-1321 Digital Door lock. They are the Samsung authorized distributor in North American and Canada. They have more discount events than Amazon. 

  6. This is the first time I’m seeing a homemade door lock having a Rifd which makes absolute sense. Having a two step verification process before being granted access is great. As I can be sure that no one can access my home even if they were to hack my password. It’s true that Samsung has dominated the world of electronics and I like their products a lot because of the qualities associated with them. This Samsung SHS-1321 Digital Door Lock is just a new addition that I would include into my home. I think I’m cool with doing it myself rather than paying a fee for another person to fit it for me. Thanks

    1. Yeah 🙂 Darrick. You share the same idea with me. When I see the expert installing fee from Amazon, it makes me hesitant. And I think I have made a good choice. When I DIY install by myself, I learn more than staying on the side and supervise another person installing. 

      I bet with the door lock expertise, it would take like 15 minutes for him to finish. And he can earn the completely one-hour-rate working amount. -> It would be so waste when the fee installing equal with the product price. 

      Thank you for leaving a comment. 

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