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Just like water and fire, gravity and the lift force, everything has their opponents, so does Astrology.

Yin-Yang Water-Fire

Astrology opponents raised by the timeline as the Ancient Astrology were developing. Let’s take a look at the Mesopotamia time where Mesopotamian Priests were given so much authorities.

Mesopotamia review

The location name: Mesopotamia. “Meso” could translate into our language is between/middle. “Potamia” means the two rivers. “Mesopotamia” mentions to a land between two rivers

Where exactly Mesopotamia located: go back to about 4518 years ago from now, Mesopotamia is one of the earliest civilizations in the Earth with Egypt, Greek and China. It’s surrounded by two rivers which still remain till nowadays.

That two rivers are:

  • The Tigris river
  • The Euphrates river

It means Mesopotamia would be somewhere between the Iran and the Iraq country in the current world map.

hillah current Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia population: about 2 millions (Gne isn’t sure since Gne just looks at one article which wrote about it. Gne will research more for the correct number). And the population divided into four main cities:

  • Sumer: would be the first earliest civilization who arrived Mesopotamia and settled the kingdom
  • After the Sumerians are the Akkad
  • Next, Babylon
  • Last, Assyria

The society ranking is

  • The King – the highest of the kingdom and Empire. The King is the GOD’s Son or God who look after the population. The King also has absolute power. However, the King is still probated under the real GODs or the Universe GODs
  • The second rank is Nobility people. They are usually the royal family, the officers
  • The third is Priests and Priestesses. In the period time, their job duties are mixed between Astrology and Astronomy. Priests and Priestesses sometimes consider as the astrologer aka astronomers. They worship the Universe GODs or specific GODs like Enki GOD. They also maintain and do the business in the temple. They also take care of religions, culture procedures, etc. (We will talk more about this class below since they are related to Astrology’s opponents)
  • The fourth rank is the Upper Class: artists, businessmen, etc.
  • The fifth: lower class such as farmer, blacksmith…
  • The last also the lowest class: the slaves.

Babylonian priests

During the Mesopotamia time, Babylonian Priests in Babylon city are people who are the most authorities. Besides their normal job duties, they also read the GOD’s will (Astrology and Astronomy interpretation). They give advices to the nob class, and the main server is the King.

If put the Babylonian Priests into the royal politics, they will have the power equal with the highest officer. Sometimes, they also give advice directly to the King as the strange phenomena occur in the sky.

Since they were given so much power based on the GOD behalf, Babylonian Priests can criticize the King. (of course, Babylonians Priests are human -.- In some “critical” moment such as the Lunar Eclipse or other strange phenomena or in the war, soldiers and other people can kill Priests easy!

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