Continue with Leo Zodiac Compatibility, we look at the rest 6 Zodiac Signs. Which Zodiac do you think it’s compatible with Leo who usually considers at the center of Univer?

Leo with Libra – Will it become the best true love at that moment?

Libra is two Signs apart from Leo. In the circle Horoscope, it forms 60 degrees. Under Astrological theory, Libra is compatible with Leo, but how much the suitability? Are they the soulmates?

Do you believe in true love? Do you STILL believe the true love does exist somewhere in this world?

If you look at the couple Leo with Libra, you will find the answer. The true love between Leo and Libra is the inspiration for the movie “The Faults in our stars”

The title borrows ideas from Astrology when the couple Leo and Libra in the movie blames on their stars. In the movie, the relationship between Leo and Libra is between Leo man and Libra woman.

Below is the summary from someone watches the movie:

Hazel and Augustus. The future star crossed lovers that met in a support group have a twisted story where they both are experiencing cancer. Hazel is terminal and carries around an oxygen tank, and Augustus lost a leg, but that doesn’t stop them from carrying about each other and seeing the world together.

That’s Leo man with Libra woman. How about Leo woman falls in love with Libra man? Does the couple have a better happy ending than the movie “The Fault in our stars” where both Leo man and Libra woman are dead? Well, at the end of the movie, they don’t die together because of each other type of cancer. Augustus leaves Hazel a hug empty behind, but Libra woman leaves this world with content when she really has the true love with Leo man before the time separates them.

If we remove the cancer types and put the relationship between Leo and Libra in normal life, we will see a happy couple when both enjoy each other. Libra urges about beauty and makes everything beautiful as it can. In the meanwhile, Leo with the good looking face will make Libra fall in love at first sight.

The gender doesn’t matter 🙂 If Leo is a man and Libra is woman, they will experience the first sight love like in the movie. If we switch the gender, Leo woman seems like the first person who makes the move. Libra man has the talent to be a leader for a crowd. Leo woman is expressed by Libra man talent. Leo woman would step in front of the crowd and confess with Libra man.

In front of the pressure from the crowd, Leo woman will receive a positive result from the Libra man. They definitely will have some dates together.

Once they have more dates together, some problems arise. Libra (man or woman) is kind of submissive when someone asks Libra help. Libra will spend more time helping people and doesn’t spend enough time for Leo. However, Leo can’t stand with that Libra attitude. If they are the lovers, why Libra spends more time with friends, new friends than Leo? Leo needs attention. Leo is jealous of Libra’s friends too.

The point of view about love’s different. Leo believes If two lovers are true together, they should make the love visible, sparking, biggest than ever. It makes Libra angry because there isn’t the intelligence bond between Leo and Libra. Libra sees Leo is not fair when Leo wants all attention into the self. It’s a selfish love. Libra love is greater. Libra love radiates to all people in Libra network.

There is a quotation:” When the love is firmed, strong, deep enough, both will grow up, grow stronger because of each other”-> Leo with Libra, both need to respect each other. Both need to understand each other’s needs and wants.

Leo with Scorpio – Can this Water Sign ice Leo’s temper?

This relationship is a little weird when Scorpio is square with Leo. Square aspect in the horoscope means there is a powerful tension between two Sign since they are the same quality, but the different elements. Leo is a Fire Sign. In opposite, Scorpio is Water Sign. Leo and Scorpio have fixed characteristics. Both of them are a strong person with high-self confidence. They know what they are doing because they have the strength and certain intense energy to others. While Scorpio manipulates others because Scorpio has the natural gift: seeing through what an individual needs and want. About Leo, Leo can control others as well, but… it’s little aggressive because Leo is well-know as a very bossy person. When Leo is with Scorpio together, the couple produces a great deal because both sides agree to combine together. Both generate wonderful ideas to inspire each other.

When Leo with Scorpio date together, both learn from each other. Leo is generous-> Leo can give warmth to Scorpio. Leo can courage Scorpio to be more open when it involves emotions. Scorpio will show more emotions, feelings when Scorpio has some private times with Leo.

ordinary people

In return, Scorpio helps Leo to realize that Leo is still an ordinary human being. Even Leo considers the self like a King or Queen, after all, it’s still a human being. Once you are human, you definitely have what you want and what you need in general life and domestic relationship.

For example, Leo fundamental needs are love, warmth and creative. The purpose Leo wants to be the center of attention is for love. Leo needs love from the crowd. Once Leo receives the love, Leo will generous and give away the heat, the warmth to “followers”. And Leo needs to be creative. Leo wants people still remember about Leo because of what Leo did for them.

And for Scorpio… it seems like Scorpio needs are money, eat, and sex. Those three are the foundation of human being needs in this Era. It’s little different from other animals since our human being is a high-class-intelligent animal. A shark needs to eat, sex and sleep. Our human also needs to eat and sex. Just Scorpio choose to reduce the time for sleeping in order to exchange to sex. Having good sex is more matter than sleep because sex has more pleasure.

Thus, in most of the case, Scorpio woman seduces Leo man or Scorpio man puts Leo woman in the top of his sex-partner list. Even Leo with Scorpio is the square aspect, this relationship is well-match because Scorpio has a higher intelligence.

One more harmonious relationship between Leo and Sagittarius

Once again, with the trine aspect with Leo, Sagittarius shares the same Fire Element with Leo. However, the love story has a little bit of drama and challenges because their Fire element expresses in a different way. Leo Fire is generous and can be take granted like our planet has been taken the Sunlight, the Sun energy for free. Sagittarius isn’t like that. Although Sagittarius has the fire, the energy is passed on others. Sagittarius has a lot of ideas, but it’s not-so-realistic ideas. It’s a little weird that Sagittarius ideas are the source of inspiration of other people.

creative design love letter

Therefore, Leo and Sagittarius are very happy together when both are the same team for a creative project. Once Sagittarius has a good idea, it burns Leo’s Fire to make it special and more realistic. During the cooperation together, both develop each other’s talents. -> They also enjoy life together like two kids.

Love sometimes needs a little spicy. In this combination between Leo and Sagittarius, the spicy seasonings are the misunderstanding, mistrust, jealous.

For example with Leo woman and Sagittarius man. They are usually a happy couple. Leo woman sometimes is angry because of Sagittarius attitudes. Sagittarius is easy to smile with another woman. Sagittarius sometimes doesn’t care about Leo woman when he is busy to play games or he is having fun with his friends. Sometimes, Leo woman is angry because of nothing. Sagittarius man doesn’t understand what he did wrong.

With another couple Leo man and Sagittarius woman… Aigoo~ Sagittarius woman has many “tails”. Leo man is just the best candidate for Sagittarius woman. She sometimes allows other man flirting her. It makes Leo man feels jealousy because Leo man wants Sagittarius woman to be his [girlfriend] only. There are a lot of mistrust and misunderstanding between Leo man and Sagittarius woman. When she says she will hang out with her friends, Leo man doesn’t believe in her since he knows in her friend networks, there are a lot of potential enemies who want her as a girlfriend. Leo man is angry sometimes because Sagittarius woman doesn’t share enough attention to him. Leo man worries Sagittarius allow one-night stand with another man besides Leo man!!!

Once the drama plot reaches the climax, Leo and Sagittarius treat each other’s feeling very lightly. They usually take granted to each other. They assume they will be fine after temporary separate a little while…

Yeah -.- they will be fine. But not together. They will be fine in a different partner’s love relationship.

Capricorn is very stubborn. Will Leo get Capricorn’s love?

Aigoo~ Capricorn…Capricorn… Why you and Leo are so stubborn together? If one of you willing to yield a little bit, both of you will have a good result…

You- special you, Capricorn woman… I know Capricorn woman always hide all feelings, emotions so deep at the bottom of heart and souls that another can’t read. You believe if they know about your emotions, feelings, they will use it as your weakness. I know you will say you have a lot of things to do. You have many ambitious in your career. You have many things in normal life to take care of. You don’t have times for those romantic relationships. It’s…just can’t because you are so busy to build your strong lifestyle alone.

Capricorn woman ah`, do you know what is the first impression under Leo’s man? At the first time, Leo man sees you. He will think you are shy. You keep distant with almost everyone, including him. You have the cold-head-> thus, a cold heart. Every time Leo man see you, you ignore him so “icy”-> that makes Leo man very angry. It hurts his pride. He has a good looking face. He has enough money. He knows he will treat you like his Queen if you agree to be one.

Whatever he wants, he has a way to get it. That attitude shapes with human relationship. Once he knows that he likes you- Capricorn woman, once he is sure that he wants you, he will do anything he can to have your attention, your love, your trust. Leo man will turn in the bossy mode when every way he knows seem doesn’t work with you. Even he has some “creative” ideas for chasing you, but you seem to not accept him, not recognize his intention, not believe in his love to you. He might order you to do this, do that for him but what he needs is your love, but what he does is caring about you. When you have some trouble, Leo man will help you with his creative talents, his followers. He also protects you in front of Life’s tests with his own physical strength.

The challenges between Capricorn and Leo aren’t hard when Leo woman chases on Capricorn man. Capricorn man is “cool”. He’s “cold”. He’s busy with his business. However, it just urges Leo woman to use her sunshine charms to melt his icy heart. Leo woman will be active and come to the sides of Capricorn man. Leo woman likes to be directly and a little over-do, over-expression.

Leo woman doesn’t feel embarrassing when she tells officially in front of the crowds that she likes you. She will make sure the confession is loud enough for you to hear it. She doesn’t stop after a fancy confession scene. She will go out of her comfort zone. She will surprise you because she has the willpower to learn how to cook your favorite dish-> and then bring the meal directly to your office-> she also will be bossy and force you to eat in front of her and many eyes XD Dude, Capricorn man! I know you are afraid to taste Leo woman dishes when you know she doesn’t touch her kitchen before. You might over-thinking. Take a look closer to the dish-> do you notice she just buys it during the way to you?

Leo woman will educate herself on how to become more “useful” to you as a life partner and a business partner at the same time. She also protects you in front of another woman haha Sometimes, you will find Leo woman sad when you – Capricorn man – ignores all what she did for you.

She can feel the warm heart inside your hard, cold mask. Why you don’t let her Leo sunshine warm up your tender heart? Are you still afraid to be hurt? Or are you afraid that you will fall hard when you admit you like Leo woman? Give Leo woman some trust. Leo woman is bossy and easy to jealous. She will make sure you are the only one to be the King of her life.

Leo and Aquarius – the Magnet’s North and South Poles

magnet north and south pole bar

Leo and Aquarius…is one typical love story on South Korean drama series. Leo and Aquarius are opposite, 180 degrees in the horoscope circle. This relationship is the type “God gives you what you hate” or “return your dislike”. Usually, in South Korean modern type of drama, there is a very great man. He has everything from the good-looking face -> to some side-talents, wealthy company, stable income source, good background family, popular with other women, etc.

And then Bump!

One day, his life turns into unexpected directions when he meets one special ordinary woman by accidents. Their worlds are so different because of the money. Since they have a different background, Leo man is curious more about Aquarius woman because she’s special. She doesn’t like money like other girls. Her characteristics… are little… “weird” too, but it’s cute :3

When Leo man hangs out more time with Aquarius woman, he admits that everything about Aquarius is so unique and special. All ideas inside Aquarius are very unique and surprise Leo man many times. Being with Aquarius woman, Leo man creative mind meets the right wave.

Leo man likes to be with Aquarius woman because Leo man is satisfied with Aquarius specialists. Leo feels need and pride when he knows Aquarius woman can’t make her “unique” ideas come true without his help. Being together, Leo and Aquarius complete each other. Both offer the opposite side perspective of the issue.


The pure Magnet South pole and North pole is always there. If we look from the third view, we see Leo and Aquarius as one unit. However, within the relationship view… Leo and Aquarius still have a different point of view. They usually argue each other about “I am right on…” -> yeah Aquarius is right. Leo is not wrong either because both of you are right on the view where you stand.

Why both of you don’t switch the position and think for each other?

If both of you still compete about who is right…at the end of the conversation, both of you can’t be a lover anymore. Both of you have two choices only: still being friend and partner in the creative project or a completely enemy against each other. What side do you want to choose?

Haha, both of you will choose neither. You will be creative to think about the third choice, the fourth choices.

Leo with Pisces – the romantic love story between two artists

Pisces is the one who adds the romantic side to the love story with Leo. Once Leo sees Pisces pass by, Leo’s heart misses one abnormal beat. Pisces woman appears as a fragile and small lady. It boosts Leo man pride to protect her. And Leo woman… is impressed by Pisces man romantic side, his gentleman, and his knowledge.

No matter gender, Pisces has many dreams. Both daydreams and night dream too. Nevertheless, Pisces dreams are lack of realistic. -> it has a good point: those dreams are romantic. It’s just hard to make it happen. One more problem on the Pisces side that makes Leo jealous is Pisces sympathy. Pisces resonate to the common humanity in everyone. Leo has a similar method with the Sun warm-heart.

Just… Leo needs more than it. Having someone special and unique for thinking about, for missing is one. Love and being love is two, but Pisces… still dim, foggy…

forest fog with sunlight through

A beautiful landscape with early fog -> and then the sunshine rises-> make it through the fog-> give the warmth to the nature-> is the scene romantic for a couple?

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