When it comes to Horoscope Relationship, you must be curious about what Zodiac sign is compatible with you-> that is a frequent asking question. You will ask the same question for all 12 horoscopes 🙂 And HWA admin is still glad to answer you when your Star sign comes. As time passes, HWA admin will add more the real-life story for each combination for all Zodiac compatibilities 🙂

In this Leo Zodiac Compatibility, HWA admin will focus more on Leo and Taurus compatibility since it’s my parent’s love story 🙂

Is Aries compatible with Leo?

The short answer to you is Yes! Aries is very compatible with Leo. How?

If your Sun sign is Aries or Leo, you will understand how you can get so~ long with some particular friends.

If you aren’t Leo, but your heart has one missing beat when you see a Leo man or a Leo woman 🙂 don’t be so sad because you are not alone 🙂 You can skip until your Sign later on (:P Part 2 of Leo Zodiac Compatibility will be coming in next week)

When Aries meets Leo, no matter Leo man falls in love with Aries woman, or Leo woman wants to seduce Aries man, their love story is the fierce love story – a love story of Fire.

leo with aries spark fiercy like fireworks

Aries is Fire Sign, and Leo is the same. Even they are the children of the Sun, the inner fire has a different shape and function. Aries’s fire is good for start-up something new. You can compare the Aries Fire function is the ignition part.

While Leo Fire is totally different. The Sun is the main ruler of Leo Zodiac. It means Leo is actually a mini Sun version. Leo’s Fire is greater than Aries. In fact, Leo energy is the best for warming surrounding like our Sun. It’s generous and radiates the heat to everything, to everyone.

When they are together, they will prove to everyone to see they are one of many admirest couples. They are suitable for each other in many aspects. When it turns into the love relationship, their love will be sparking, deep and very active.

They always inspire each other. They surprise each other by offering an adventure. Not have single second thinking, they will pack the necessities and just go. Sometimes, the dangerous trip will boost this combination to dig deeper.

However, there is a hidden tension behind the scene. When Leo and Aries travel together, everything is so good. Everyone admires them. They try all dangerous, new sports. All is just the outlook.

Ambitious is the root problem. Leo usually loves the “shiny object” (haha, in this case, it’s beautiful and shiny Aries). Leo likes to use a high-end quality product. When someone gives a compliment to Leo, Leo’s mood will go up to the sky. And for Aries? Aries ambitious expresses in the “first love sight”. If Aries doesn’t fall in love at first sight, that person will be permanently treated as a good friend or folk to Aries.

Both Leo and Aries want to control each other even in the romantic relationship. Both of them are Fire element. Inside their heads, they want to be active. Both of them want to be the person making the first move and take control.


  • Try to reduce the big ego from both sides. If Leo wants to take all the glory, Aries should yield. After that, tell directly to Leo that next time, Aries will be number one. Let Aries make Leo proud.
  • Don’t be so stubborn when it has an argument.
fire is easy to transfer

You will get burned when you play with fire. Adding some oils will make the fire bigger, right? How about adding fire to an existing fire?

Leo and Taurus 🙂 My parent’s love story

On the horoscope circle, Leo forms a square aspect with Taurus. When astrologers interpret, this combination is not so good. It’s the challenge presented in the stars. Leo and Taurus both have a fixed quality, but a different element.

Leo is Fire and Taurus is Earth.

Information based on the horoscope is enough 🙂 I have the real case study for you to know.

Hehe, it’s my parent’s love story. My father Sun Sign is Leo. My mother is a Taurus. I don’t know their love story before I’m born. I just eardrop a little bit. I also share some challenges within my current parent’s relationship

I ask my father once before. The first place my father meets my mother is in a University club. And then, my father doesn’t share more detail because we are driving at the time.

dance club

If I put the point of view on horoscope view, my father is attracted to my mother back then because of my mom’s beauty hihi Taurus has the Venus planet as guardian. My mother (when she’s young) has a beautiful gift from Venus.

I heard my father is active and chases on my mom first. 🙂 Do you know how my mom accepts my father back then?

Every day, my father looks for my mother-> he asks my mom to go out with him many times. His favorite place for dating is in a club. My father asks my mom to dance with him many times.

Of course, as a Taurus woman, my mom needs a brief time to study on my father. My father asks my mom to dance with him so many times that it forces as a habit between them. Perhaps my mom recognizes my father’s sincerity and warm-hearth.

Thus, I am able to share a little bit about their love story 🙂

No matter how long my parents have been together, the challenge of the square aspect in their stars never fades away. Almost everything my mom does, it doesn’t fit with my father’s idea. Therefore, my mom usually respects and obeys my father’s ideas.

One more hidden reason is my mom’s Moon sign. Honestly, I am not sure what is my mom’s Moon sign, but based on my interaction between me and my mom, between my father with my mom, I guess my mom’s Moon sign is Gemini. (Gemini is an Air sign. Air is the fuel for Fire. My father Sun Sign is Leo) -> that would be another reason why my father usually feels NOT content when my mom does some actions.

The biggest argument takes place when my father has the man menopause.

For some reasons (maybe my father’s workplace, my father’s young coworkers don’t show much respect to my dad who is more experiences), my father retires earlier than his age in Viet Nam. When the company accepts my dad to retire early, my dad exchanges all into a lump sum.

Well… I don’t know details how much for the lump sum, but I know for sure one thing. My dad uses that lump sum for gambling. *sigh* It seems like gambling at the menopause period is traditional in my family tree. My maternal grandfather also uses his retire lump sum for gambling. My dad chooses the same method for relieving stress and other stuff at the menopause phase.

There is one difference between my grandfather’s gambling with my father. According to my grandmother’s memory, my grandfather makes his retire lump sum disappear in one night. However… for my dad… I know it’s embarrassed but my dad isn’t only gambling all his early-retire-fund, but my dad also has a big debt.

Until now, the relationship between my dad Leo and my mom Taurus… is okay because my family immigrates to the USA. Changing the environment… does make some changes in my parent’s relationship.

I see my parents are still living together because my mother is patience and forgive my dad’s faults. -> thus, I want to emphasis that is the only way to overcome the challenge from Leo and Taurus.

Leo and Gemini: Kid’s love story haha

🙂 Do you believe in kid’s love story?

love between leo and gemini is the kid love story

Such a young age like 4,5 years olds kids, how they can love each other so easy?

Leo and Gemini inside are the same. Both are just covered outside by the adult body dimension. Leo soul is compatible with Gemini’s soul. And their love story starts so pure and so simple.

They meet-> they almost instant like each other because they have certain common things such as both Leo and Gemini like new things, special things. When they learn about the same new thing together, they approach with a different viewpoint. However, it just makes Leo and Gemini interest more about each other. They slowly discovery a few special things in each other.

Even the flaws under other people’s eyes… now turns into the interesting things when Leo and Gemini in the relationship. Gemini finds Leo attractive because Leo is bossy, knows what to do, strong self-believe. Being with Gemini, Leo (at first) feels very content because Leo never gets bored because all the time, Gemini does have a thing to share with Leo. And Gemini is good about selection what should share and what NOT.

When Leo meets Gemini, it’s like the sunrise. The love between Leo and Gemini is so pure, so good like two young children like each other.

heart shape under sunrise

However, as the day pass, their love has the “sunset” soon for many reasons:

  • Hidden tension between each other’s characteristics
  • Not satisfy each other’s need and want
  • Reality job responsibilities and duties
  • No matter what Leo does, Leo needs and wants to be the center of attention.
  • In the meanwhile, Gemini is not a loyal audience. Gemini wants “a little freedom” in the relationship. Gemini needs new stimulations for an active mind. Gemini… kind of easy to get bored with Leo since Leo is easy to predict.

At the end of the day… Leo and Gemini… breaking up is inevitable -.- It’s hard to believe but that would be the most case UNLESS both your Moon Signs are different.

Leo complements with Cancer

Actually, this combination between Leo and Cancer is duplicate since 🙂 I write about this combination in the old post. You can learn more detail in Cancer and Zodiac compatibility.

Nevertheless, I will summarize a little bit. Basic what you need to know about Leo and Cancer compatibility is they are complemental. You will see the clearer complement when Leo is a man and Cancer is a woman. With that combination, Leo man and Cancer woman is the best symbol for the Sun and the Moon. When Leo man hugs Cancer woman, it makes both feel so great just like the Sun embraces the Moon.

leo will love cancer like sun loves moon

Both Leo man and Cancer woman shares a strong desire for protecting each other. Leo man will impress Cancer woman for his heroic action and rescue her. Under Cancer woman eye’s, Leo man appears as a great King with shiny aura. Cancer woman feels so good when staying with Leo man because he always treats her well like his Queen.

In return, Cancer woman is volunteer to be a loyal audience for all things about Leo. No matter what Leo man does, such as telling a bad joke, show off his strength, romantic actions, Cancer woman enjoys them.

How about Cancer man dates with Leo woman?

The couple is still a happy couple, but it has some difficulties. Leo woman SOMETIMES over-spending on high-end fashion style like Nike, Gucci, Dior, Channel…That Leo’s woman desires… bring some trouble to Cancer man because it touches Cancer man security feeling…To Cancer man, having a steady financial status means a stable emotion and feeling.

Leo and Cancer can overcome the difficulties IF they sit down and discuss honestly together. During the discussion, they also need to respect each other with a mutual idea.

What will happen when Leo man is with Leo woman?

Having the same Sun Sign, both Leo woman and Leo man are born-to match each other. Their strength, aura, hobbies, creative ideas, discover new things… Leo couple really enjoys together.

King and queen card

Having the same Sun Sign, it also has a dark side. Both Leo woman and man act like the King and the Queen. Both seek the authority, the attention, the glory. However, who will satisfy who? The King will ask the first place for him in every aspect. The Queen feels it’s unfair when Leo man needs to be treated like a King. Why he doesn’t treat her well like his Queen?

And then, the pride, the ego… climbs up so high that it presents some arguments between the King and Queen. When the discussion reaches the climax, both will lose the temper and leave each other. They would ask a break-up. During the heat, both Leo man and Leo woman will agree on the break-up easily because both are so stubborn. Even the fault belongs one of them, Leo big ego doesn’t allow to step down, to reduce the pride.


  • Give each other the attention, the feeling being special, the appreciation
  • Don’t take each other grant
  • If one of you feel you have the more – important – thing to do, you can hire someone to do the housework, the cooking, whatever you consider as “small things”
  • Try to remain objective when you discuss things together.
  • Try to find one creative project to work together.

Leo with Virgo – the office romantic between boss and secretary

The romantic relationship between boss and secretary isn’t common in Western culture but in Asian countries, that situation happens a lot. The most scenario happens when Leo is the big boss of a company, and Virgo is his secretary.

big boss and his secretary

With Virgo personality, the daily task doesn’t hard. Every day, Virgo reports what are the activities to Leo big boss. Those activities follow Virgo’s cool perspective, analyze, reports and put everything in order. Once Virgo makes the plan like that, the secretary will make sure the jobs are done in time.

However, Leo big boss is easy to distract by Virgo because of the secretary uniform. And the affair will go further when Virgo seduces her big boss intentionally.

woman secretary uniform

Thus, the combination of Leo and Virgo is very harmony when both are the big boss and secretary. The relationship is only good in the workplace environment only because Leo pays Virgo to arrange the daily tasks. What if we put Leo and Virgo out of that context?

The relationship won’t change because Leo has a big ego. Leo wants to feel special. Leo (mistake) treats Virgo as an employee. Leo would order Virgo do this, do that. It would be fine if Leo pays Virgo. However, in a romantic relationship, Leo acts too much. It overs Virgo’s limitation.

In Virgo’s mind, when Virgo is in a romantic relationship, Virgo expects the partner to contribute some, to share the responsibilities.

Under Leo’s point of view, what Virgo has done are small things. Leo has the “more important things” needs to be done. Leo is born to do big things. If Virgo can do a good job with small things, so Leo just lets Virgo take care of all the small.

The knot becomes harder when Virgo is too tired with Leo demands.

If Leo and Virgo still wants to be in the relationship for long-term,

  • Leo needs to learn how to deal with daily tasks
  • If Leo is bored with the same thing over and over, Leo can ask Virgo NICELY (not commands like a King or Queen. Leo with Virgo is boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, not the boss and secretary, not the King/ Queen and civilian) to do one creative project together.
  • About Virgo… don’t treat and don’t take care of Leo as a child. Leo is still a baby boss -.-
  • When the difficult occurs, don’t blame each other. Don’t critical-> try to control each other’s temper.
  • If need, temporary separate a few minutes, a few hours to balance mood.
  • Respect each other’s strength.

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