Today is July 24th, 2019.

Do you know today is the second day of Leo month? When Leo month comes, it’s time for you to shine, to think creatively, to think BIG, and to do BIG things too.

What are Leo Zodiac characteristics? What benefits you will get when the Sun enters Leo Zodiac sign? No matter what your Sun Sign, you can learn some from Leo Zodiac. 🙂 I mean both in good meaning and some negative aspects.

Leo Zodiac basic information

Horoscope name: Leo

Time of year: July 23rd until August 21st

horoscope Leo month

Time of Agriculture year: Middle of summer when the heat reaches the highest. It’s also the time for having fun, for having some holidays.


Animal Symbol: the King of animal – Lion

Do you wonder why Lion is the symbolist for Leo Zodiac? Why ancient Astrologers don’t choose tigers instead? -> The short answer: because the leader troop Lion male is KING.

Element: Fire

Quality: Fixed

Ruling planet: the Sun

Main keyword: pure personal strength

Leo Zodiac mythology

Leo mythology story derives from Leo Stars constellation. The background story involves Hercules – A Greek superhero. Hercules actually is the half – God when his father is Zeus – The Greatest, the Highest GOD in the Olympia of Greek and Roman.

During the Hercules science-based history, Hercules needs to do 12 special Labours for a King of a human kingdom.

first hercules labour - slaying nemean lion
Peter Paul Rubens Hercules Strangling the Nemean Lion, c. 1636-39 Oil with traces of red chalk on panel

Killing a Lion beast is the first Labour Hercules need to finish. In the kingdom Nemean, there is a beast. The beast usually takes the form of a giant Lion. People usually get killed by the beast. Thus, they call the beast by Nemean Lion.

Following the order, Hercules fights with Nemean Lion. He tries all the weapon, but the Nemean Lion is invisible. All the weapon is just ant under Nemean Lion. When weapon touches Nemean Lion skin, it leaves no effect, no sow, no cut, no damage.

Hercules has no choice, but use his own strength to defeat the beast. In the end, Hercules slays the beast because of his abnormal strength. Well, Hercules abnormal strength is a gift from his powerful GOD.

After finishing the mission, Hercules needs evident for the king. He uses the beast’s claws -> cut the beast’s skin-> also cut the beast’s head and skull-> during the way bringing the evident back, Hercules uses Lion’s skin as a glory cloak (like Superman’s cloak). Wearing Lion’s skull as a helmet. Slowly, Hercules absorbs all strength from Lion’s left-being.

” Zeus, who admired the lion’s strength, immortalized it with its own star constellation.”

Unlike with Cancer constellation, Hera is the one who engraves the star for Cancer in the sky.

Some Scientist facts about Leo Constellation:

Leo constellation
  • 12th largest constellation in size
  • 11 stars with known-name planets
  • The brightest star in Leo constellation: Regulus Alpha Leonis
  • In the northern hemisphere, Regulus is best seen in the evening in the late winter and spring. The only time of year when the star can’t be seen is for a month on either side of August 22, when it lies too close to the Sun.

Some common Leo Zodiac characteristics for both genders


All people, who are born under Leo Zodiac sign, has a warm-heartedness. The core reason lays in the Univer. At the time when the Sun forms a good aspect with our Earth, our Earth receives the most and the greatest energy from the Sun. As the child of the Fire element, Leo people can provide a warm feeling to everyone.

One special about Leo Zodiac is the ruler planet. Our Sun is the main ruler for all Leo people. With little witty meaning, Leo people are the small version of our Sun. However, those small Sun has their uniqueness. When the Sun Leo combines with 12 different Moon Zodiac Sign, you will rediscovery many sides of our Sun.

You know how good is the Sun. You also experience some uncomfortable when the Sun produces so much energy and heat. Leo people have that kind of effect.

Leo people are social. Even with a stranger, Leo people can warm up the relationship quickly. Sometimes… too much heat from Leo… it leads to a fight -.-

Aura-> proud looking-> relaxed

Usually, the Royal Empire has an aura, right? There is one more common kind of aura. You can find such aura in Leo people. Not very shiny, not glorious like UK Royal Empire, or Japan Royal Empire. Leo people have their own aura that Royal members don’t have it.

Being Prince, Princess isn’t easy. There are a lot of things, restrictions, rituals, rules you need to follow. Leo Zodiac people are different. Leo is born with a good looking face. They know having good looking has a huge advantage in life.

But wait. I miss. Having a good looking is one essential element in the social network. Take a look with Instagram or Tik Tok app. To you, what kind of videos you like to watch the most? Do you find in TikTok app, the “makeup challenge” movement from last year has a lot of comment below? And then, some internet-famous TikToker release their pure face without makeup in some videos. Do you notice it still has a lot of comment for people who have a good looking?

Because Leo Zodiac knows they have a good looking face, they kind of relax when doing things. They seem like they know how to do all things in the world.

Personal pure physical strength

muscles physical strength

This trait usually comes in the Leo man. It’s just the Sun gift for gender. Leo man is born with pure physical strength. Comparing with other Zodiac men, Leo men have more muscle strength.

Self-center attitude

-.- you might dislike this attitude from Leo Zodiac. Both man and woman of Leo Zodiac are selfish. They want to be in the center of attention. They need attention from other people. They need an audience, even it’s just one audience.

Do you know what method Leo Zodiac gets your attention? Doing something big! Show off their own strengths -.- sometimes show off their money too


Then, do you know the reason Leo people need your attention? Deep inside Leo Zodiac, they need love. To Leo, more attention means more love.

What you can learn from Leo

Those 5 characteristics are just the core of Leo Zodiac. For Leo man, it has more. And then some Leo Zodiac characteristics will sleep in Leo man gens. In contrast, those gens will active in Leo woman. Everyone has their own flaws, but what you can learn from Leo Zodiac?


self confidence

Self-confidence parallels with self-love. You can say Leo Zodiac has a lot of confidence because they love themselves. They love how they are good looking. They are proud because they create things that belong to them only. They love to do things for people to remember them.

Being together with Leo, at first, you will find annoying because they always show off how they are good looking. If you can stand a little longer, hang out longer with Leo, your self-confidence has some improvement because of Leo.

It’s little weird right? The feeling similars when you are proud of yourself because you have a good looking Leo person as a friend or lover or a family member.

Creative thinkings

I will do it my creative way

Do you want to be more creative? the only practical way is getting around creative people. There are a lot of creative artists in the world, but Leo people should be the person-go-to. When you work with Leo person in a creative project (it doesn’t need to be art. It could be any kind of project that needs to think outside of the box), your final work will leave a good impression with your audiences.

Positive when helping other

Well, this actually is a flaw for all Leo people -.- All Leo people are generous only at the moment they confirm you are “less well-off” than themselves. Leo people will glad to help you whenever possible because they see you are weaker than them.

If you are equal or above, most of the case, Leo will start a fight because Leo is jealous.

Just like the Sun gives our Earth a comfortable temperature for living. (it’s us who make our Earth temperature gets hotter, not the Sun fault). Leo people radiate their positive energy to warm their followers.

Even it’s Leo flaw, you still have the value lesson: when you help other people, the reward is joyful and over-weight the loss of time, effort in order to help.

One extra bonus you need to be aware of this: Leo people are happy to help you. However, if you get more attention, more “light” from their spots, they will be angry and find ways to push you down. Leo people are the kind of people who will be jealous and ready to punish you when you are “higher” than Leo.

That is all the basic Leo Zodiac characteristics. When Leo people fall in love, how they look like? what they will act if they really like you? What you need to pay attention when you are attracted to a Leo man, woman?

I will share more details in the next few days 🙂 It’s middle summer, would enjoy what you can before the school year comes back? or would you be busier in the summer when you can work extra?

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