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Virgo Sun Libra Moon

If you are Virgo Sun Libra Moon, your natural gift is diplomatic intelligence. With the Virgo Sun, your mind is logistic, urge for knowledge, critical mindset. Unlike other Virgo Sun, you have more room for developing in a social group. Your Libra Moon balance between emotions, elegance, friendship and the logistic.

You are great at self-control. You leave a better impression in front of a group of people rather than an individual. In front of folks, you appear like a good diplomatic individual. You are easy to make friend with. You usually are the listener. You select what should talk and what should not; when it’s the right time to offer comments, opinion. Normally, you don’t usually volunteer to offer your own opinion in the group meeting unless you are holding some important information. You enjoy the happy hours with folks. You also do one step farther in order to return the favor. If you have a good time with someone, you, definitely, will choose a specific time in the future to return the favor. In this way or another way. This is the most charming about you. You receive and you return in another way.

However, with some negative people and fixed-mindset, you usually examine, observe that person in all aspects such as attitude, personality, how to react in the pressure, what would do if losing temper, selfish or teamwork, etc. Sometimes, you apply critical thinking before accepting the friendship. With those group of people, you would keep the friendship lightly and not very intense.

When you have some good friends with the same interests, hobbies such as playing brain games, studying new knowledge, being curious about another culture, practicing the knowledge in reality, you reward the friendship into the next level.

The main goal you seek for the long term is a natural life and harmonious.

Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon

If we use one word to describe Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon individual, water-icer would be the main. The water sign Scorpio Moon is unbounded internal energy, confidence, boldness, sometimes crazy. Combined with Virgo Sun, the individual is the richest emotions in all 12 Moon Signs combination with Virgo Sun. Emotions, feelings are the root of the reason for Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon does the actions. However, that happens inside. Not many people can sense it. It’s covered by the “cold”, hard and logistic actions.

By looking outside, Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon has the logistic and details orientation. However, in some critical situation, the individual tends to use the 6th sense more. Thus, Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon can find some supports, some thesis around fastly in order to prove their idea’s rightness.

Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon has one talent: using the chart, some illustrations to prove, to persuade, to show how it works in the office. Outside the office, outside the reality, Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon doesn’t care what happen. When some unexpected happens in real life where the ground employees work, Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon ignores. One reason is the lower rank, the ground leader has been taken care about it, so Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon seems don’t know about. Another reason is the individual knows, but ignore. Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon finds a hard time to listen to other’s opinions. Even he/she seems to listen, but it would not sincerely. Proving someone’s wrong is still hard for that person to accept and acknowledge the fault!

Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon

Hehe About the Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon, I am one of them. I share more details in another post. If you are interested in what makes Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon abnormal than the rest of combination, follow the internal link in this website.

Virgo Sun Capricorn Moon

With the Virgo Sun, you have gifted with the smart, intelligent in certain areas. You have the judgment, critical thinking. And then with Capricorn Moon Sign, your nature self is the realism, ambition, stubbornness. Combined together, you have a great focus, discipline more than the majority. You tend to create your own system: devouring the self, the energy; the ethic rules, beliefs in business, in life and also in love romantic relationship. Even your own ambition, you set up by yourself without the external pushing. After reaching the realistic goal, you will allow yourself to take a break a little bit. Perhaps a dozen minutes, a few hours. And then you start to set up the new goal -> write down the plan-> make the thing-to-do list-> arrange your schedule to achieve it.

You just focus on the important thing. Once you are in a serious mood, your normal Virgo Sun is submissive to Capricorn Moon. You skip the smalls, the details of Virgo Sun. You eye on the bigger picture. You put yourself in the strict condition in order to get the final goal.

During the process, you have all the foundation: with the characteristic of Virgo Sun and Capricorn Moon

  • Behind-the-scene efforts to achieve the goal
  • Building the reputation
  • Codify
  • Determination
  • Don’t like to be controlled by someone one-> if the situation could allow, do all in the ability for the freedom in the future.
  • Independent seeker
  • Maintain the integrity
  • Patience
  • Selecting information

Your final reward usually focuses on value. Besides, you look for the richness and authority for you to feel safe in this realm. Recognize in public, being the team leader, being a business admin means important to Virgo Sun Capricorn Moon.

Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon

Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon is an interesting individual. The person is a combination of two parts. One part is very realistic with the objective. Another part self goes to the sky and seeks the truths, knowledge of the universe.

With the first realistic part self, you don’t show many human emotions and passion. Most of the time, you do things with a cold mind. Even in the love relationship. You usually talk what you think inside the head. Sometimes, what you said are deep that only the matured individual accept your ideas. With some peers and youngers, your thinking pattern is kind of weird! However, deep inside, that weird thinking is the result after the brief time of critical, sharp intuition, analyze.

With another “airy” self, the intelligent connection is more important. You don’t interest much about body connection, touchy actions. This is your way when you try to avoid normal daily stress. Even sometimes, you show some rich emotions and romantic moments. You still try to study on your own emotions. You try to understand and control it.

You have some sympathy with others, but your way is unique too. Unlike other water signs, Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon treats those emotions, those situations as the objectives. It’s not because you are the warm- heart. You are sympathy to other situations because you understand their emotions without attaching your own emotions involves.

Virgo Sun Pisces Moon

Virgo Sun Pisces Moon considers as the most discerning, conscious, and judicious individual. You seek the higher intelligence, deeper knowledge for enriching your boring real life. You have the great balance between:

  • Realism with 6th sense
  • Clear supportive, thesis, fact, data with premonition, intuition
  • Self-discovery without other teachings vs realistic experiences
  • Realistic purpose, benefit, and theory
  • Judge and sensitive
  • Analyze with further sensitive about the unknown things.
  • Observation and expression attitude, emotions.

You always prepare to take responsibility, but you don’t want to be the center attention. You would be shy if someone pushes you to illustrate in the public. If could, you want people to remember about you in the natural, by your own efforts and by your own characteristic.

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