Everyone who is born from August 22nd to September 23rd has the Sun Sign Virgo. No matter gender, do you find all the Virgo people are not the same. Based on Horoscope with Astrology, one reason for the difference is the Moon Sign. With different Moon Signs, Virgo Sun individual has some extra characteristic of the Moon Sign. If you don’t know what is your Moon Sign, follow the link to the natal birth chart.

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Virgo Sun Aries Moon

For simply visual, Virgo Sun Aries Moon is our Earth. Virgo Sun with the Earth element outside, and inside is Aries Moon. The Zodiac Aries is Fire Element. You can understand Aries at Moon Sign is our Earth core central. According to Quentin Williams, associate professor of earth sciences at the University of California at Santa Cruz, our Earth core central temperature is about 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even the Virgo Zodiac has some conflicts with Aries Zodiac, the individual who has the Virgo Sun Aries Moon share one common of both Zodiacs: a strong personality and the assertion. You will see it when this individual has a chance to obtain leadership.

When Virgo Sun Aries Moon individual has the authority in hand, this person will be a strict and high demand on the self. He/she will seek perfection in the work, general life and in the romantic relationship. As a leader, individual Virgo Sun Aries Moon is confidence. He/she know and understand how the need to be objective all the time. He/she will eliminate emotion and feeling. To this individual Virgo Sun Aries Moon, showing emotion and feeling is the sign of weakness. If he/she shows the weakness very obviously, other people will take advantages and against the position.

For the followers, people who work under the Virgo Sun Aries Moon leader will notice he/she is a strict leader. However, it’s the good side that all the jobs are finished with careful thought and accurate.

In the romantic relationship, this individual Virgo Sun Aries Moon needs someone to feel, to encourage, to push in order to show more emotions and feelings. Well, it can If the partner is reliable.

Virgo Sun Taurus Moon – super realistic individual

Both Taurus and Virgo Zodiacs are Earth Sign. When an individual has Virgo Sun Taurus Moon, that person is the gift with the super-realistic point of view. Everything needs proof. And special, this kind of person is material as well. It’s understandable since, in this world, no matter where is the location, everything needs money. Even in some abandoned civilizations, they still exchange for the currency. Some old-existing civilizations hunt animals-> exchange their meats to some local country currency in order to buy some modern items. It doesn’t need to be fancy items. To their civilizations, the modern items could be simple such as a lane phone, cell phone, a flashlight, electric devices.

The individual Virgo Sun Taurus Moon always seeks material safety. To Virgo Sun Taurus Moon individual, safe feeling derives from money secure. Thus, the love of this individual usually expresses through money. Even it’s one advantage, but Virgo Sun Taurus Moon person is smart enough to identify and then avoid the gold-digger. That’s thanks to the Virgo Sun observation and the critical skills.

Seeking a stable partner in the romantic relationship, Virgo Sun Taurus Moon considers the self as a stable partner for the long-term relationship and further, perhaps marriage. Virgo Sun Taurus Moon person needs a long time (perhaps years) to consider a boyfriend/girlfriend before committing to the marriage. After the marriage, this individual wants a long-life marriage as well. Even the partner has some faults… Virgo Sun Taurus Moon will stay alone for while for thinking and considering. Do the partner’s faults worthy for their forgiveness? After forgiving and solve the partner’s faults, would the marriage life maintain?

The good sides about this Virgo Sun Taurus Moon individual are:

  • Great stamina and patience in order to achieve all realistic goals with the critical thinkings and analyzing skill.
  • In the workplace, he/she follows up-> update the job until it’s closed or the cases finish.
  • This individual has the talent to keep everything in place and keep the workflow smoothly.
  • Straightforward
  • A simple approach with clear realistic goals

Virgo Sun Gemini Moon

Intelligent is the greatest asset of Virgo Sun Gemini Moon. All Virgo Sun urges to obtain the knowledge. All Virgo sun wants to learn more. With Gemini Moon, it increases the self-knowledge in varies topic since it has a lot of interesting out there. With quicking thinking for argument, clear analyzing skill, Virgo Sun Gemini Moon individual knows all the details from the simplest into the most complex. Plus the sixth sense, this person easily find other’s purpose in their actions, in their speaking.

Since the brain obtains almost the energy for learning, thinking, analyzing, dueling with daily stress, talking, discussing, this kind of personal body doesn’t get fat. Perhaps, the body is still in shape at a young age. When free time is limited for personal interests, Virgo Sun Gemini Moon would choose to read books, watch the news on TV rather than going to the gym, and practice physical exercises.

reading book hobby

With the mind, brain domination, Virgo Sun Gemini Moon has some problems in the romantic relationship. This person tends to take very lightly the romantic relationship. Even this person has a boyfriend/girlfriend, this person still uses the mind over the heart. This Virgo Sun Gemini Moon individual still has emotions and feelings, but it’s hard for expression. Only the high-intelligent partner can understand this Virgo Sun Gemini Moon individual. They usually seek a partner with an equal education background. They rarely accept a partner who has a lower intelligent.

Thus, this kind of person usually feels lonely since no one can understand and be able to love. In contrast, other people usually feel Virgo Sun Gemini Moon as an arrogant person when he/she only looks for a partner with the same level.

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon emphasizes safety. With a stranger, a person never meets, Virgo Sun Cancer Moon individual stays in the caution mode. If Virgo Sun Cancer Moon is a lady, you will notice she is shy for the first time you try to make the conversation. If it’s once, it’s okay. If you and Virgo Sun Cancer Moon lady had more chance to chat and get to know more each other, you will see she is a sensitive individual. She also thinks deeply and thoughtful. At some points, you would notice Virgo Sun Cancer Moon lady is a perfect girl with intelligence, sharply criticism, realistic analysis, vivid imagination, 6th sense. She feels the nature inside you. She senses what you want, what you need. She also understands some psychology tricks and applies in the situation.

However, Virgo Sun Cancer Moon individual gets influenced easily by the surrounding and those people interact. Because Virgo Sun Cancer Moon sympathies with other people situation. He/she judges: is it worthy for helping? If help, what is the price? If help, what will receive in return?

Virgo Sun Leo Moon

The greatest conflict inside individual Virgo Sun Leo Moon is hesitant. Leo Moon pushes the individual to do what the heart wants to do. In the meanwhile, Virgo Sun only does the action that needs to complete. If he/she is given enough time to think, Virgo Sun Leo Moon is confident with the final decision. He/she is confident about the final decision. No matter what results, He/she will take responsibility. It’s good that the results appear as positive almost the time. During the process, Virgo Sun Leo Moon will be seen as the stubborn, fixed mindset person.

personal value

In general, Virgo Sun Leo Moon believes in each person value. The more you obtain knowledge, your own value increases more. Virgo Sun Leo Moon also has a high expectation, special the return favor. To Virgo Sun Leo Moon individual, the self sincerity is the most thing appreciation. Virgo Sun Leo Moon has a clear rule about sincerity. Virgo Sun Leo Moon volunteers to be sincere at first-> Thus, the first thing Virgo Sun Leo Moon expects to receive back is the sincerity!

In a romantic relationship, this Virgo Sun Leo Moon has a lot of opinions on the partner. Opinions about clothes, habits, attitude, refreshness, romantic, etc.

Virgo Sun Virgo Moon

Virgo Sun Virgo Moon always is the slave who is always dominated and pushed by knowledge. He/She’s very strict about self, humanity, fashion, food, health, some beauty such as furniture. The general life is very traditional. Virgo Sun Virgo Moon puts the rules in the first place. Virgo Sun Virgo Moon dictionary never have places for daydream, liars, emotions, feelings, laziness.

In the relationship with peers, co-workers, Virgo Sun Virgo Moon treats bad to whom he/she considers as a lower intelligent. Virgo Sun Virgo Moon tries to keep the relationship in the barrier that he/she feel “right”.

For the romantic relationship, Virgo Sun Virgo Moon has a high standard. The first requirement: the partner needs to have the same level of intelligence. And then, loyal and sympathy are the next. Even so, Virgo Sun Virgo Moon individual has the problem. He/she is kind of boring. He/she seems doesn’t know what is romantic. Thus, this kind of Virgo Sun Virgo Moon has a high chance of FA- Forever Alone.

If lucky, Virgo Sun Virgo Moon finds the right partner for marriage. In most the case, the future fiance has more intelligent than Virgo Sun Virgo Moon person!

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