Since we are in the Taurus month, do you still remember the main Taureans concern?

Well, it’s about the money-> so money and some financial knowledge would be the main theme for Taurus.

Within this post, Gne will share about my own experience and the insight about “How to get out of debt with no money”

Before we go to detail, Gne would like to disclaim and clarifies a few things

  1. The very first thing: what Gne shares here is my old financial experience.
  2. The main financial knowledge source is from the time Gne works with World Financial Group from 2015-2017 (as a part-time beside job) and TransAmerica Life insurer plus their affiliate companies.
  3. Next, we will talk about Dave Ramsey since Gne finds a few things relating to my old experiences.

Okay, let’s go to the main point

The main point “How to get out of debt with no money” is one financial method.

And that is the first point Gne talks above. The first time Gne hears about this financial method is around 2015. At that time, Gne is just immigrated to Seattle for a few months. As the circumstance pushes, Gne involves with WFG – World Financial Group.

As Gne participates with some World Financial Group free financial class, that’s the first place Gne hears about this method. The representor at that class shares that method name is “Rollover debt”.

Well, Gne just knows and remember about that method until today.

Today, as Gne does the research behind the scene, Gne questions myself: Why that method has two names while the concept is basically the same?

Because the “Rollover debt” Gne has been known from WFG 3,4 years ago has a different name.

The different name Gne finds as today, it’s “the Snowball method” of Dave Ramsey.


As Gne compares two methods together, Gne notices two methods share the same core idea. They just have the different name.

Following my reasoning sense, Gne diges a little deeper. Voila`, Gne understand why it has two names.

It involves mostly to Dave Ramsey. If you don’t know who is Dace Ramsey, click here to read more about his biology in Wikipedia.

In Wikipedia, it has one sentence as below.

Ramsey developed a set of lessons and materials based partially on his own experience and partially on works and teachings by Larry Burkett, Ron Blue and Art Williams of the A.L. Williams company, now Primerica.


That sentence is the answer for my question.

If you still don’t see the connection, Gne explaines in detail now.

Dave Ramsey “Snowball method” is built from a financial company. In this case, it’s Primerica.

The insurer has a different approach with TransAmerica Life insurer.

Primerica and TransAmerica are two separates life insurance company that is the one in long time ago.

And TransAmerica Life insurance company is the owner of WFG – World Financial Group.

Before becoming the nationwide financial advisor, Dave Ramsey must hear one time about “Rollover debt” from one of WFG recruiter. Or from Primerica coaches.

You will find a hint about that fact in the video below where he shares he has a friend, he knows some people in the WFG.

Dave Ramsey “Snowball” = WFG “Rollover debt” ?

Well, honestly Gne doesn’t know if it’s plagiarism or not. Gne just repeats what Gne hears, understand and remember from WFG recruiter (about 3,4 years ago).

And about the plagiarism? Gne explaines above where Gne main source information comes from.

Here is the basic, main core ideal that takes place in both Dave Ramsey “Snowball” and WFG “Rollover debt”:

ROLLOVER YOUR SMALLEST DEBT INTO THE BIGGER UNTIL YOU DON’T HAVE ANY DEBT. (unless you seek more new debts later on -.- )

Roll over your debt

In order to do that, there are a few steps you need to follow. (Maybe at the moment Dave Ramsey hear about the WFG “Rollover debt”, it doesn’t attract much, so he gives the new name “Snowball” method for how to get out of debt. )

You can find this idea right on his official website.

In here, Gne just repeats because Gne doesn’t know Dave Ramsey idea is the genesis

Or WFG has that method ownership and WFG (through their recruiters) passes down the idea to Dave Ramsey at the time he learns directly from Larry Burkett, Ron Blue, and Art Williams?

Or WFG recruiter uses the original idea from Primera?

STEP 1: Being honest with yourself and write down REALISTIC ALL YOUR DEBTS YOU HAVE SO FAR

STEP 2: List all your debts from smallest into the biggest from top to down

STEP 3: Set your mindset and target to the SMALLEST DEBT

STEP 4: Find some extra money from your own environment

STEP 5: Save “a little extra money” from “nowhere”

Step 6: Use that small saving to PAY OFF YOUR SMALLEST DEBT in very short term.


STEP 8: Combine that same small saving PLUS some extra money you get after you pay off your smallest debt earlier.

STEP 9: Use that money package you just get from step 8 -> to pay off the next debt

STEP 10: Repeat step 8 and step 9 until you don’t have any new debt.

Giving an example for case study

Just temporary put the background about this financial method on the side and focusing on the own method together.

Let’s say you have a situation with some setting like this:

  • You are a low-income person. (Or you have an average income in your state and you have a tight budget for some reasons)
  • You have more than two debts need to take care of.
  • You urge to debt free
  • You have a “normal average” lifestyle.
  • You have a common sense plus the average mindset.

Now starting with STEP 1: Being honest with yourself and write down REALISTIC ALL YOUR DEBTS YOU HAVE SO FAR.

Let’s say you are honest enough to yourself and write down in a paper that you have several debts like this.

flat screen TV

You have some debts because of your car, because of your big TV (for entertainment), because of your passion for gaming on the laptop, because of the new iPhone trend, because of the new place for your own future family.

Therefore, just write down in randomly that you have debts: car, TV, laptop, iPhone and resident mortgage.

In total, you have 5 debts need to take care of.

Moving to STEP 2: List all your debts from smallest into the biggest from top to down. This step is easy. You just need to put it in order with the scale from smallest debt to the biggest. In this example, we will class orderly like this:

  1. Smallest would be the TV debt
  2. Next would be the iPhone
  3. After would be the laptop for gaming
  4. Then the car
  5. Last, also the biggest debt is the resident mortgage

STEP 3 (Set your mindset and target to the SMALLEST DEBT) and STEP 4 (Find some extra money from your own environment) can be done with self-discipline.

You need to self-control for NOT bring more debt nor buy more new stuff that you don’t need. The key is focusing on what you need for daily necessaries.

For some native American or US residents, they have a habit: Drinking coffee in the morning. The most famous place-to-go in the morning after you get out your place will be Starbuck.

coffee mugs paper

Gne doesn’t ask you to suddenly quit drinking Starbuck coffee. Gne does not drink coffee from Starbuck since the moment Gne moves to Seattle until now. Just Gne personally drinking is pure water.

What Gne suggest is slowly REPLACE your drinking coffee habit TO A NEW HABIT. You can drink Starbuck coffee for 5 days-> then two days weekends drink juice or tea or just pure water.

As you start to get to use with absorbing one more drink besides Starbuck coffee or any coffee, try to increase into 4 days coffee and 3 days another drink that cost less than coffee itself. -> After a few weeks, you can set it like 3 days coffee, 3 days another drink, 1 day completely pure water. -> continue to reduce the frequency of using coffee and another drink-> until one day, you can drink pure water for completely 7 mornings.

As you reach that point, now you do have some little money from your own environment. Doing some math as you reach that point.

Average Starbuck coffee drink costs $ 5 -> when you reach the point where you can replace all morning coffee cost by pure water-> you would save 35 bucks for one week. ($ 5 x 7 days)

35 bucks in one week don’t bring much different to your debt-> how about you save four weeks in one row? -> now you have $35 x 4 = $140 after saving one month.

Gne believes with $140 from nowhere can help with your TV Debt. Let’s do the average cost for average TV is around $700 for the final price after tax.

With two months saving, you will have $280 -> 3 months, you can save $420. -> 4 months? it’s $560 already.

-> 5 months $720. -> Voila`, now your TV is yours. You have zero debt of your TV. A little peace for entertainment without worry about next monthly payment.

Just estimate saving after paying off your TV, Gne would say you have $170 extra money. This is a realistic goal that you can achieve because you have the base saving $140 -> now it’s up to you that you want to continue to roll over with iPhone debt or you seek more trouble.

Once again, discipline and insistence are the musts.

With the newest iPhone after tax would be around $1500.

$170 saving above is > 10% of the final iPhone price, right? -> thus, you need to insist on saving like above.

Take $170 saving per month as a base.

-> 6 months, you have $1020 ($170 x 6). Two third total price, right?

-> 7 months, you have $1190

-> 8 months, you have $1360

At the end of 9 months saving, you can pay off the newest iPhone for sure.

If you want to pay off sooner and quicker? -> just reduce other stuff like snacks, chip, cigarette, alcohol-> then, you would have greater than the base saving $170 per month.

After you pay off the newest iPhone, move on the next debt.

It makes new circle.

By replacing the debt iPhone with the gaming laptop debt.

Well, a good enough gaming laptop like MSI would start from $1800 before tax. -> you would pay out of pocket nearly two grand.

MSI laptop gaming

This time, you have greater saving for sure because you pay off 100% two debts (TV and iPhone). It means you do have some extra money.

With this new circle, you have the base saving increased as the rate $200 after saving one month. Comparing to the gaming laptop final price, it’s 10% of that laptop.

Therefore, it’s easy to estimate how long you can pay off that laptop-> 10 months

At this point, you eliminate three of five debts already. Next debt is the car. After pay off three old debts, you would have a rough $300 base saving.

Continuing saving like above-> use the new base saving to pay the car debt. -> use the same method for the biggest debt. -> of course, with the resident mortgage, it takes years even you insist with this “Snowball” or “Rollover debt”.


This method is completely reserved with other debt consolidations. This method targets the smallest debt -> get rip of small annoying debt first-> make you have a little extra money to pay the next debt.

Does you think this method will work for you?

Or you like to combine all small debts until one big debt-> then pay slowly years after years?

About Gne, Gne doesn’t have much debt right now, because Gne uses this method to get out of debts at that period since then.

🙂 if Gne is honest with myself, Gne would say Gne still has some “debt” with my girlfriend hihi

My license for life insurance and health insurance is still good up to date. The license is only good in Washington State (Not the capital). My license number is WAOIC 896033

If it’s still suspicious to you, or you think the license number is making up, then you can call OIC Washington to ask about my license 🙂 (This license is not easy to earn back then.)

If you don’t have much trust on Gne, then you should have some belief in Dave Ramsey since his “Snowball” method is the same with this method how to get out of debt with no money.

If you are Taurus who read this, Happy your birthday 🙂

If not, are you willing to try this method?

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