There is an unchangeable fact: all men are Martians and women are Venusians.

With Astrology, both men and women have the Venus affection, but where you can find your Venus?

The simplest way to find your Venus Sign

Astrology provides the simplest way to find your Venus Sign based on your personal natal birth chart.

If you like Gne who like to prepare before doing action, then let’s Gne informs you what you need to know in advance.

Astrology has been developed a software that fast calculates your natal chart. However, it just provides you a chart similar to this.

Donald_trump Astrological Birth Chart

In order to having this chart, you need to input some personal data into Astrological software.

The requirement information are: (your information is safe with that software because it provides the privacy protection for a guess)

  • Your full name includes First name – Middle name – Last name. The first name is the must. Other two are optional.
  • Your DOB. [If you are worried about the DOB, you can set up your browser to forget that information by left click setting-> history-> clear history-> but you need to choose clear “cookies” as well for making sure your DOB is erased permanently until your next time permission]
  • Your birthplace: your hometown/ your city where you were born, and the country belonging. (P/S: with that software, you don’t need to know the metric of longitude, latitude, the axis for the location-> just typing the city name. It will automatically pop up the closest result for you to choose )
  • Your birth time. You might don’t know but your mother would know. Sometimes, the mother could not remember clearly, so the estimate is good enough.-> this one is the requirement-> If you choose the unknown option-> your natal birth chart isn’t accurate for sure. The planet’s positions will be different.
  • Last information is your gender. [Please don’t misunderstand to your sex orientation] You should choose between Male or Female-> Don’t choose “event/other”-> that is the non-human thing.

That’s all you need to prepare-> after input data to the software-> click “continue” until you have a chart looks like above

Next, you just need to know where you can spot your Venus sign. 🙂

It’s easy like you play a finding game :3

In the example below, you can find the Venus sign in two spots. With the USA current President, Gne marks the locations for you

Donald Trump Venus

If you don’t know the Venus symbol, you can look at the graph at the right down corner.

Look for this symbol:


Venus Planet is right there at the 4th place from top to bottom. It says what is your Astrological Zodiac when Venus Planet moves in at your birth moment.

In this case, the US President has the Venus planet in Cancer. You can see where exactly you should look for Venus location in his natal chart.

It’s just an example. The Venus location depends on each individual. Your Venus Sign might or might not the same with him.

Congratulation! You found the Venus Sign, but do you know what does your Venus Sign Mean? 🙂

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