After getting know Taurus Woman, have you made the decision yet?

  • Are you attracted to a Taurus Woman? And you want to build a romantic relationship with her?
  • Or you just want to take revenge by getting her?
  • Or you just want to add her into your woman collection?
  • Or just for fun?
  • Other reasons?

Your reasons don’t matter much to Taurus Woman because she will take a very long time to observe you in all matters. Therefore, dude, you should reexamine your emotions, your feelings, your purposes before approaching a Taurus Woman.

Why Mom was right about Taurus Woman weakness?

Simple answer. Because my mom Sun Sign is Taurus. Even my mom is old but the Taurus weakness is still there from her young ages.

If you are attracted to a Taurus woman for love, then embracing her weakness is a common requirement for all serious romantic relationship. If you just flirt/ like a Taurus Woman as a girlfriend, let her decide that she should accept your invitation or not.

The first Taurus Woman weakness is “emotion dehydrated “.

Dehydrate Taurus emotional dryness

Unless her Moon sign, or other Astrological aspects are in other Zodiac Sign, young Taurus woman and Taurus women in general are emotion dry.

By saying that, Taurus Woman doesn’t often talk about her emotions and her feelings because she can stand it. Actually, she suspends her emotions, her feelings down deep inside her soul.

She has a higher priority to do. She urges to have a stable carrier-> that is her second weakness.

However, her second weakness is her strong as well.

Taurus Woman will focus on her job, her carrier or her study in order to fill full her needs. A Taurus woman needs a secure. She needs material secure before she confesses she also need emotional security. Under her realistic eyes, love can not build a house. It’s money which builds a place for love to live

Taurus Woman strong will make you rethink about…

  • Financial concepts
  • Peace
  • Stability
  • Traditional
  • What are the gourmet dishes!

Taurus Woman first strong: Taurus Woman craves a wealthy for herself, by herself. For other girls, they would choose to marry a wealthy man, but not Taurus Woman. She understands the truth of this world that money has a very important role. She sees it very clearly. Therefore, she will be very patient for herself to achieve her financial independence. Her University major would be about financial. If not, she will self-educate about financial concepts. She would learn about how to control the credit scores, how to save, etc.

Taurus woman likes to save money

At the moment a Taurus Woman reaches her financial dependence, she would not stop there. She would make her income, or her salaries stable because she wants to provide a little peaceful mind to her family where she was born. As she has a little money, she would buy some gifts for her parents, her siblings. She would aware other family members about losing money because of other things outside her family. -> in short, you will find Taurus woman loves money and she also loves to have her own money.

(One example within my family relatives. My mom gives a few awareness to my uncle about his leaking money sources, but my uncle doesn’t care about it. Therefore, with younger Taurus woman, she would pay very attentively to her parent’s financial status and her sibling’s pockets)

After spending some for her family and her siblings, a Taurus Woman would treat herself by gourmets. At first, she might want to eat some traditional dishes. (Gne says traditional dishes here are the dishes graved in her minds, in her heart, and in her tongue. It could a simple dish that she tastes when she is a little girl. It could be one traditional recipe with a new look in a restaurant.) Her stability is still applying to her tongue. She would eat her traditional dish for a long time. She would buy some ingredients and make those traditional dishes for enjoying with her family.

When some special occasion (such as a friend or co-worker or you – a potential partner – treat her by a restaurant meal) occur, she would pick a restaurant which has the similar cuisine style with her “traditional gourmet”.

What if you – a potential partner – suggests to try one new restaurant or your favorite-come restaurant?

A Taurus Woman would be polite and agree with you. And then, when she looks the restaurant menu, she would look for something similar.

However, if she declare in advance the bill will be separate, she would try one new dish outside her traditional gourmets. She would do that only when she is comfortable around you-> and that would take at least 6 months getting know you before moving the next stage relationship.

The simplest way to get Taurus Woman open up

Again, by her tongue, not fill full of her stomach. Remember Taurus Woman is still a woman. Her brain is still from Venus Planet -> it means she still pays attention to her weigh like other women.

The main point here is satisfying her tongue, not her stomach!

You can try to catch a Taurus Woman attention by a smell. Gne doesn’t mean by your masculine smell but a dish with a delicious smell. And take a look at this animation below.

The situation is kind of funny but it’s a reality if you have a Taurus woman as a girlfriend. That is a real example in China. It’s up to you that you believe the gif is made up with an edited script or not. Why you don’t try that method?

You don’t need to be a chef like him-> you just need a dish that smells good. Of course, it tastes delicious as well. And then you just do exactly as the chef does. And then wait for the result XD let’s see you can get a Taurus woman attention like that or not!!!

*sigh* it’s ugly truth and pity for the boyfriend… And a clap hand for the chef’s advertisement!

Unless you commit to marriage with Taurus Woman,

You will have a free Spain Bull-fighting with her!!!

Now in this section, we will go with step by step How to Attract A Taurus Woman. Gne disclaim in advance that there are some more varies in the real life that needs to examine because each Taurus Woman still has some unique traits. Those methods would work with Sun Sign Taurus.

Step 1 is the most important step. Are you sure she has the Sun Sign in Taurus?

Purpose: confirm that she is a Taurus Woman. Well, it makes sense to you, right? If not the Sun Sign Taurus, the change rejection is high…

Taurus month

Step 2: build yourself at the same time to starting to get her contact.

This one consumes your times and efforts -> why you need to build yourself?

Look at Taurus woman strong and weakness above, what you do for yourself is for her needs and her wants -> that is the beginning of the attraction.

  1. Taurus woman is very patient and very slow in romantic relationship-> you will have the time to build what are her requirements while she is reaching her financial independence.
  2. Taurus woman needs a stable partner-> you don’t need to a high-class income in order to satisfy her need-> she would ask a partner with a stable and fixed income. ( -.- don’t misunderstand fixed income years over years-> she doesn’t like that at all because she knows every year the money value drops because of the country inflation-> therefore, fixed income years over years cannot be excepted.)
  3. If you are handsome or at least good-looking, that is your bonus. (actually, this bonus is one essential “want” of every single woman, not only Taureans)
  4. You also need to insist and patient with her as well. Taurus woman is an Earth Sign-> it means the change she cheats behind your back is slow. However, there always has an exception, If her Moon Sign or Venus Sign in other Zodiac Signs…
  5. Perhaps build a stronger body to attract virtually?

Step 3: after building yourself, prepare some moves before getting Taurus woman as your whole life woman or a long-term partner.

For a Taurus Woman journey, you need to prepare your mindset for a long chasing journey. You need to equip yourself with some necessaries like love letters, some fresh flowers with a vase (you might wonder why flower with a vase? well, it will show to Taurus woman that you think careful and thoughtful about the gift for her)

Taurus woman likes a thoughtful guy

Purpose: showing that you are thoughtful person and you do think about her.

Perhaps all you need to prepare is simple a delicious gourmet XD Therefore, choose the food wisely, guys! Choose something close to her cuisine culture and it’s easy for you to practice at your private place before showing her dish.

Step 4: Approach her with what you have prepared. -> Set up your mind that you will insist to contact her at least 6 months. -> arrange your schedule for every day chasing on her. If you don’t have energy and time, then flirting is just fine.

Don’t just share about your strong-> at this point, you can release one of your flaws -> but, just a small flaws -> ask her objective, her opinion -> ask her to talk about it.

If you have a “long-enough conversation” about your small flaws, it’s a positive sign that she is accepting you.

Purpose: get Taurus woman to used to your presence.

Step 5: Don’t spy on her too much-> leave her some room for her to meet her friends. Meeting her friends and chitchat about everything in life aspect is one way for her to reduce her stress level.

If you still follow her and her friends on the social media, do research a little bit about what they are talking

-> find a spot during their conversation-> join the conversation -> share your opinion

Purpose: By doing that, she slowly notice that you are “a little” same page with her-> The long term benefit of this step is slowly replacing her friends role-> Slowly turn yourself into an important person that always by her side. You are ready to listen to her concerns.

Step 6: during the conversation, try to add some arts topic-> Taurus Woman is ruled by Venus Planet-> She has some talents in arts-> usually, it would be the garden-> however, modern Taurus woman has been expanded in different sides of the art

Taurus woman considers herself I am art

Purpose: Discover her art talents-> enjoy the art activity/ conversation with her

Step 7: after warm up, your relationship with Taurus Woman-> now it’s time to add some romance

Romance doesn’t have a fixed concept and definition. However, with a Taurus woman, the romance takes the traditional form. -> you can plan a classic date.

The classic date would start with

  • You make an appointment with her-> let her know that you would like to have a romantic date with her-> prompt her to know that you will do the classic mode.
  • By meaning that, you need to prepare fresh flowers bouquet (and the classic flower is rose. You can choose the color you like, but it’s better if you know HER favorite color) -> show up at the appointed place early and wait for her. Or you can pick up her near or at her place.
  • While you wait for her to prepare, check your phone-> make the phone call to the restaurant you chose-> ask the restaurant waiter/waitress about your reservation-> make sure unexpected thing DOES NOT happen in the restaurant.
  • Being a gentleman, suggest to her in advance-> allow you to open the passenger door for her.
  • DRIVING SLOWLY!!! Gne’s serious and that is matter to Taurus woman. -> Obey the speed law!
  • What happens in the restaurant you take care of yourself 🙂 because you will have a closer conversation with her in much more private matters.
  • About the bill-> don’t be shy or embarrassed to ask what she wants to do with the bill? Split or ask her to give you a chance to be generous?
  • After dinner, both of you can go to a theatre for a movie IF SHE DOESN’T TIRED. If she wants to get back her place, respect her choice and offer her a drive.
  • No matter what you want or expect with the first date-> a Taurus woman won’t say “yes” easily with your naughty idea -.-

Purpose: signal to her that you want to have a serious romantic relationship with her

(Sorry in advance that the romance is varied between Taurus Women-> this one you need to find her clues in real life. One example is my parent. Back to the past before marriage, my dad invites my mom daily to a place where they can dance together)

Step 8: Repeat the romance setting as much as you can

However, you should set up your date with her in the regular basic

Purpose: show her that you are insisting to the relationship with her

Step 9: Do that around 6 months until she opens sharing her emotions and her feelings.

Even Taurus woman is “dry” in the emotional, but she still has it-> just hiding her “small” emotions, feelings.

Purpose: Getting closer with her

Step 10: Now you can official ask her: Would you like to be my girlfriend? I mean a long-term girlfriend. If our personalities are pairing together, I would like to discuss further about our future relationship.

Something like that-> use your own way -> don’t copy my sentence.

Step 11: Waiting

Tshirt please wait

It would take at least one week for her to consider. -.- One week maybe is too soon for a Taurus woman, but it’s necessary because she would have been known you for 6 months dating UNOFFICIAL

Step 12: Enjoy the future relationship with her 🙂 If she accepts your offer! Good luck man!

Summary how to attract a Taurus Woman

With 12 steps included what you need to prepare

  1. Check her Astrology Sun Sign-> Is she really a Taurus woman?
  2. Build yourself while you figure out how to get her contact information
  3. Prepare yourself for at least 6 months chasing, flirting her
  4. Approach her with what you prepare (or make the moves)
  5. Join the conversation between her and her friend
  6. Add some art topic for rich conversation between them or between the Taurus woman and you
  7. Add some romance
  8. Repeat the romance as much as you can
  9. Insist until she opens and shares about her emotions and feelings toward you
  10. Official ask her to be a long-term partner-> or potential of fiancee
  11. Waiting for her answer
  12. Enjoy the future relationship with her
  13. If not, DON’T GIVE UP ON HER!

Unless you are no longer interesting in her….

If that’s case, prepare yourself for a Spain bull-fighting haha.

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