When Venus first enters Aries Zodiac Sign

Before we get to know 12 Zodiac Signs when Venus visit each of them, you need to find your Venus Sign first. If you know what is it already, great. We will be there shortly.

If you don’t know what is your Venus Sign, click the button below.

She gives you a unique charm which inspires other people around, special in the art area. You, (no matter gender) who has the Venus in Aries, is very confident about yourself-> Even you would not have some strong qualities, but you still are confident about yourself in a natural way.

Well, it’s true because your charm lies in your actions. You would have a creative mind (if not, it’s still an active mindset). Your nervous system would run consistently when you start a project -> Even you would not work in the art, you would have some ADHD traits 🙂

Since Mars God has an affair with Venus, you have a great ability to express yourself -> As you do that, people might feel a little backward because you are kind of rebel. -> It isn’t very bad because you are more friendly than expected

Listening your words, people feel attract to you more just simple you are “alive”. You like to do something new. Perhap adding some romantic elements?

Venus in Aries

About the love life, you would attract to someone who can unlock and release your courage. As you enter “fire mode”, you would consider as an Amazon warrior. You would try doing something different with other people in order to please the person whom you are attracted.

In short, it could be Libra or Cancer-> however, you need to control your fire volume-> If you are over-burning, that fire would kill the relationship-> it would put you into a situation that you don’t know you should look for a new partner or stay.

Venus is the main ruler of Taurus. If you have Venus also stays in Taurus Zodiac

The Goddess will double your traits. You have more patient and seek more stable status than other Sun Sign Taurus.

You also have the beautiful body shape-> You know that you are sexy, but you would not show off your charms to a stranger. It would take a longer time for you to trust someone. And when you enter the personals level understanding with your partner, you would love to do some simple happiness in your comfort zone.

As your partner stays with you, you provide a sense of safety in materials way. Therefore, you demand your partner loyalty and truthful.

Venus in Taurus express love beauty in garden

Your inner beauty express in the garden. You would make your garden into a masterpiece of art. You can do that because Venus grants you a sense of art. Your works would bring some nostalgia to audiences because you treasure the traditional. When people look at your works, they would feel the elegant deep inside your heart and your mind.

If there is one flaw, it would be: you feel so peaceful in the relationship. -> it could consider as a “dry emotional expression” under your partner point of view.

When Venus changes into Gemini

You have a gift of communication as an independent person. Sometimes, you would feel more alive when you have some conversation in parties.

Venus in Gemini likes to flirt

You would like to do the “chasing part”. You would find yourself in the middle conversation with some people high intelligence. As you find a potential partner, you know how you flirt without asking other advice. It’s natural instinct inside your mindset because you can tell the stories lovely, smoothly, and you also can make it fun!

You would cherish a caring mind from your partner. However, when you are in a romantic relationship, you still want to have some personal space because your interests are wide. You would act like a cat which has full curiosity in this world. You urge to get the up-to-date stories, knowledge. You want to try all everything.

It’s normal when you are attracted to someone who makes your curiosity rising. As your curiosity are boosting, you crave to know more about that person, even he/she isn’t your current partner.

Venus in Cancer means that you are a caregiver.

Venus in Cancer means taking care

Or sometimes you would find yourself taking over your partner’s parents position.

It cannot blame on you because Cancer simply means taking care. That is the main concept of Venus in Cancer. Gne can tell because my Venus is also in Cancer.

If you don’t want to take care of your loved one, then the caring desire will ship to a different channel. For example the USA current President, he has Venus in Cancer;therefore, he wants to make American Great Again!

Even Gne is male gender, but Venus in Cancer make Gne want to take care of someone. However, that desire is hidden. It’s only can be unlock by a right person. It could be your family member. And in my case, XD it would be my future wife and my future daughter XD

With Venus in Cancer, the term “taking care of someone” is endless because Venus in Cancer wants to take care of the loved one in all life aspects. It starts with small things like making breakfast, combing hair, help dressing, etc. to emotional caring such as a kiss on the loved one’s forehead, whisper “I love you” into ears, providing a comfortable environment, etc.

You will find Venus Cancer has the unconditional love-> it’s JUST~ SLIGHTLY~ different with your parents who gave birth of you. Venus Cancer people would be the first one to help you in the condition they are the first one whom you share your situation. Even they are the first one you inform, they still can help you by staying beside you and support you in physical and emotional. They also listen to your concern -> empathy -> work with you to have a refresh.

It leads to one weakness-> this quality can take grants-> Well, that only happens if Venus Cancer conjunction with Sun Sign or Moon Sign Cancer in other aspect natal charts. In some case, when Venus Cancer notices their caring love is taking grant, they will choose to leave without saying.

Or in the worst case -.- you need to prepare yourself because Venus Cancer will be more annoying than your bloody parents

Venus in Leo boosts more creative mind than Gemini

Venus in Leo is Tsundere

Venus in Leo gives the creative mind at a different level with Gemini. Venus gives a colorful gift to Leo-> people, who has Venus in Leo, is sensitive with color. Your fashion style is great too. Therefore, you emphasize on clothes more. People around might find a little “allergy” with your fashionista sense.

You might do something to getting attention. Your craving to be recognized can sometimes turn into control or insecurity-> well, just one of your ways to getting attention from others.

However, you act different in romantic relationship. You are kind and warm. Plus, you are loyal partner as well. You express it very clear-> you usually tell how important your partner position in your heart.

You want to love and be loved-> and you make sure your partner do it as your expectations> that is one flaw: being bossy to your partner.

(It could be describe in one word: Tsundere Princess or Tsundere Prince XD kawaii :3 )

Kawai Tsundere

Venus in Virgo makes you promptly and tidily

Hmmm… it’s little hard tell because Venus is falling in Virgo Zodiac, so Venus has a lightly affection to Virgo.

Venus in Virgo is giving you the elegant (even your gender is male 🙂 ). Even you know more than other people, but you don’t usually show off. You still stay in the humbleness. You respect others and you expect they would do the same in return because Venus Virgo knows that respect is the earning, not natural.

Your strong points in romantic relationship are

Venus in Virgo neat and tidy
  • Promptly
  • And tidily in whatever you do *even in the bed XD*
  • Strong mind
  • A little “clever”
  • Read-> understand-> empathy easily

Besides Taurus, Venus is the ruler of Libra

When Venus enters Libra, the Goddess grants you an intelligence, an grace, and a unique beauty. She also donates a gift for you. Your talent is in the relationship. You are very smart in the relationship but smart in an ethical way.

You like to give first before receiving. As you give, you expect to receive even just a little in return. If the returning doesn’t good enough under your point of view, you will use your intelligence to balance the relationship. You still do the same if you are the first one who receives.

You don’t need to put much effort to achieve that because you just express the rightness and the wrong. As people include your partner listen to you, they easily listen to you. They also find it’s very comfortable when they are beside you because you say the right thing at the right place at the right moment as well.

Venus in Libra give and take

Your potential partner’s requirements are someone can do the same as you: giving – receiving. You also look for the durable in the relationship.

When Venus enters Scorpion, she makes you super sexy!!!

Venus in Scorpion super sexy

In another saying, Venus builds your body for seduce like her. If you are male, you can proud of yourself that your sexiness is equal with the James Bond level.

You are so good in the maintenance your mysteries! Your best performance stage is in bed. Your passion is high. Sometimes, it climbs up so high that it turns into the jealousy. Therefore, you could turn into the hater.

Even you are hungry in bed like that, your expectation for the potential partner is the opposite. You look for someone having a strong mindset.

Venus in Sagittarius gives you unusual taste

In love battlefield, you still have your own philosophy because every relationship is a unique adventure. You hungry for knowledge included the love experiences. You might seek some “special” experiences in relationship. Therefore, you would end up to marry a foreigner.

Venus in Sagittarius marriage foreigner

You are friendly. Sometimes you flirt with your own opposite-sex friends right in your network. However, they might not take it seriously because they have been known you are straightforward, light-heart, funny.

You are also open enough to talk about the relationship. You expect your partner to respect some freedom when both of you are in the relationships. Relationship with someone has Venus in Sagittarius is “open-relationship”

Aigoo~ Capricorn ladies ah` Gne still likes you when Venus visits your Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Love for Capricorn

Hehe Gne sorries in advance because until now, Gne still likes Capricorn ladies. Gne meets some Capricorn ladies around my ages or younger. Therefore, Gne thinks it would be not the matter to you when Venus visits your Zodiac Sign because you would not believe in Astrology anyway.

You are very down-to-earth and very realistic-> You are serious both in your job carrier and the love life. However, you would choose one to focus at the moment. If you set the goal to have financial independent, you would build up an invisible wall.

This invisible wall has multi-purposes:

  • This is your own barrier for other people
  • This also is the shield protecting yourself from being hurt by someone else.
  • This invisible wall has the role of a reminder. It reminds yourself to focus on your realistic goals. It reminds yourself to control your internal emotions and feelings.
  • Therefore, at outside, you appear as a cold head, but they don’t know inside you is a warm heart – the hidden desires for love and be loved.
  • And one more darkest secret haha Comparing to Scorpion, your sex drive would be equal or more. Never less than Scorpion for sure!!!

If you are ambitious to build two things , carrier and love life, your requirements are usually high.

You will look a partner who:

  • has the potential growth with you both in financial status and romantic relationship
  • is loyal
  • is trustful
  • is honest
  • is stable
  • respect you and your own family before commit to create a new family with that partner.
  • is mature enough in the mindset and other aspects
  • has at least some common goals with you and ready to work with you in order to achieve them.
  • has more life experiences and job-related experiences as well

As result of your high requirements, it takes a long time to find a potential partner. Even that partner is just potential, you still process in cautions.

And then, once you are sure about that partner is good enough for you, now you would act like Cancer. You would do anything to make your partner happy and maintain the love.

Venus in Aquarius makes you stand out the crowds

You are calm, discipline but you are friendly enough. People also like you because they notice you are selfless. That isn’t your true side.

Venus in Aquarius unique

When you find love, it’s also the time for you to stand out of the common road. You would express your love in a different way. Even it considers as “weird” under public view. However, that makes the relationship colorful, “living” and never boring.

You might end up in the love triangle or more because one partner might not have all qualities you look for.

You expect your partner -> first has a wide length interest as you-> and then, the partner mind should be strong enough to join with you for doing your “unique love” XD because you will be wild and weird at the same time in the bed.

The main concept relationship for Venus in Aquarius is “the very unique only one”. It doesn’t have the second !?@#!

Pisces dreams about Venus

For decor Pisces dream about romantic love.

Venus in Pisces romantic love

Without Venus help, Pisces is a dreamy person already. And now with Venus in Pisces, they color the love life with pink color at first-> and then change into a different color 🙂 included those colors you can not see by yourself-> next, slowly try out all the romantic things Pisces can imagine.

Until that point, Venus in Pisces expect you to share an invisible connection with her or him. They seek an intelligent bond connection when they are in relationship.

In normal, Venus in Pisces has the tendency. They might appear as a weak person. Yes, they are weak at that moment. And no in the future because Venus in Pisces has their own limitation. If you get over their limitation, they will stay strong to protect what they believe.

People, who have Venus in Pisces, are smart. They understand other people situations. They add their own emotions and feelings; therefore, they can see what inside your soul. They also are smart when they can get out of themselves and put it into your shoes. And then, they will help you much as they can.

They can see what other people don’t see at you. Once Venus in Pisces fall in love with you, they will love you a whole of you. They will embrace all flaws as well as your strong.

Even it is the Venus in Pisces strong point but they are the most pity people when you don’t cherish their love. If they feel their love is taken grant, they might be stupid and stand in the relationship in the silence.

In summary,

As Venus in Signs, she contributes a few things to each one. Nevertheless, Venus principal indicates what personalities you are attracted to. It also retrieves what are your core attraction to other people.

If we only look at the Venus sign for the love relationship, we will miss out and misunderstand a lot of things. Astrologers will inspect other aspects before give you the final vision of your love life.

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