Comparing with Arian Women who is a short-temper, Taurean Woman has a lot difference things.

Arian Women might naive but Taurean is very “down-to-earth”

Was born in the period when the Sun enters the Taurus Zodiac Sign, all Taurus women inherit the Earth quality. It means she emphasis about the money a lot. It’s not necessary that she has a wealthy family background or she has a broken family, Money is the main her concern.

That is the first thing you need to know and accept about Taurus woman. Gne means it because Gne has a Taurus mom.

Hmm…Gne would say my family financial status is “average” since all four family members go to work. Before when we still live in my home country, only my mom and my dad go to work. 🙂 Back then, Gne doesn’t old enough for working as a minor.

However, with my parent’s jobs in Viet Nam, our family is just “an average”.

My mom former job is a bookkeeper for an individual company for more than 10 years. My mom just quits that company because of US immigration. As you can guess, the job involves a lot with money. That’s a strong field for almost Taureans since it is a natural gift from Mother Nature.

geometry math

Taureans woman might weak in math academy school, but when we use the money as a tool teaching about math-> You would discover Taurus talent. They are slow to remember the number, forget sometimes the math equations, but they are good in dueling with money.

The bookkeeper is one ideal job for Taurans women. Another job would bring the comfortable to Taurus woman is in the bank. They could be the bank representatives at the counter for help people to deposit/withdraw, etc.

The bank environment gives Taurus Woman a secured feeling while her money is saved. And also money belongs to others. Taureans favorite job would be counting money. Well, it’s a myth since it’s the behind job in the bank. You would surprise how fast a person counts the money. Gne doesn’t know if the winner is Taurus woman or not 🙂

One more job would fit Taurus talent is investigator. They easily to determine what is your gain or you have been lost. They also can give you some advice for making money.

Therefore, if you have some problem about finance or services related, find an Taurus Woman. She would be happy to help you out. Of course, she expects you would give an affordable amount for her time.

What if you can not afford to ask Taurus woman help with your finance?

There is one more way to pay for Taurus services. The best way to pay her is money. If you can not afford enough amount, then use some gourmets.

That is the best choice after the money. The first place in the Taurus Woman dictionary is the money. The second place is all delicious gourmet around the world.

It means you need to know about Taurus taste…Well…Gne doesn’t know since the taste is varied from culture to culture. Therefore, the best way when you pay Taurus service is buying some food that can satisfy her stomach.

It’s easy to say but being aware about how much gourmet dish that can satisfy Taurus taste!!!

Some Taurus young ladies can eat a lot!!! Do you know the type of women that her body is still in fit even she eats a lot? Taurus young lady body is built for that purpose: eat all delicious gourmet in her town, her city, her country and in the world.

Here is one example from a Chinese young lady. Her Pinyin name is Yu Duo Duo. She can eat 20 times compared with other girls. Well, In Japan, we have some monster girls like that too.

Therefore, Please aware of Taurus young ladies capacity. Some of them can eat the whole world without getting fat. And the bill for what she eats…. What is your estimate for each time she eats like that? haha, It could be more expensive than you expected XD

Note: she eats like that in regular daily basic!!!

That also is the purpose of her making money. Taurus young ladies love to make money. When she has enough money, she would not spend on make-up, fancy clothes or anything EXCEPT FOOD.

The first motto of Taurus Woman is the possession about her money.

The second one is they are born to eat all delicious gourmet.

Not every food in the world can satisfy Taurus tongue because Taurus Woman cherishes the traditional. Taurus Woman would stick to her homeland food culture. Young Taurans ladies would urge to try more international gourmet such as street food in Bangkok, or the food inside the 7 Eleven stores in Thailand, or Gyoza of Japan and so on.

Here is a video about some food in China.

:3 special those cakes wow 😛 so yummy and look delicious!!! Gne doesn’t know where we can buy that cake with all fluffy, watering top like that in the USA

There is an irony that Taurus woman loves to eat all gourmet, but her culinary skill…. -.-

Even through my mom still loves to eat Vietnamese foods, but my mom…. can not cook well -.-

My mom uses her salary to ask one of my aunts to help the cooking part. It likes “help relative”. In realistic saying, my mom asks one of my aunts to help my mom cooking. Every week, my mom will “help” my aunt with some money. That money is for meals, food, rice, and other things served for cooking. And then, my aunt will go grocery shopping, supermarket shopping-> and then cooking dishes for my family members daily meals.

frying egg

Fast forward until 13-years-old, Gne starts to learn cooking from my aunt. Since then until now, my culinary skill is better than my mom :3 Gne doesn’t know it’s a good new or not but sometimes, Gne is jealous with other peeks because they have their mom cooking for them. And Gne -.- needs to cook by myself.

Till my little sister is a little girl, Gne is the one who often cooks a meal for my little sister than my mom -.- Next, when my little sister grows older, it’s Gne who supervise her to fry chicken egg-> guide my little sister to make some simple dish later.

Just the cooking part only. About the housekeeping -.- my mom says it’s better my family do it by ourselves.

Tauran women will be very very patient until she reaches her secured feeling

The norm “secure” depends on individual perspective. For Taurus woman, she feels secure when she has enough money to her loved one.

For example as my mom. As Gne shares above, my mom Sun Sign is Taurus. Gne doesn’t know about her period time before Gne is born. Until the age when Gne can remember, Gne notices that my mom is busy working. My mom would be tired after working as a bookkeeper for a day. Of course, that private company owner pays my mom salary well enough. (Well, everything has the price.)

It leads to a result that my mom doesn’t have more energy to cook for me. My mom usually gives me some small cash. Around 10-years-old, my mom starts to give a lump sum of money. My mom states that money is for breakfast for a whole week.

And my mom also provide Gne the school tuition and the fee for after-school-tutor-class.

That’s my mom definition of “taking care”. However, that definition doesn’t meet mine -.-

As result of that, one special thing you might feel annoying: Taurus woman is very “sloppy” in expression love and emotion.

Honestly, Gne thinks it’s Gne who feels annoying about that. Hmm…not really, my little sister sometimes has argument with my mom as well, so it’s so my own subjective Gne guess 🙂

To Gne, taking care of someone is love expression. It’s not just simply to provide material. Gne talks about taking care of physical and mental as well. Gne does have a few days of taking care of my grandfather when he is in the hospital and in the nursing house before.

Gne takes care of my grandfather by helping him eat, drink water, drink grape juice, drink chocolate milk sometimes, get clothes changed, dry shower with wet wipes, help him pee and the second business too.


My grandfather has a stroke and his left arm barely can move. His left arm is very sensitive. It means the normal custodial activities would be different.

And Gne is proud of me that only Gne and one aunt-in-law have the minimum complaints from grandfather when relatives take the turn to take care of him.

Therefore, when Taurus woman gives you money and takes care of the fee, the school tuition or some material things, she is telling that she loves you.

For young Taurus ladies, -.- it will be hard if you can receive her love.

Because Taurus woman is a traditional type and caution in a relationship

Even young Taurus woman is “sloppy” of love expression, but she values and cherishes the quality of the relationship. She would choose a few good friends rather than a big network. As the friendship is formed, Taurus woman still remembers you even it’s 20 years gap losing contact.

And how Taurus woman behaves when she falls in love?

Well, that would be an entire different topic 🙂

If you are Taurus, Happy your birthday!

Happy birthday fruit bouquet

If your Sun Sign is different, can you share your experience interacting with Taurus Women?

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