Ladies, with 4 billion adults in this world (and the young generation are grown up as days by days), it’s hard to tell who is your Mr. Right in the crowd. Besides, your family, all relationship (included your friendship) starts as a stranger. If you want to experience the fun part of love, then Gemini man is the first choice. He doesn’t only make you smile, but also he will teach you the dark side of love later on. Do you prepare good enough for a Gemini man love?

Before starting the love relationship with Gemini Man

How to spot and identify a Gemini Man

We all attract to handsome man and beautiful looking woman. It’s natural when you have a crush on a handsome man. if so, take a closer look to his appearance. Purpose: check if he is a Gemini Man.

  • Starting with hair: A Gemini hair color usually a light color comparing with the original color from others-> it’s usually light brown, light dark. If he’s native American, you might fall in love with his hair since his hair color similar to the Sunlight color. (light yellow nearly white)
  • Go down a little bit with the forehead: a Gemini man has a high and deep forehead-> It tells you he has certain intelligence higher than other men, right?
  • His ears are a little narrow and stay close to the head.
  • Gemini man sometimes could make you envy with his dark, thin, long eyelashes because that is his Mother nature gift 🙂 Even his biologic mother doesn’t have beautiful eyelashes, but he has it, simply because at the time he was born, the Sun enters Gemini Zodiac Sign.
  • When you look at Gemini man eyes, you will find it attractively too. The color is not too dark. if you can look deeper in his eyes, you would find a small light like a small bolide pass by our galaxy.
  • His nose would be straight and a little move forward-> if you change the view with a different angle, you might find Gemini man nose has something similar to Pinocchio nose 🙂
  • In most case, Gemini man has a thin lips-> for some Gemini men, the upper lip would be thinner than the lower lips. However, his mouth could be wide enough to eat a whole McDonald cheeseburger with one single bite…
  • The second facial part to recognize Gemini man is his jaw-> the line often is pointed out.
  • The overall body shape is slim and short-> it keeps the weight as the medium size.
  • The third special body part of Gemini Man is his arms. If you observe all Gemini men celebrities, do you notice their arms are thinner than other men? If you could measure their arms, the result would surprise you!
  • If you have a chance to shake Gemini man hands, their longer-than-normal fingers would make you think about him for a while.

6 Good things about Gemini Man

  1. Gemini Man physical plus facial class as a handsome man

That is the short summary for all physical attraction of Gemini man above-> As the first time you notice about Gemini man, you would experience the first-sigh-love because he is handsome! Affirmation. No need further explanation for his good looking.

2. Gemini man biggest asset is the smile

Gemini man biggest asset is smile

Almost Gemini Man appears as a happy person. You would find the smile always take place on his lips. When he’s excited, his smile would grow bigger. Bigger to show off his white and well-formed teeth. (Don’t mistake he goes to the dentist to correction teeth order. Mercury planet offers that gift to him)

Gemini man sometimes is known as the bank of smile. Don’t take it for grant because he choose whom he donates his smile with friendly meaning. He also sets up the time for it.

3. And when Gemini man starts to talk with you,

You would have the first experience of Angel voice. Gemini is gifted with a light voice and the high-pitched tone. He also is genius with language. His expertise express through his speech and written form. Some Gemini man has the second foreign language (maybe more than two languages If he really takes advantage of his gift language)

4. When you get closer, you will see his natural skin looks younger.

As you talk more with him, you will know his actually age is older than his look. He keeps his adolescent appearance through years and his face stays young because of his childish thinking. (this could be the secret of staying young forever)

5. As you talk more with him,

you will surprise about his intelligence. He seems to know many aspects, and subjects. You can feel the excited atmosphere when he talks about the breaking new of the day or when he shares about the up-to-date-issue he just learns.

6. During the conversation with you, sometimes Gemini man is busy talking with others by phone or sending SMS

Gemini man is a social person. He likes to make new friends. His network keeps growing like the infinite numbers. -> in short, he’s outgoing, extrovert. He is “living” for the present.

During the love relationship with him

How Gemini Man makes you a better lover

  1. Smile

Gemini man’s smile always is there on his lips. However, you need to sensitive enough to understand what is that smile means. It could be just normal polite smile for a stranger. It could be a light smile when it’s a little funny. It could be a big smile when things are excited to him. Sometimes, his smile is the face cover of his fear, his concern. If you get along enough with Gemini man, there will be a time you notice his smile means the awareness and warning sign.

No matter what kind of meaning, If Gemini man likes you already, he will spend his time and effort to make you smile daily. To you, you might see he puts his efforts to make you smile and happy. You would appreciate what he does.

Actually, on his side, it doesn’t consume a lot of his effort because it’s his nature. It’s his instinct. He might do it unconsciously or intentionally.

How about you? After receiving his donation, what you would do in the return?

Thank you? too common

Kiss on his cheek? too obvious

Giving a small gift? okay, 😛 a little exciting, but what kind of small gift you can offer? Money? coupon? or different date? None of them?

A hug? Hmmm…should be enough for me – that is one idea inside Gemini man

sometimes, gemini man likes to hug

Tip 1: you need to get out of the box and give him a little surprise. If your action is one of many options he drew in his mind before, then Gemini man would not see you again because you are bored, easy to predict.

Tip 2: reply back with flirting ideas. Do you remember Gemini man is a genius of language? If you play the word game with him, it would make him happy.

How he can make you a better lover? -> by making yourself more interesting

2. Creative

This one is just the consequences of the first one. -> Gemini represents a situation for you to be creative-> think about new ideas-> make life more exciting.

It means, during the dating stage, it won’t have any rules. If you keep insisting to find a rule, He would set the only rule: no rule.

By the way, the love relationship to Gemini man is a game. His natural quality is Air-> Gemini man treats everything lightly. He lacks some seriousness at the dating stage. When he knows both of you are in the dating stage, it means the flirting time for him. He will enjoy how good his flirting skill is. He’s also curious about do you know how to flirt? If you know how, then what style, what kind of flirt you can do?

It doesn’t matter how many times he flirts, being varied is the matter to him. Gemini man has a wide range of interest. Making life more fun is important.

3. Teaching you about caring

As you can feel, Gemini man knows a lot of things, many aspects -> therefore, he cares all what is interesting to him. His list has you inside or not-> it depends on your natural caring quality.

Gemini man has the youngful appearance. He also has a childish mind-> it means, he looks for someone can take care of him. (It sounds like you will take dual role in the relationship, right? a lover and a second mother at the same time 🙂 )

Gemini “dark-side” will make your hair stand on end

All everything you have read above is just one side of Gemini. Gemini in Greek means twin. -> it means you have know about the normal twin-> There is the second twin who is right inside Gemini soul. That twin never separate with normal Gemini.

If you have meet all normal Gemini standard, and you stay with him a few month dating already, now you would touch the dark side of Gemini-> it’s just his twin 🙂

As normal twin with separate body, separate mind, Gemini twin – dark side – has it own characteristics.

However, you would not love his twin-right-inside his soul at the first time. His Gemini twin gives you a test about your patience and your tolerance.

  1. The first his Gemini twin trait is distraction

The normal Gemini knows a lot of aspects, but his Gemini twin doesn’t interested to dig deeper each issue. Normal Gemini loves all current news and up-to-date things. His Gemini twin is easy to get bored, and quickly find the more interesting things to learn after obtaining two basics. The Gemini twin soul only cares about two opposites sides of an issue. -> it’s normal Gemini who develops more which based on what Gemini Twin learning.

For example Gemini twin soul stimulation when he learns a new issue:

  • He will find the right thing and the wrong
  • Black area and white
  • Evil and Good
  • Kill and save
  • Victim and Victor
  • Confidence and Insecurity
  • Praise and Insult

The Gemini twin follows multiple goal-> keep a busy mind. Sometimes, both Gemini souls inside Gemini man completely ignore you for a few weeks without contact.

2. When the Gemini twin soul decides to lie, he will make sure it will appear as the “second truth”.

This could be the darkest side of the Gemini Twin soul. He is a “perfect asshole lover”. When the Gemini twin soul tells a liar, you couldn’t distinguish what is the truth or a liar. He would provide you the facts as much as it needs to turn it into the “truth”. Actually, it’s “second truth”! His action, his lip’s movement, his body language, his heartbeat, his breath, his eye movement, everything matches with his liar.

When you see his behavior changes-> it’s his Gemini Twin soul comes out and take control of the body. Your normal sweet Gemini is taking a rest inside. His Gemini Twin speech cover would be he wants to try something new.

The Gemini Twin soul is setting a sweet bait and trap for you to jump in. His language would give you a hint. It’s the dead end, but he would do extra to make sure you volunteer to go for it.

The Gemini Twin soul is playful. He’s ready to play and hurt you in order to be fun. If you spend more time with the Gemini Twin soul, you would lose more. You would lose your smile, your heart, your temper, your self-confidence, your self-esteem, and so on.

That is completely an awful feeling. Normal Gemini boots you into the sky. His Gemini Twin soul pushes you down to the hell.

3. However, the Gemini Twin soul has a breakthrough point.

That is the very thin line between like [or flirt] and completely fall in love.

Both Gemini souls NEVER easily confess [their] true feeling.

Once normal Gemini admits he loves you, the Gemini Twin soul interferes. The reason for Gemini Twin soul for the hold: it’s opposite with the self-image. When it reflects as a mirror, confession about his love to you considers as a weakness.

If the Gemini Twin soul decides to release the hold, he asks SINCERELY your responsibility.

As you reach the breakthrough point between two Gemini souls, you have to decide: flight or fight

After a while…flight or fight -.-


After you make the choice between flight or fight, you need to help Gemini man to decide it. With Twin soul in one body, each has their own choice. -> You need to skim Gemini who has the same answer with you out and help him to take control of the body.

if you can’t do it, both Gemini twin soul would like to choose flight. Once both of them choose flight, they still set up a fight as a reason for break up with you. Or they just go out and flirt a new lady without telling you.

Gemini man will set up a situation. It will look normal, but it’s dangerous. He might ask for your help.

First scenario: if you don’t be helpful enough to him, he will start a fight.

Gemini Man will question you about everything. You couldn’t reply him. He will be more aggressive. He will push the debate until the peek point-> at there, he announces his choice: flight

Gemini will fly to more interesting lady

Once his announcement comes out an official from his mouth, he will insist to do the actions. He might give you a brief reason: you are not fun (or interesting) anymore.

Second scenario: With your own intelligence, you can reply all Gemini man throw on you. You also can make it clear enough for him to know you are willing to take the responsibility of love. You are willing to do anything for him because you love him.

And then, you should not stop there. You should add a little bit like I know you are special. You are a great lover. You have been made me smile. You ask me to do XXX (fill out whatever his request) for you. I will try my best to do as you said. However, I expect you to do something in return as well.

Until now, make your request-> negotiate with him. -> slowly close with a compromise.

Remember: Gemini man is a great lover. He isn’t a good choice for being your husband position. He can get married, live with you. He can loyal with you. He can take good care of children because of his childish mind. He can spend some times with you. He can manage his money and offer his contribution to you.

However, for Gemini man, all of that has limited time offer. Before he finds someone or something more interesting than you.

Why Gemini Man love relationship will change your life

With two scenarios above, you can guess what are their results, right?

It’s obvious one side is the road to the black hole and lose all yourself after the break up.

Another side is the elevator to heaven. (I’m sorry but this path doesn’t guarantee you always are in heaven. For Gemini man, he can stay with you as long as he sees some interesting on you. How long it could be? I know for sure “forever” is not in Gemini dictionary)

One example is a real story in Quora platform. I can not find the original Q&A, but I remember the story plot.

In summary, the narrator is a middle age lady. She shares about his ex-husband. She summaries the dating stage and flash forward to the unofficial marriage. You know in our USA, a lot of married couple doesn’t register official in the court.

She and her ex-husband manage somehow to decide to live together. At first, the marriage life is normal. When she is pregnant his first child, things start to change.

Around the 6th month of pregnancy, she finds out he has some cheating signs. She decides to investigate-> she is right. He is cheating with one of his co-worker. They also have slept together.

The wife tries to stand on it because she is carrying the child for 6th months already. She does have a serious conversation with her ex-husband (at the time, they are still husband and wife).

When the argument reaches the peek, the ex-husband gives the reason: “you are not fun anymore”. He doesn’t stop there. He keeps complaining about everything. He crashes the wife self-esteem.

At the end of story, the narrator confirms her ex-husband loves the fun part only. He love to flirting, and he chooses to chase on the fun part.

To me, it sounds the ex-husband is a Gemini man. What do you think?

You want more example?-> Google about the love life of USA current president Donald Trump and Johnny Depp actor-> you will surprise how many [unofficial and official] lovers they have.

Overall, what everyone says about Gemini Man Love Relationship

  • Gemini man is a great love
  • He is good at flirting and he makes sure you enjoy it
  • It’s hard for Gemini man to commit to the marriage because he needs some “space”
  • He is the devil who descendant from heaven
  • He would be the first person arrived at the exciting place.
  • He’s also a great communicator for sure

Some tips for “after” stage if you want him to stay: (main target area is the communication)

  • Talking with him as it needs. Even the situation doesn’t need, insist to talk-> actually make him talk-> ask his opinion about this issue
  • Boost your humor sense
  • Learn more about flirting saying, actions
  • When both of you go out the public, keep him nearby-> don’t keep him too close-> he needs some spaces-> minimize his connection with other girls-> If he sees an interesting lady on the street, he doesn’t pay attention to your presence. He will go with his free will and chase on the new interesting.
  • He usually changes -> so you need to prepare yourself for the good and the bad surprise at the same time. The surprise is always there, but Gemini chooses what, when, why, who, where and how.
  • Pay more attention to him-> you need to be sensitive enough to feel his inside concerns
  • Sometimes, you need to help to arrive with the final decision.
  • And the last, accept the fact: Gemini man is a great lover only.

If you ask me to summary all you have read, I would say:” All you have read and know above are the characteristics, love behaviors of the Sun Sign Gemini man. When he falls in love, we need to examine other factors (his Moon Sign, his Venus planet, his Mars, and the special chart of both of you) in his personal chart.”

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