When the human knows the quantity of the time?

As a simple fact, the normal calendar has traced by the Sun planet. When our Earth spins completely one circle around the Sun, we enter one new year (Just like 15 days ago). A normal year has 365 days, but for Scientists, they put more detail as 365 days and 6 hours. Therefore, after 4 years, we have one special year which contains 366 days.

With the same dimension, one day has 24 hours. That is the amount for our Earth self-orbits one circle. That is a fact, unchangeable.

However, do you ever hear about the quality of the time?

Sound abnormal and weird, right? 🙂

It’s not, when we compare with the old generation before the BCE ( Before Common Era) and BC (Before Christ’s born) years.

Back then, the ancient human traced the Sky, the Universe. They didn’t know about the galaxy yet.

sky - universe

They are able to record those facts for the next generations. That’s the original, core idea which gave born the Astrology and the Astronomy.

A few Astrology definition from others

Astrology: The study of movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means of divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events.

According to Wikipedia

Astrology: The divination of the supposed influences of the stars and planets on human affairs and terrestrial events by their positions and aspects

By Merriam Webster dictionary

Astrology: The ancient practice of studying the movements and positions of the sun, moon, planets, and stars in the belief that they influence human behavior

Quoted from Cambridge Dictionary

Astrology: The study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.

Oxford Dictionary stated it

Astrology’s definition from my main source

The term is a compound of the Greek words astron (star) and logos (wisdom). Astrology is thus described as a system that perceives a deeper meaning in the movement of the celestial bodies which is related to humans and events on this planet. 

A connection is made between planetary movements and events in a particular location and their subsequent unfolding at particular times. The horoscope serves as the basis for these calculations, and because a horoscope is always calculated for a specific location, astrology works with the geocentric model.

Astro Wiki

Astrology is an art.

Liz Greene – one of today’s best known astrologers

Astrology can break down into the simple definition. Astrology and Astronomy, in the ancient time, both are the observation of the sky. Our ancient human spends a couple thousand years to look at the stars, the planets, the Sun, the Moon, the Comets, etc.

However, Astrology is still slightly different with Astronomy because of one more task: interpretation.

Astronomy observes and takes the objective from the celestials, the phenomena like a fact of the Moon. The Moon phases have about 28 days. As we see from our Earth, we see the Moon starts from New Moon -> Waxing Crescent-> First Quater -> Waxing Gibbous -> Full Moon. Then, the phases circle.

lunar phases

As the Moon phases occur, the ocean waves is changing.-> this is a fact that human observes

Astrology is another saying, just the human language for the movement of the universe, the galaxy, the cosmos, etc.

Take the same example with the Moon. To some astrologers, as they see the Moon phases, they believe the Moon has some effects on the human life.

Another example, the foreign language interpreter who translates one language into another language with a similar idea. Gne knows a little bit about translation because Gne did a study at the University in my home country. Gne studied the core idea, the system of translation from French into English or French into Vietnamese. When the interpreter hears/see the word from the original language, he/she first searches the definition in that language-> then using the bilanguage dictionary for finding the best suitable meanings (we need to look at the context as well)-> and based on that interpreter’s vocabulary, the translations will be varied.


As we do that action – interpretation , The Astrology still needs the Astronomy – which is the scientific study the celestial objects and phenomena. The Astronomy uses other sciences such as Physic, Statistic, Math, etc.

The Astronomy takes the foundation roles. The modern Astrology develops beyond it.

Because of it, Science didn’t accept the modern Astrology into any their scientific category, but placed the Astronomy into a sub-brand of Physic.

Now, Science still remains the idea. Science just makes a new category for the mordern Astrology as an independent system. Astrology still considers as a pseudoscience, which means a special belief that Science cannot explain. Still unclear? Here is a list of topics marked as a Pseudoscience.

To Gne, Astrology is

  • A tool like the compass. For travelers and some people, the compass is a necessary tool when they go out to the nature. As the cell phone’s development, your cell phone can act as a compass. Or in any Samsung Galaxy active version phone, they always has a compass in the “active zone” button. Therefore, Astrology is a mental, spirit compass.
  • Astrology also acts as a resource for Gne. As Gne shares in the post “About HWA – When” (you can click on the link to learn more detail), Astrology provides Gne the reasons for the breakup when Gne can’t ask directly to my first girlfriend -.-
  • Astrology helps Gne to understand better myself-> therefore, Gne can change some attitudes and some behaviors for becoming a better self-version.
  • Astrology helps Gne to understand a complete stranger quicker. It’s NOT just about the outlook, but some core information marked on the natal birth chart. Gne is pretty sure that as soon as Gne see the natal birth chart of that person, Gne can easily “know” he/she well enough. Does it sound like a Psychology? Or a fortune teller? Perhaps a Psychology – Astrology?
  • Astrology is just one kind of belief and philosophy, so don’t believe completely 100% to Astrology. That is what Gne learns after a few years interact to Horoscope With Astrology. The principal Astrology is always true since it’s the objective observation from the sky. Only human, astrologers who misinterpret. Is it called the individual point of view to the world? Sorry for my bad English…but Gne can give an example to support my point.

For example: There is a bolide passed by on the sky. What do you think in your brain, in your mind?

bolide star

For some people, they might think why it has a bolide on the sky? is that bolide real? Perhaps it’s just a crack, debris of a space shuttle’s explosion disaster outside our Earth?

For some people, as soon as they see the bolide 🙂 they make a wish right way.

For some people, the bolide symbols for the bad things upcoming.

Those are just the individual point of view to the outer world, to the nature.

Therefore, can you answer this question: what is Astrology mean to you? no matter you across this word before or not-> just share your idea 🙂

Thank you for your time and see you in the next post.

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