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Did you watch it? Gne is talking about the Total Eclipse Lunar 2019. Have you ever hear about it? No idea?

It’s occurred already since below Gne will share about it because the Total Eclipse Lunar 2019: Super Blood Moon is one great example for the difference between Astronomy and Astrology.

Let’s starting with Astrology definition

Since the moment Astrology was born until now, it has a few different definition, but the core idea is

The term is a compound of the Greek words astron (star) and logos (wisdom). Astrology is thus described as a system that perceives a deeper meaning in the movement of the celestial bodies which is related to humans and events on this planet. 

A connection is made between planetary movements and events in a particular location and their subsequent unfolding at particular times. The horoscope serves as the basis for these calculations, and because a horoscope is always calculated for a specific location, astrology works with the geocentric model.

Astro Wiki

And then Astronomy definition

Astronomy is the science of celestial bodies or cosmic matter.

This understanding is based on observation of the cosmos and measurement of radiation which is then assessed according to the laws of physics and chemistry

Astrophysics, which attempts to gain a more accurate picture of cosmic events, has developed as a specialised branch of astronomy.

Astro Wiki

The difference between them lies on the timeline

The time both Astronomy and Astrology were born: about 2500 BCE

The birth place: Mesopotamia

Who invented: Sumerians and Babylonians

In the ancient time, Astronomy and Astrology co-existed together. Like a twin.

With the belief, those planets are the GODs and their orbits ( at the time, they still don’t have the language like now. They use the pictograph for illustrations and records ) symbol the GOD’s will, the Sumerians and Babylonians can make some prediction about the natural disasters and the civilization affairs.

At 6th century BCE, a simple form of Horoscopes was formed by Babylonians. With their counting number system back then, (which is based on 60), they divided equally: 12 signs with 30-degrees for each. It’s 360 degree in total. And this Horoscope system is remaining until now.

In other civilisations like Egypt and China, their own Astrology system complements the quality of time.

Another side when ancient Astronomy-Astrology spread to Greece, the Greek mathematicians discovered about our Earth’s Precession. (the Earth Precession is a change in the orientation of the rotational axis when the Earth orbits) -> This discovery put the foundation for astrological house systems and 4 elements ( Air, Earth, Fire, Water )

Since 410 BCE, Astrologers at the same time as Astronomers, they started to read individual Horoscope and interpreted for help the Kings on the state affairs.

And the golden-time for Astrology was the Roman Empire. The priests preferred to use Astrology more than Astronomy. The Astrology was so popular that the Astrologers/Astronomers and some Priests can read individual Horoscope at the street fairs.

During the golden-time, Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler reached a breakdown

  • Discovery of planetary laws
  • The improvement mathematical techniques for calculating the system of astrological houses
  • The systematic development of scientific laws

As it was recorded, Astronomers still worked side by side with Astrologers.

The turning point was 17th century AD.

With the new discoveries in Science, Astronomers noticed their works increasing the accuracy. They can use the pure physical term from Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, etc.. to describe, explain the Cosmos, the Planets, The Galaxy,etc.

Between 17th century and 18th century AD, Astronomy started to distingues with Astrology as one Science’s branches. While Astronomy was increasing in the reputation, Astrology lost public’s interests.

Since then til now, Astronomy keeps follow their own path, so Astrology does.

However, the relationship between Astronomy and Astrology is still there. Like two side of the coins.

The Astronomy is the picture side since it observes the celestials, the Cosmos, the Galaxies and phenomena. Astronomers also try to discover and explain more. It remains objectives. Science class Astronomy into Natural Science category and for the galaxy discoveries, it’s Astro-Space discipline.

Astrology is the word side of the coin. Astrologers observe some astronomical events to interpret the planets movements, the astrological aspects since they still believe that the planets still have some invisible effect to the human life on Earth. Therefore, Astrology remains a Pseudoscience under the Science term.

Astronomy is the foundation for Astrology develops beyond.

By using the Total Eclipse Lunar 2019 as an example for contrasting the difference 

Total Lunar Eclipse on January 2018
taken by cell phone 🙂

The photo/picture above is a prof for the Total Lunar Eclipse in January 2018, last year. Honestly, this picture wasn’t taken by Gne. It belongs to someone else who …. was close to Gne TT.TT It’s not a final product of PhotoShop. It’s taken by a normal human cell phone.

The credit belongs to that person as well. Therefore, DON’T DO ANY SUSPICIOUS ACTIONS such as right click, save image as, blah blah…

Gne is serious on it since it will involve into the lawsuit, and Gne lets you know in advance that Gne is ready and willing to go to the court or even international court or any further actions to defend the copyright of the picture above for that person. The picture stays as a souvenir, a good memory. If the circumstance push, Gne fights back because the photo/picture copyright has belonged to that person. Gne will prove it by law.

If you have stolen something, you receive the Law punishment. Even the human Law cannot do, then do you ever think about the Nature Law that human still can’t explain?

One of Nature Law is the Karmar or the cause – consequence Natural Law. Under Science point of view, The third Law of Isaac Newton is the representation.

If you commit into the bad things and criminal, you get it. You will receive the equal result with your intention and your actions. It will be a matter of the quantity of time.

Soon or late.

The consequences will come to you no matter what if you commit to the bad things and criminal. Do you know what? our Human can push that natural Law happens earlier than it should be or need to be.

If you do good things, positive energy will come back to you and small happiness go long with it.

And about that person… Gne will share with you in the blog section since right now Gne isn’t ready for it.

Sorry for the momentary “raising voice”, but it’s important!

If you want to have one, below is one example. The picture/photo below is free to use. Gne did download from Pixabay and reupload it here. And it’s display under the Astronomy Science view.

Free image about Total Blue Lunar Eclipse happened in January 2018.

Those two pictures/photos above are about the previous Total Lunar Eclipse. And below are the series of the newest Total Lunar Eclipse 2019 with a Super Moon.

This picture/photo was taken on January 20th, 2019 at 6:41 PM night (PCT time by the way). The time was taken a few minutes after the event started. It was the first phases: Penumbral Eclipse when the moon was moving to the Earth’s umbrella.

This one was taken at 7:40 PM night when the event moved into the second phases: Partial Eclipse. Sorry that Gne shooted where the clouds was covered the Moon >.< Gne felt sorry for myself too….

This one was taken on 8:13 PM when the event was still at the second phase 🙂 This picture/photo is a little better than previous 😛

And this was taken at 8:56 PM where the event moved into the next phase: Full Eclipse.

As you can see, (not very clear since Gne shot by my cell phone, so the quality is not very good TT.TT), the Moon is partially embraced by cloud, but we see it’s definitely not the white color anymore. It changed! It converted into the reddish color. The reason for the reddish color is because of our Earth atmosphere – according to NASA scientists -.-

A few minutes later, Gne noticed the other two stars line up with the moon and our Earth with different angles. How I can say so? Well, since it’s Total Eclipse-> it means The Sun, our Earth and the Moon are converged in one line. However, those stars , which Gne pointed in the photo, are normal stars. They are brilliants with the naked eyes XD not in this picture.

This one is when the Moon reached the Maximum Eclipse. The reddish color covered all the moon.

;49:41 PM was the time that NASA said the Full Eclipse period ends. This picture was shot at 9:43 PM.

Shot at 10 PM o’clock, the Moon went back to the Partial Eclipse.

After 10 PM o’clock, Gne went to pick up my little sister so Gne didn’t any more picture after that.

As you can see, the Moon’s process is not very clear, but we can notice the changing color. (the Moon is sometimes covered by clouds -.- ). Did the reddish-orange color give you any feelings?

If you can live to stream, it would give us into the different time frame since the total amount of time for the whole event is more than 5 hours long. It likes the timeframe is compressed. The time is slow down as we observe the Total Lunar Eclipse 2019.

And this YouTube video is the live stream the event. The video was record at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, California, USA. It’s total more than 6 hours long from the beginning until the end.

And that is the Astronomy.

Total Lunar Eclipse 2019 with a Super Moon is just one astronomical event that we can observe with the naked eyes. And Astronomy remains objective like that. If we go a little deeper, we will the touch the Science part of Astronomy which means Astronomers and those NASA people (it’s scientists in short) explain about the event. They give the description, explain details what, when, where, why, how.

However, to Astrologers, it’s a different story. Astrologers do one more action: interpretation.

To Astrologers, this event Total Lunar Eclipse is just one special Full Moon phases.

At the time when Total Lunar Eclipse 2019 was occurring, The Sun is opposite with the Moon, and they are in one straight line. Do you know that formed in one line is not easy in the Universe? Since it’s not the 3D world out there even it has some gravity-> those are from Science Astro – Physic and a little Math 🙂

The Sun is 00 degrees 52 minutes in Aquarius.

The Moon is also 00 degrees 52 minutes, but in Leo.

The fact – Sun is opposite with Moon – is an astrological aspect. It means something that significant “great change” . The Full Moon phases mean something reaches the dead-end. It also symbols for a new circle begin. The sign Leo gives great energy for the change. Gne doesn’t go to detail here. We are learning some basic and general knowledge here. We will dig deeper into the future.

According to Astronomy, this event also has their own natal birth chart. The astrological term is mundane astrology.

Individual astrology and Mundane astrology are two main and very basic Astrological branch since it had existed from the ancient years BCE/BE.

Personal astrology – as the name implies – is concerned with the lives of individuals, whereas mundane astrology is concerned with certain areas, places and countries.

Astro Wiki

Short summary about the difference between Astronomy – Astrology in modern time.

In the simple words, Astronomy is a branch under Natural Science of a Big Science term. It observes -> try to explain-> and then discover more about the matters outside our Earth included those planets in our solar system, the Sun as a small true start of our galaxy, the bigger and farther galaxies besides us, the black holes, and many things that our human don’t know yet.

Astrology is the human interpretation art based on astronomical events. Even Gne uses the astronomical events, but it doesn’t mean all the matters. Astrology has their own systems and logical. Astrology has their own objective components which are related to Astronomy. We will learn about them later.

After the event…

Gne felt a little regret since it was not very clear as NASA said. Gne was observing by my own eyes, and with the cell phone camera. Even the camera has the zoom in function, but it’s never good as a telescope.

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