We continue with the combination of Cancer Sun with 12 Moon. In this part, we will do the rest 6 Zodiac.

Cancer Sun Libra Moon

This combination of Cancer Sun and Libra Moon is very interesting. It has the uniqueness. It’s more than Aquarius’s weird things.

First the Cancer Sun stands for the submission and the dependence. While Libra Moon significant for the independent and a little free dome (because Libra is an Air Sign).

Second, Cancer Sun is leaning to the closeness, the intimacy, the emotion and feelings. While Libra Moon is more open to the outer world, unique, separate, and sometimes reasoning.

Cancer Sun Libra Moon seeks balance

One emphasis emotional. One seeks the balance. 50% conflict and 50% whole

However, both Cancer Sun and Libra Moon has one common desire: having a companion. For Cancer Sun, having a companion is a must, even that companion doesn’t talk. Cancer Sun just wants to have someone nearby. And for Libra Moon, having a companion will satisfy the need being a group, the want to keep in touch with a community.

This common desire of both Cancer Sun and Libra Moon is very good practical in a big network, big group. When the community needs the attention, you will work hard to make sure the communication is clear and friendly.

However, in the personal network… you have an invisible gap with some individuals.

Cancer Sun Libra Moon man: your strong skills are:

  • Communicating
  • Elegant
  • Enjoying social network
  • Flirting if the situation needs
  • Handsome
  • Polite
  • Sympathy
  • Warm

Cancer Sun Libra Moon lady… *heart sign* :3 you are more beautiful than other girls. Your beauty is outstanding with the “clarity” XD Your beauty might bring some nostalgia to the opposite gender because he finds something in you familiar to his first love. Plus, your facial beauty at some angle is special with the light tender aura, something like a fresh blooming flower at the first sight of Spring. You leave a good first impression because you have a high fashion sense. Your style usually is pure, elegant, delicate clothes. If I am not wrong, you like to use the light color and special the pure white color 🙂

You also have a well-balanced body with an almost equal dimension between your body parts. You are a good communicator and lovely. Sometimes, you are stubborn and want to impose some fellows. If you want to “manipulate” others, you can do it thanks to:

  • Your 6th sense,
  • Clear analyzing in all aspects of the issue,
  • Objective observations about other’s strong and weakness-> If you are the leader, your managing style might focus on the weakness of others. Once you know the sore spot, you can use it as your advantage and ask that person doing a favor for you. However, that is the last option.
  • Besides that option, you usually build trust between you. Sometimes, you still support other’s ideas, but deep inside your head, you don’t agree at all. You just don’t say it loud in order to keep the balance and harmony atmosphere.
  • You are an independent genius.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon man: stable, tough, strong (in both physical and mental. In physical, Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon man could have a slim body, but don’t be fool by his outlook. His muscles is strong enough to people resident in the gym. His mindset is goal-focusing. He also has a strong belief in himself. He has the capacity to persuad other people. Once he makes up his mind, he ‘s willing to stand up for the fighting. He’s brave enough to be able take himself and beat all the world. He can do that thanks to the unlimited energy and hard-working mind, sometimes stubborn, hard to move, rude. One biggest flaw: he has the intend to crash all the obstacles, all people in order to achieve his goals. Sometimes, his goal is the nice feeling – climax, orgasm when we make love with other)

For the lady who has Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon...your virtual statistic… :3 is a little “develop” with bigger first and third sizes. The second size – the waist – usually stays at the normal size :).

You are born with a little dark skin. Perhaps, you try to white it, but it would take longer and more effort than other ladies. Don’t be obsessed about it. Little dark skin sometimes means you have a healthy and strong body.

You are arrogant, but you have the right to be like that. Because it’s your Moon Sign hihi Your self-confidence is high. You are sensitive. Your 6th sense also is accuracy, but you don’t sympathy with other people easily. Since you can read other needs and wants easily, but it doesn’t matter to you much.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon likes goals setting

You have been focused on your own goals. It could be earning more cash, paver. You give all yourself in order to achieve the goals. You will add more pressure to others. Sometimes, you “point” people to do this, to do that.

About the love life: when you find a right partner, you are cute :3 In most the case, what you feel, what is your emotions, everything is expressed on your face. However, it’s just the facial because it’s hard for your partner to track. You like to take the lead, but in the secret. You have a super romantic side, but you will share, will donate it into the right person.

For Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon lady’s partner: focus on her. Don’t do anything to make her jealous. She is very sensitive when you compare her with other ladies. Even you just do a “nice” action to another lady in front of her, or looking “attentive” to another girl while she sits next to you… Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon lady will be very offensive. She is quickly to notice the treats to her. Once she confirms it is a treat (the size doesn’t matter), she would crash it in order to feel safe. She would make it dramatical. She would do something out of the normal moral standard -.-

Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon

One more not-so-easy combination because Cancer Sun is the water and Sagittarius is the last sign of Fire. Cancer is very emotional. The mood changes quickly fast. In one minute, Cancer can be happy with the daydream-> and then, slowly Cancer realizes it’s a daydream-> Cancer starts to feel upset-> slowly the mood keeps falling down deeper into the sorrow. In another hand, Sagittarius Moon keyword is positive and having fun. -> Therefore, you would notice how quick when Cancer Sun Sagittarius person comes back to happy.

Cancer is cautions, safe needy, tenacious. In meanwhile, Sagittarius is independent and friendly. Sagittarius positive energy will boost the self-confidence in another.

The most outstanding quality for this combination is honest. Since Sagittarius is the most famous frank person. when Sagittarius thinks something, Sagittarius usually says the same thing with the idea.

Some foreign idiom for that Sagittarius frank:

  • As straight as an arrow
  • Decided to bare his soul for his best friend
  • Straight as a horse gut (Honestly… I am not sure about this idiom since it’s translated into English. For the original idiom idea: inside the horse digestive system, it has a small intestine organ. That organ is long and very straight forward. I think the organ name is equine cecum. You can find that quality in the horse organ only. Other animal digestion doesn’t straight as the horse)

Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon man: You would like to debate in the knowledge battlefield since you have your own philosophy, which is the summary after learning, experiencing, analyzing, linking the general into the uniqueness. You’re also down-to-Earth because you like to travel around the world more than travel by imagination. You’re decisive and confident with your choices. Sometimes, your 6th sense tells you the wrong choice… you still stick on it. You will treat it as a challenge; therefore, you will grow more after.

You are strong willpower when you find something interesting(usually it involves to travel). You’re independent and have the hurry for knowledge. Unlike Gemini Moon, you will learn deeper with the new knowledge. Once you learn it and add some values into your own philosophy, you tend to keep it as your own secret. You don’t usually talk about yourself in public. However, some part of you will enjoy social groups, maybe just a small group people. You are alive, enthusiastic and sporty.

Nice body with a long leg plus intelligent eyes and the wide forehead-> that is the common beauty for Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon Lady. You are funny when you are with your group friends. You are generous and willing to help your friends in your ability (usually your ability is wide and cover almost every subjects because you have a certain knowledge, farther than amateur). Therefore, people and your friends love you more when you get out of your comfort zone to help them.

However, you are mature enough to see who is taking grant on your generous. You are also mature enough to forgive if someone hurts you.

You are hard-working lady. You can work independently, with the minimize of supervisor. You also can work well in a team as a supporter.

Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon

😛 Cancer Sun with Capricorn Moon is a favorable combination. For some Astrologers, the Capricorn symbol is the mountain goat. With this combination of Cancer Sun and Capricorn Moon, the mountain goat changes into the sea-goat XD (you know Cancer is the water and Capricorn is an Earth Sign, right?)

Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon changes the mountain goat into sea goat

Thus, Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon group of people will emphasize the goals. Those goals are all realistic and objectives. They also have willpower and certain discipline to work on their personal goals. They have the high ambitious but all are still realistic ambitious.

They can handles the responsibility. Usually Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon is a team leader or the high rank person in the company. Their responsibilities cover both official and unofficial duties. They would like to be recognized their efforts, their contribution officially. It gives some pleasures and urge they to build more reputation.

In common, this combination of Cancer Sun and Capricorn Moon wants “value thing” because they know “good things are always hard to get it”. They might want the high-end value. They are patient and work for that achievement. They also invest in certain things that they know the profit will return for sure.

Cancer Sun Capricorn Moonman: the most visual type for you is “cold outside” and inside haha not warm at all. It’s wet because of Cancer. You can control your emotions very good. Your feelings also are stable. People see you as a trustworthy leader because you usually keep your head cool, cautionary attempt when things involve money. Sometimes… you completely ignore other emotions and feelings.

Aigoo~ Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon Lady~ your body is slim enough. Your face is a little~~ longer(nearly the parabola curve at the fixed point). When you are single, you are workaholic. You have many ambitious in your carrier.

Some characteristics:

  • Independent
  • Brisk, vivacious
  • Debating and questioning Why a lot
  • Sometimes a little narcissistic and super stubborn. You might really turn your back on the thing -> ignore-> pretend it’s never happening. You would NOT admit your fault officially. (just a flaw but it doesn’t reduce my personal love to Capricorn lady. Capricorn Sun sign or Moon sign doesn’t matter. My love for Capricorn Zodiac lady is always there XD because of all my girlfriends from first love to ex to current gf. All of them has the Sun Sign in Capricorn :3)
  • One extra special: when you enter the workaholic mode… in most of the case, you will skip the meal, skip the drink, don’t take care good enough to your body until you finish the task. -> that is the moment your mind is trenchant, decisive, active and sensitive enough to see through other people’s needs and wants.
Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon really hates liars

The most important quality you set the super high standard for your (future or current) partner: being honest to you. No matter how ugly is the truth. You want your partner always tell the truth to you, to be honest almost everything to you. You are super hate LIARS. You also do the same with your partner. You tell the truth all the time. If you feel it smells “fishy”, you will choose to keep silent because you hate liars. You hate saying liars. You hate hearing liars. However, in the last moment, before the death comes, you will choose the wise words in order to comfort that person to rest in peace. You will do everything to grant the last wish of that person.

One last thing about Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon lady: marriage. One scenario is you would marry young and focus on your carrier. Or you would boost your carrier before marriage. You will choose one path only. Mostly with Cancer Sun, you would end up getting married young XD

Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon

The main keyword for Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon is understand yourself and people around you.

With the gift from Aquarius Moon, you are smart, open mind. You have a better understanding the need of a group people more individual. You also spend some efforts, little time to expand your network and take care.

Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon man: your mind is active, easy-going. You interest the new things. However, if the new things are common, you will get bored of it quickly. Only the new and uncommon, sometimes weirdo, can catch your attention long time.

With Cancer Sun, you can easy to feel sympathy for others. You also tell the positive thing to cheer them up. You will be happier when you work within a friendly environment and the people who have “the same level as you”.

Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon has high curiosity like cat

Your strength in general is the high curiosity, wide vivid imagination, and a strong mental.

Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon lady usually is beautiful with the V line. You are attractive to other people by your little “tomboyish” and your intelligence. Besides, you need a “material fullness”. If not, you need a stable social status. Therefore, by intent or accident, you create a safe zone to avoid some personal contact.

When you meet someone “lower”, you will avoid to having a contact again. You won’t reduce your standard. if that person is really special, he will stand out of the public and catch your attention.

When you find someone special, you will seduce your partner by your uniqueness. The more unique you are, your partner will like you more. You set your high standard. It’s not the purpose of showing off your pride. It’s common sense to you because you believe when two people have the same level, the same status, the similar mindset, the same positive energy, it’s easier to do everything.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon

Pisces Zodiac usually knows as the sum of the rest 11 Zodiac characteristics. With Cancer Sun, your emotion world and feelings is deep and varies like the ocean. There is a time, it’s calm. Another time, it’s heavy wage. Sometimes, earthquake under the water.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon man is quiet. You don’t talk much. However, if someone active to talk with you, that person will notice you are friendly, a little impatient, but a great listener. If the relationship goes a little more intimate, your mood change varies.

Thus, Cancer Sun Pisces Moon lady, you are easy to cry when you feel touched. I don’t meet you and know you in real life, but I am pretty sure that you’re very cute. Your face is a little chubby, round, but very cute like puppies, kittens. Your actions sometimes are cutey under a man’s eyes.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon lady is fragile like dandelion

You might appear as a fragile and tender lady to him. It boosts his ego and natural male testosterone to standing in front of you and volunteer to protect you. You are very good expressing your emotion by body language. You are also easy to feel content, complete when your partner do some romantic things for you.

Nevertheless, when the situation needs, you are very brave for standing up to protect your man instead.

You are easy-going when it has a conflict. You are clever during the conversation. You have your own idea, but you don’t say it loud. You want to keep the harmony atmosphere. You don’t like to gossip in the workplace too.

However, people keep seeking you and share some secrets with you. Somehow they feel their secrets are safe with you. Well, it is because what you do is protecting yourself, protect them and aware surrounding.

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