You have been know about Cancer Sun. Do you wonder why each cancerians has different characteristics? Even all of them are Cancer Sun, but it has a little different when comparing between them.

The main reason is about the moon Sign. When Cancer Sun combines with 12 Moon Signs, we have 12 basic combinations. However, remember even there are two people have the same , let’s say Cancer sun Aries Moon, they still has some differences because of other reasons.

Review Cancer Sun characteristic

Today is June 28th. Under Astrological view, the Sun is in 6 degree in the Cancer Zodiac. For everyone who is born today, their Sun Sign is Cancer. The Sun will stay in the Cancer Zodiac for 30 days, from around June 22nd until July 21st.

Some facts and some unchangeable characteristics of Cancer Sun (no matter what genders are):

  • Cancer Zodiac is the Water Sign-> it means all Cancerians is inclined about emotions and feelings. They are also sensitive to other people moods.
  • Cancer Sun is a special Zodiac in the Water group because they are leader-born. It’s because their natural quality is cardinal. They keep objectives when it comes to working.
  • Cancerians people are home-loving, so they cherish the time with family.
  • When a friend or a family member or a relative needs help, Cancerians will take care of it. Cancerians also will take care of them by providing food, mental support, etc.-> sometimes it might be over-protected from Cancerians
  • Straightforward

What does the Moon Sign mean? How do you know what is your Moon Sign?

In short, the Moon Sign is everything belonging to the unconscious: what you like, how do you feel, your instinct. It also retrieve your emotions, your feelings, your inner world, a few needs, a few wants.

How do you know what is your Moon Sign? -> the answer is simple: using an Astrological software. When you input some information into the software, the result is a chart, which calls natal birth chart. In that chart, you just look for the Moon symbol. Where the Moon locates -> that is your Moon Sign.

The process:

  1. Click on this link-> It will take you into another website. It’s Astrodienst.
  2. Create a Guest user
  3. Search for the term “natal chart”
  4. You will need to fill out:
    • Your full name
    • Where you were born? city, country
    • When you were born? Month, Day, Year
    • What time during the day you were born? default format with 24 hours during a day-> you were born in the early morning like 1 AM? -> this piece information is important because it will tell you to detail what is your Moon Sign-> it also contains some information for Astrologers.
    • Your gender
  5. Click “continue” into you have your own natal chart
  6. Look for the Moon symbol

Another way to know what is your Moon sign: read the section below. Those have more accurate for who has the Cancer Sun Sign only. This post I list the Cancer Sun Sign combines with 12 Moon Signs in order.

Cancer Sun Aries Moon

If you have the Cancer Sun Sign and Aries Moon Sign, in most the case, you have a good memory because of Cancer’s objective observation. You read once. You can remember almost the facts. However, the knowledge just stays in the short-term memory stage only.

The Sun Sign Cancer is the Water. Aries Moon is Fire-> it will be a case of extremely hot temper or extremely cold-> inside you, the conflict between Fire and Water is always there. Just imagine yourself. What is the first image when you hear “water outside and fire inside”?

Cancer Sun Aries Moon like boiling water

To me, it’s boiling water. -> that will be the time when you lose your calm temper-> once you enter the mode, your reactions will quite aggressive. You might ignore other’s opinions, feelings, emotions.

When you calm down, when you come back to the normal self, you’re still sensitive enough to feel other people around you. -> the general motto for this Cancer Sun Aries Moon: “I will treat other the same way I want to receive it.If you treat me good enough, I will return the favor. Messing up with me…prepare yourself before I lose my temper.”

A little more detail

If you were Cancer Sun Aries Moon man-> your characteristics will have some qualities: high passion with everything interested to you-> when you determine the goals, you will solo it until you meet the achievements. Unlike other Cancerians Men, you need more free dome. You’re also braver, more positive than normal Sun Sign Cancer men.

Lady: (forgive me in advance If I describe your characteristics wrong): you should have a strong and solid body. You’re born for movement. You have some ambitious. You like outdoor activities more than staying home like normal Cancerians. When you have an opinion about something, you will say what you want to say without thinking about the result. It’s emotional decision-> one of your flaws 🙂

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon

The charms for Cancer Sun Taurus Moon:

  • Sensitive
  • Elegant
  • Objective
  • Care about other people besides your loved one and your friends
  • The significant charm people notice about you is the way you walk-> Its a natural gift. You can make other people instant like you. During the conversation with you, they can feel honest in your tone, but it’s still pleasant because you don’t mention it too directly. -> That is one of your ingenuity

One strong point about you: Unlike other Cancerians, you are very focusing on money-> sometimes, you are addicted to make money;therefore, you have some good qualities for being investors and good entrepreneur.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon man: You have unruffled spirit. You cherish the close friendship with other men. About your female friends 🙂 Once you decide it’s just a normal friend, you completely treat your female friend right. Same attitude when it comes with the carrier. As soon as you make up your mind, you will hard-working, devote yourself into the project because you have some ambitious about the achievement you set. Perhaps when your parents are retired, they would let you inherit the family business.

When you find a good partner, you will bring her to your family soon because you cherish the family feeling. Before letting her meet your parents, you already spend a long time to observe your partner. It takes a long time for you to share your emotion and feeling with your partner.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon woman is lazy like a sloth

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon lady: the first thing only your family members know about is your laziness. Cancer Sun Sign has some degree about laziness already, and now it combines with Taurus Moon. When you are in your comfort zone (usually your house, your room), you will be lazier than other ladies. Don’t worry If your laziness arrives in the second place, there is still one more lady will steal the first place 🙂

When you , Cancer Sun Taurus Moon woman, go out, people will notice you are pretty. Not very beautiful but you have certains some bonus that make your beauty higher than standard. You have a nice eyes, round face. You respect elder. You love art and other beauties. You might feel peaceful when you visit a beautiful garden.

Other people like about you because you are a good listener. You can read other’s emotions, feelings. You can skim what other want, what other need. You understand what are yours as well. However, you hide your own self emotions, feelings. You are just extra caution before you share them.

Sometimes, you are easy to being waggled by family members and your loved one. Special when it is about foods and outfits.

After getting married, you will be a little stubborn when it concerns to the whole family financial status. You might have a small argument with your husband about some small unnecessary expense. At the end of the conversation, you will accept your husband lead.

There is small irony here. When we look at that situation, it seems like you have a compromise with your husband, but inside you, you like it secretly haha You secret like your husband taking the lead. -> This is one reason your husband will spoil you more after the incident.

Cancer Sun Gemini Moon

About Gemini Moon inside the Sun Sign Cancer…It’s little negative.

There are two types of changing. One group people change because they have learn more about themself, about surrounding, about other people. Another group people change because they have been hurt so many times by other people. And you, Cancer Sun Gemini Moon, belong to the later group.

Cancer Sun Gemini Moon build barrier

You have been drawn your own barrier officially. If someone violence your barrier and your property ( both physical and mental), you will easy to lose the temper

Your strong characters are:

  • Flexible
  • Easy to adapt
  • Curious almost everything
  • However, you lack persistence

Sometimes, your strong turntable into your weakness.

Cancer Sun Gemini Moon man: you are friendly to everyone. People willing to make friend with you becuase you are warm, sympathy. Your spirit is free. You life also varies from this topic until another. Other people never get bored when they are around you because almost every times, you have some news to share with them. -> therefore, you really hate to be ignored and isolated from other.

Cancer Sun Gemini Moon lady: You have a pretty face, but your beauty is smart and intelligent beauty. You also have a slim enough body. You can do multi-tasks better than other ladies. You’re also more talkative 🙂

However, other people don’t know about your deep desire. Sometimes, you just want to hide in your own inner world. In there, you can be yourself. You will talk with your Gemini twin soul. And sometimes, both of you are not sure about the topic you are thinking.

You just want to play, to do something you like to do. Sometimes you want to learn new things. Unfortunately, when your first time you try, it doesn’t turn out like you think, you will give up easily. You would assume that new way doesn’t work with you. You would rather to come back to the old school.

When you have stress… you would use alcohol, cigarette or other kind of drugs.

Cancer Sun Cancer Moon

When the Sun and the Moon meets each other in the Cancer Zodiac, it boosts the Cancerians quality. It means every characteristic will be double. However, it’s never 100% sure all double traits will display. It depends on other factors.

In most of the case, people have Cancer Sun Cancer Moon will have:

  • Twice shyness
  • Twice sensitive

You tend to interpret more about emotional when you observe objective. Everyone has their own life. They are busy with daily activities. You don’t have much time for themselve. How they have time to care about you? How they know about you in the deep level when they have a little time to communicate with you?

When you see those as the objective, you would feel the ignorance from other. You start to doubt. When someone communicate with you, you doubt about their purpose.

When you feel being rejected, you slowly reflect that attitude. You tend to create a fake shield. It slowly builds up. Until one day, the shield is so strong that you can not overcome itself.

However, you still think about other when you can feel the deep wound. If the wound is physical, you will take care of it as a nurse. If it’s about mental deep wound… you will listen. You still feel sympathy when you hear the story (even your strong shield is still there. It’s just a temporary for you to sneak out that strong shield because you feel your being rejected doesn’t worse when comparing)

Cancer Sun Cancer Moon man: Dude, after a working day, you will love to come back to your comfort home, sit in your favorite spot (perhaps in your bed). You still are family – oriented, but you lack the self-control. When someone shares their opinions about one topic, you would changeable. Following the wind. You are good at mimic someone actions. It leads you to have a great opportunity in the acting carrier.

Cancer Sun Cancer Moon woman is the best of the best mom in the world. Of course, you are an exceptional wife as well. You will show how good you are after the marriage. Your strong shield, when you are single, is still there until you can find someone good enough. Someone sensitive enough to feel what you feel, to sense what are your emotions behind that strong shield.

Cancer Sun Cancer Moon has a strong shell

Once your heart has that feeling, once your heart makes sure that partner love to you is real, you will have a superpower to tear off your strong shield from inside. After, you will come to your partner and give all of yourself. Your partner will experience twice warmness, twice goodness, twice humor, deep unconditional love, and traditional romance-ish. Well, it’s all because the Sun and the Moon meet each other in your Cancer Zodiac.

Of course, Cancer Sun Cancer Moon woman is over-protecting for sure -.- You want is staying 24 hours with your loved one. Sometimes, it’s your unrealistic desire. Even you feel safe with your new family, with your partner, sometimes somewhere deep inside, you still feel worried.

It’s simply your love is too deep and too much. If imagining the love of Cancer Sun Cancer Moon woman to her husband, to her new family in physical matter, I would say her love is deep equally with the deepest known point in our Earth Ocean, The Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench. And how big of her Cancer Sun Cancer moon love? Combining 5 Oceans in this world might be enough -.-

Cancer Sun Leo Moon

Leo is also another Fire Zodiac Sign. However, the combination of Cancer Sun and Leo Moon has more harmony than Cancer Sun Aries Moon.

With Leo Moon, it makes you have more confidence in yourself. Your self-conscious would be high. Under some people eyes, they might think you are showing off, but they don’t know that is your ability. You are active, bold, a little “princess-ish/ Prince-ish”. Around you, people can sense your aura, your dignity. (even your material isn’t rich XD)

You would make extra effort for the first impression to other. In most case, more to a group than individual. You care of your public self-image. Leo Moon makes the Cancer Sun less shy and more open about emotions and feeling.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon man: Brave, alive, sympathy, honest. You are generous when you have higher responsibility and higher power. When you reach the status, you are a volunteer to help the people weaker. However, one small flaw is you are fond to other beautiful ladies haha Be careful. Don’t let other ladies being your gold digger.

About lady who has the Cancer Sun Leo Moon, you will definitely have an attractive beauty with a shiny eyes. No matter you are rich or so-so, whatever you wear, it highlight your “crown” quality. Same as man, you are generous, independent. You are fun and can be joke around. However, you would easy jealous if someone hurts you, ignore you.

You like a little “touchy” hihi You also look for the safety mental. You look for a solid base relationship. You expect your partner to support what you do. Even some “princess” things. You also require a respect from him no matter you show the dignity.

When you find one can meet your standard, you will make him feel happy. You are creative in love relationship. You want everything is tidy, orderly and well-organized. If you are in charge, you control almost everything in your hand. You can reach the goal without upset anyone.

For easy to visually, perhaps Disney Princess Ariel is a suitable image. Cancer Sun is Water Sign. Leo Moon has some royal qualities. Dear Cancer Sun Leo Moon lady, do you see the “forever happy marriage” with your partner in real life? Will you make an effort to achieve that?

Cancer Sun Leo Moon - Princess Ariel

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon

Virgo Moon shares one thing in common with Leo Moon: well-organized. Virgo Moon also share some joint characteristics with Cancer Sun:

  • Following the rule, the restriction
  • Following habits
  • Caution almost every life aspects
  • Little mixing between modest and unpretentious
  • Tend to observer more realistic

Since Virgo is the Earth, it brings some benefits. With the sensitive of Cancer Sun, the normal critical thinking of Virgo has been soften. Cancer Sun Virgo Moon will control the situation by brainstorming, by analyzing, by the deepness.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon likes brainstorming

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon man: smart, good memory, trustful. Sometimes, you are easy-going, and like to moving around. Your strength is analyzing and explain everything. Usually, people will agree with you because it makes sense.

You still apply it into your marriage….therefore, the marriage life is not so good. Some reasons: your critical thinking has been soften, but still…sharp when your partner tens to have more emotional. (In most case :D) She is a lady. No matter what’s her Sun Sign, what Moon Sign, her emotion brain area is more active than you

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon lady: Well… people would have a compliment about you. You are an Ice Princess with an intelligent beauty, but you speak less. You treat yourself good. Your head is cold, down-to-earth. Once you are sure about your choice, you will do the actions following your plan. When you are young and don’t have much experience, some struggles will hit you.

Fortunately, with Cancer Sun Virgo Moon, you are not afraid of hard work. As the time flies, you will get more mature. Once you are mature enough, you will a partner at the same level with you. You will make the house at certain “bold level”.

Be careful sometimes you will attract to married man.

Part 2 will coming in next week 😛 it’s a long post to write, but it’s a short time for you to read 🙂 I break it into two parts. The part 2, we will continue with Cancer Sun Libra Moon.

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