Cancerians, no matter genders, is lovely, love staying home sweet home. Cancer and Zodiacs compatibilities are varied. Some combinations are harmonious. Some meet the challenge. If Cancer and that Zodiac have the willingness to put the mutual effort, it will turn on a harmonious.

Some Watery Cancer cardinal personalities:

  • Sensitive
  • Personal emotions and feeling world
  • Maternal instinct even with Cancerians Man
  • Objective
  • Caring (taking care of)
  • Love family where Cancerians are born from
  • A little introvert but still hang out with friends outdoor activities
  • Warm heart
  • Unconditional love like mother or father
  • Love intimacy emotional and closeness physical

Cancer Aries Compatibility

First, Aries is a Fire Element. Aries considers as the extrovert. Aries usually attracts other people, both men, and women. However, Aries usually treats them as a good friend.

About Cancer Zodiac, Cancerians is Water Sign. Cancer Aries Compatibility in the Horoscope circle belongs to the square aspect, which is 90 degree apart from each other. In other words, the square aspect significant for two opposite energy, which connected 2 different elements (in this case Water and Fire inside Cancer and Aries)

Cancer Aries compatibility - water and fire

Cancer and Aries combination starts as a friendship because Cancer and Aries share two commons:

  • Hidden romantic
  • Imagination

What Cancer offers, helps Aries in the relationship: With the natural sensitive, Cancerians will give the gentle support to Aries.

How about Aries? Being with Aries, Cancerians slowly become more confident in the self. Cancerians slowly learn how to stand alone. Aries delivers some fun, a good time when Cancer is outdoor with Aries.

However, the square aspect is powerful of tension. -> It shows one of two people will need to work energetically in order to get along to each other. -> Since Cancer has the square aspect with Aries, both of them will need to work because the relationship between them isn’t easy and relaxing.

The main problems between Cancer Aries compatibility:

  • Their each natural instinct
  • The way each other see the world
  • The action’s chosen path

Even there are some good points attractive between Cancer and Aries, but it doesn’t long last life because of each natural instinct. Cancer is born to be nourish and parenting. When Cancer and Aries are dating, Cancer is volunteer to take care of Aries. Aries also is happy when receive the care, the emotional support. Aries is proud when Aries has a good partner like Cancer.

However, there is a time Cancer becomes over-parenting. When Cancer babysits Aries too much, Aries will become arrogant. Aries doesn’t need a second parent. -> when Aries reacts like that, it makes Cancer worry, more moody. What Cancer reacts also makes Aries lose the temper.

When Cancer and Aries have the argument… it comes from nowhere and ends in nowhere because each other has their own way. Cancer’s objective is different from Aries’s. Each has different life perspectives, different goals. -> and then, both Cancer and Aries are stubborn enough to do what they believe.

(Have you ever seen two leaders stay in one group? Like Asian idiom:” There cannot have two tigers in the same mountain”)

The visual relationship between Cancer and Aries is the relationship between cat and dog. In a normal situation, a cat usually cannot stand along with a dog. With some specific cat breeds and dog breeds, a cat can get together with a dog. In some rare case, a cat can love a dog as well.

Cancer can love Aries like cat loves dog

In order to make Cancer gets along with Aries, some advices:

  • Respect each other goals when the final goals are different.
  • Don’t be stubborn and don’t try to take the lead because both Cancer and Aries share the same leadership qualities.
  • When Aries changes the outdoor plan, Aries should put the final destination is the home. Or at least somewhere has Cancer at there. Because Cancer still worries about the safety of Aries when he/she goes outside and do the things.
  • Aries can reduce the “ego”-> try to be a good girl/boy for Cancer feels safe.
  • Cancer should create more space for Aries.

In short summary Cancer Aries compatibility… is not so good. It still has some potential to get along together. If both choose to be tender to each other, both Cancer and Aries couple has the greater chance to make their romantic imagination become more real.

Cancer Taurus Compatibility

Taurus is the Earth. It stands for solid and durable. If we add some water into Earth, most of the case, we will have some mud. In the Horoscope, Cancer Taurus compatibility is harmonious because they form into a sextile aspect, which is 60 degrees apart from each other Sign.

With every sextile aspect, the two signs are complementary to each other. It makes as a whole, a complete. It also brings some excitement in the relationship. When two Signs form a sextile aspect, the relationship presents the opportunity for learning and expanding horizons.

Cancer taurus compatibility can be beautiful as lily

The common personalities between Cancer and Taurus:

  • Cherish life and cherish each other
  • Love family
  • Love traditional
  • Taking care of each other
  • Need security about material and emotional
  • Both are stubborn and hide true feelings inside. They feel shy and silly if they express true emotions to each other.
  • Therefore, both don’t like to change any aspects of their life and their joint life.

Cancer Taurus compatibility is greater than Cancer Aries. When Cancer meets Taurus, it could say they are instant fall in love in the first sight since they have some common. And these common traits are the most important element to build the future relationship between them.

Unlike Cancer Aries compatibility, Cancer Taurus relationship has the clear goal: build the home life that both Cancer and Taurus want. They commit into marriage very soon in the beginning of their romantic relationship. They know the time value,so they choose to be husband and wife together.

Cancer Taurus home life dream is very classic and traditional.

Taurus will take the responsibilities to go out and earn money. Taurus will volunteer to take the heavier duty of earning money even Cancer is willing to work. However, Taurus still wants Cancer staying home. Taurus wants Cancer to take care of the house, make it a home sweet home for both. Taurus wants Cancer to make a hot and delicious meal and waiting for Taurus come back the house-> and then enjoy the meal together.

And then when they think about having children together. They will build a small family but very warm, lovely, elegant and beautiful home for kids to play.

Cancer Taurus compatibility dreams warm house

Therefore, Cancer Taurus compatibility will be the best if Cancer is a lady and Taurus is a man. Once the couple Cancer lady Taurus man is formed, they will take care of each other until the rest of their life.

Cancer lady give the loves, sympathy, sense the emotions and feelings inside Taurus Man, which he usually hides deep inside and never talk about it. In the return, Taurus man is active coming home with the security of material.

If the couple is Cancer man and Taurus lady, they feel they are born to be together. Cancer man will give the safety to Taurus lady. He will provide the stable income and emotion safety to her. in the return, Cancer man will receive the respect, the love, some delicious food from Taurus lady.

Even Cancer Taurus compatibility is harmonious, but there has one advice for the couple to be better: sometimes changing is good. Some unpredictable joy of life are waiting for Cancer Taurus couple.

Cancer Gemini Compatibility

Cancer and Gemini Zodiac forms as a semi – sextile aspect, 30 degree apart from each other. It’s a minor harmonious aspect. Cancer Gemini couple will have less compatible than Cancer Taurus. Cancer Gemini relationship has some differences-> they will have some difficulties when they work together.

Some common traits between Cancer Gemini:

  • Lively curious mind
  • Objective observation
  • Willing to travel even it’s a short trip

In the relationship, Gemini offers a bigger world view to Cancer. Gemini also introduces more ideas, contact. In the return, Cancer gives a stable domestic life.

The common problems between Cancer and Gemini couple:

  • Mood
  • Jealous
  • Space battle
  • Separate mind and feelings, logic with emotion
  • Secrets


  • Both of Cancer and Gemini needs some stimulation to keep their mind active. Once Cancer and Gemini share the same project, both willing to work together.
  • Cancer needs to give more room, space for Gemini to breath and being active.
  • Gemini needs to be more honest about emotion and feeling. Once Cancer has an emotional request, don’t treat it lightly.

Cancer Cancer Compatibility

Well… the combination between Cancer man and Cancer woman… is hard to tell because it’s conjunction aspect. It could be harmonious when it signifies for the close bond and boost the energy, quality. It could be hardest If it reduces and inhibited each other

There no need to question more in the relationship between Cancer man and Cancer lady. Both are commit to be together long time. They will live together as a husband and wife even they don’t register officially. They will mirror everything, included the bad and good personalities.

Cancer man Cancer woman has differences in gender

The difference in this relationship is just gender. Besides it, there is nothing else. They have the same Cancer Zodiac, so their mind is automatically linked together because both of you have so many things in common. They understand each other thinking without saying a single word. Their bound between them is so strong and intimacy that they can tell what others want and needs by looking at each other eyes.

Cancer Cancer compatibility could be the maximum romantic, close, intimacy, harmonious, lovely, compassionate relationship. However, it still has a few little problems in the relationship.

Both of Cancer are busy to look at the past. They forget to look at the present, near future, and further future together. They “parent” each other too much. They are possessed about each other too much. They feel worried about real thinking deep inside.

There is a question: Can two Cancer Zodiac have a happy marriage?

The short answer is yes but with some advices:

  • Sometimes, one of you needs a break. It means one of you should take the turn to play “parent” role. If Cancer husband takes the lead today, Cancer wife will have a sugar daddy-> it’s the day for Cancer wife to enjoy. Enjoy being take care by your sugar daddy. Enjoy being love. Enjoy being support. Enjoy the childish moment, clumsiness actions without worry about cleaning up after. Enjoy the closeness and intimacy. And then another day, the role will switch. The Cancer wife will become “mother” to Cancer husband. Haha Once Cancer wife becomes “mother” like that, Cancer husband can do anything you want to do in the childhood. Plus, you can do something that your biological mother can’t do haha. Your Cancer wife will make sure to satisfy you in the bed XD
  • Sometimes, one of you needs some space for doing a few personal things.
  • Being more honest about the deep emotion
  • Communicate with each other more.
  • Last advice: sometimes one of you can solo travel. Or both of you can travel a short trip together.

Cancer Leo Compatibility

This combination is very unique because it presents the basic human life. Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Leo receives direct energy from the Sun. Cancer with Leo is the Moon with the Sun. Do you know the relationship between the Moon and the Sun in the cosmology? The moon mirrors the Sun light in a softer way.

Cancer Leo compatibility - eclipse

Cancer will represent for woman in the basic. Leo is the symbol for a man. Cancer and Leo combination will focus on gender personality. Cancer man dating with Leo woman – Moon will embrace the Sun. Or Cancer lady dating with Leo man – The Sun will embrace the Moon. Either way, cosmology calls the phenomena “eclipse”. It’s the general term for The Sun swallow the Moon, and for the Moon Embraces the Sun.

Cancer formes with Leo as a semi-sextile, 30 degrees. It’s the second semi-sextile of Cancer compatibility. It means the personalities are complementary in many ways, romantic in different ways too.

Cancer shares with Leo some traits in common:

  • Deep need to protect your loved one
  • Family life
  • Warm
  • Loyalty
  • Affection
  • Often make sure each other that he/she is loved and wanted
  • Support each other

The difficulties:

  • Cancer has different way to express the love. Leo shows it with heroish
  • Cancer has certain worry about the material status of Leo and the joint because Leo sometimes is over-spending.
  • Leo is full of “big” project and Cancer… is submissive following Leo plan.

Some areas Cancer and Leo couple needs to work on together:

  • First and most important: mutual respect.
  • Team up together for a creative project. (It needs to be creative, not artistic)
  • Leo should listen and consider about Cancer moody while Cancer should talk about some worries when Leo starts a new project/plan.

And the marriage is not guarantee for this Cancer Leo compatibility but this couple will be a wonderfully warm, loving bond.

Cancer Virgo Compatibility

Above, we have Cancer and Taurus is a harmonious combination. With the same semi-sextile on the right side of Cancer Zodiac in the horoscope cycle, Virgo is the good choice for build a marriage life with Cancer.

In the relationship, Cancer offers the warmth, emotion nourishment to Virgo. It helps Virgo to less anxious and less thinking too much. Cancer also shows some attentions and love to Virgo. Cancer will receive the order setting, the organization skill to help Cancer mess in the house. Virgo is sensitive enough to understand the emotion need of Cancer.

Cancer and Virgo share the same value about security and a beautiful domestic home. While Cancer and Taurus married couple has full of old stuffs in the house, Virgo will help Cancer using those old things for decor because Virgo understands: Cancer has memories with each item. Therefore, Virgo will place those items in order of time from years to years or group them by categories. All actions are for Cancer.

Unlike Cancer and Taurus couple, Virgo can take a better care to Cancer than Taurus. Taurus just provides delicious food and some money to Cancer. Virgo can do more than Taurus. Virgo can take a good care to Cancer health if Cancer accidently has a cold. Virgo can help Cancer to do the housework when Taurus is lazy in somewhere in the house and wait for Cancer do all the housework.

Cancer Virgo shares the housework

Even so, Virgo needs to control the critical thinking when Cancer moody occurs during the women period. Virgo needs to self-control when Cancer “accidently” is clumsy and break something. Virgo should think less when Cancer says something because Cancer just presents the objectives.

When Cancer “suddenly” become sensitive, moody without any reasons, Virgo should not ask more questions because the Cancer moody is just like that. It comes, stays and then goes. Sometimes, Virgo can find the reason for Cancer moody period. Just don’t pay much attention to it because Cancer is requesting. Cancer needs emotional closeness. It means Cancer needs to be with Virgo. Cancer like sharing too. Cancer wants Virgo to share more about Virgo anxious, unrealistic plans. In order to do all that, Cancer might not know where is Virgo boundaries and privacy.

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