The birthday is one special day. Since we are young, our parents are the one who creates a small birthday party for us. Then the 18th birthday and the 21st birthday are important to the American culture. Beyond, the birthday to adults… With a busy life, adults slowly forget what is their own birthday. They just remember the date, but they forget how to make it into a special day for memorizing.

Today definitely is someone’s birthday. In Horoscope, it’s Libra’s birthday (based on their Sun Sign only ?). Choosing the birthday gift for Libra man…somehow is harder than other Zodiacs. Because of Libra Zodiac. When Libra (man and woman) receives something from you, they definitely find a way to return the favor. When you handmake, buy a birthday gift for Libra, they definitely will do the same when your birthday comes. It depends on how much the kindness you show on Libra’s birthday.

For some busy people who look for the last-minutes birthday gifts for Libra man

Honestly, if you wait for the last minute, you won’t earn many impressions from Libra man. Unless you are a rich person with some cash flow. You would not have a chance to build a deeper relationship with Libra man. No matter you approach Libra man with business purpose or the purpose of finding a lover. To Libra man, he’s still polite to accept your birthday gift even you are not so close friend.

The main birthday gift’s idea, at the last minute, for Libra man, is the practical gifts. It should meet some requirements:

  • It should be a physical product.
  • It should have a beautiful outlook/design or a beautiful quality inside.
  • It should fit Libra man’s needs at the basic daily or his varies needs.
  • Sometimes, what Libra man wants is different from what he needs-> thus, a birthday gift at the last minute should make him interested.
  • If you don’t have any idea, then just bring some friends in your own network to Libra man’s birthday celebrating location. Meeting new people and expanding Libra’s network are one of the life goals for Libra man!

Now, what does the item come to your mind? To me, It will be

The easiest birthday gift for Libra man is bringing some friends from your own network!!! ?

Even so, do you think you and your friends should go to the Libra man’s birthday with the empty hand?

Champagne and a set of champagne’s glass; Or other wines such as your traditional country wine. This is the basic social act you need to know before coming to Libra’s place.

If you couldn’t find any friend, you can choose the practical product from the list below

  • The Silk Tie or customized design tie for Libra man’s suit
  • All-in-one planner which contains some planner pages, some notebook pages, to-do-list section, calendar with some small blank tables, thing-to-buy, etc. If you choose this gift, shop more with a pen for completing a set.
  • The last item very varies because it depends on Libra’s interests. The last birthday gift for Libra man is a ticket. Actually, it’s the art ticket. It should be two tickets for watching Libra man’s favorite movies together; two performance tickets to listening to violist, pianist, opera, musical theatre, exp Shakespeare’s plays, etc. ; two music tickets from a band, two music tickets to his favorite singers/idols; two tickets to the art collection; two tickets to a museum. Or the most intimate level is the two airline tickets to domestic/international cities for traveling.

If you feel I am missing some practical gift ideas, let me know by commenting with the following: Libra man’s last-minute gift ______ You just fill out the blank and leave your comment at the end of this post.

For some people have time preparing in advance for Libra man’s birthday, here are some ideas for you

The first birthday gift is a knitted cloth’s accessory. You can DIY – Do it by yourself. You will need to buy a wool ball material. And then, knit it into a scarf shape or a pair of glove for Autumn/Winter. That is when you have time and the patience for knitting.

You can customize the handmade knitted scarf, glove online or in-store or online retailer like Amazon. No matter the method you use, just let Libra man know your purchase or you handmade for him.

The second idea is easier than knitted cloth accessories. It’s still DIY. Less prepare time. Less cost, but more about creativity and art. It’s a handmade birthday card. You can learn how to make an artistic birthday card. Or a little creative with the 3D birthday cart.

If you lose patience, then you still have the choice: order online. 2D with the meaningful quote or the pop-up 3D birthday greeting card.

The last idea: plan for the romantic date. This is the chance for you to let Libra man know what kind of relationship you want. You want to be a boyfriend-girlfriend with a Libra man. Or further as the marriage. Maybe marriage is too suddenly and so quick.

No matter what you say, Libra man won’t answer you right away. He needs time to think. That is one of his shortcomings: hesitant when making the final decision between many choices. Thus, it’s you. You will be consisted to turn Libra man into your boyfriend or further.

You will need hours for thinking about a romantic date with a Libra man. A few steps you should follow in order such as:

Step 1: Choose a date. It could be a weekend or a holiday or the Libra man day-off from working. You should choose more than one date in advance since Libra man’s schedule would be busy with his carrier and his own social events.

Step 2: Think about the setting: where and when. Just like making an appointment but it’s a romantic appointment for dating ?? You choose the location but varies than one place. A “standard romantic date” for Libra man doesn’t stop in one place. It would be the combo from walking in the park to enjoying the Autumn times to bicycling in the park to have a little snack to have a short nap on your legs to reading a book in a sunshine day to a few fun games when sitting on the green to having a stop by at the nearby art gallery to have a romantic dinner. And the last activity. Finish strong. If you don’t have any idea for finishing strong your date, you can leave the hint for the next date which is designed by him.

Step 3: After brainstorming and set up a few vary availabilities -> take the courage and call Libra man-> ask him about his opinion about your romantic date idea. You can ask directly or indirectly. You need to make clear enough that you want to spend time with Libra man alone.

Good luck! ?

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