Choosing a birthday gift for a woman is harder than choosing a gift for a man. Virgo woman and Libra woman are selective since both are idealism. Libra woman has a plus point: more socialized than Virgo woman. Thus, it makes Libra woman has more men accepting as her following-tail for flirting, for finding a chance to be in a romantic relationship with Libra woman.

The Libra woman’s birthday is a chance for all men to please her. Each Zodiac man has their own way to approach. This post presents a guide for men (perhaps other women who want to please a Libra woman as well) with purpose pleasing Libra woman on her birthday.

Disclaimer: All information in this post is the template for you to consider. You will need to add more information about Libra woman to optimize until the result you want. Because each Libra woman has their unique personalities. Even their Sun Sign is Libra, but not all Libra women are the same. The Libra woman’s Moon Sign is one of many factions that make this post NOT VERY ACCURATE IN REAL LIFE.

Brainstorm for a small, romantic party with Libra woman

Since Libra woman is an idealism, you should stand in the idealist to understand what Libra woman wants and what she needs on her birthday.

Some Libra women, in the past, can’t celebrate her birthday because of her family situation. It could be the result of lacking financial. It could be that Libra girl/ woman is alone. Her parents are so busy that they can’t create a small party for celebrating Libra’s birthday. It could because Libra girl/woman has a bad incident in her past birthday -> Libra girl/woman feels ashamed, embarrassed, humiliated. -> she decides not to celebrate her birthday anymore. One last possible reason is Libra woman is so busy to build her carrier that she forgets and ignores her birthday.

Thus, the first thing you need to brainstorm is asking Libra woman. If she agrees to have a birthday celebration or not. You should ask Libra woman in advance. Following Libra style communication and ask her indirectly. Libra woman is smart and can sense what you are planning to do.

If you are brave and confident about yourself and your relationship with Libra woman, there is one indirect way you can use in this situation. ? You create an imagined third-person -> and then you add more information -> you match the imagined third-person with your Libra woman.-> in the end, you need to tell your Libra woman with the affirmation tone. The third-person you like is her – your Libra woman – the one you are talking with.

Around one month before Libra woman’s birthday, you can make a call or meet her face in face. You said you want to share a concern with Libra woman. You would start the story plot like this

[…] You have a friend. It’s a female friend. You have a special feeling with that female friend. In some ways, you know the female friend’s birthday is coming. You want to take a chance to confession with her. You worry about her feeling, about what she thinks about you.

You also concern about the result after the confession. If you are a success, the friendship will turn into the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. If she rejects or she says need more time to think, you concern it will have an awkward atmosphere. It would turn the friendship into an uncomfortable feeling when getting together the next time. You are afraid to lose the friendship and lose all.

With Libra woman’s personality, she will help you for sure. It depends on how close you are with Libra woman. Libra woman would ask you to describe a few things about the woman you like. For example, her appearance, her height, her face, her characteristics. Libra woman would say it’s for finding some ideas about the birthday gift -> Until this point, you need to do one thing. You look at your Libra woman and describe her.

In Libra woman’s mind, she is smart enough to sense the person, who you are describing, sound like she. She will doubt she is the one who you are confessing on her birthday.

Now, you should give more hints that only happen between you and Libra woman. Your hints will tell her: She is the one. And Libra woman will sense you are a little shy and you use the indirect way.

After that, observe your Libra woman’s behavior. If you can feel or see Libra woman has a little shy, it means you give the correct hints. Your Libra woman also understands what you mean. Sometimes, Libra woman understands, but she doesn’t show. She needs a few more objectives to confirm you are choosing the birthday gift for her. Not another girl who looks like her, who has similar characteristics as her. (it’s common when you mistake since people look like people. We have more than 7 billion population in this Earth anyway.)

You will close the conversation by asking Libra woman a date. ? You can say the word “a date”. If Libra woman asks more why you call “a date”, just tell her for practicing hihi

The goal of the conversation is to set up a date with your Libra woman. You will “ask” her to go to the shopping mall for finding the birthday gift-> ran hou, you will lead Libra woman to a movie-> and then go to a nice restaurant for the meal. Those things you don’t need to let Libra woman know. Just keep it for yourself. We still are in the brainstorm step.

What you should prepare

After brainstorming like above, you should plan in advance the activities for a date between you and your Libra woman.

About the plan, we need to think about the setting: where, when. Where you are going to guide Libra woman? When the date should starts? what date she is available?

My suggestions: the D-day will be your Libra woman’s birthday. It’s also a day you will confess.

Hmmm… about the activities… It’s a little hard for planning in advance because we don’t know what would happen in the near future. Sometimes, the Universe has its own plan. When it does, it usually doesn’t match with our original plan. One more reason is your Libra woman’s birthday. You and her friends know what day is Libra woman’s birthday. Not me 🙂

If D-day is a normal working day for Libra woman, we should reduce the plan activities. We don’t count about her woman period yet… If your Libra woman’s birthday is her day-off, you could add more romantic activities for the plan.

Let’s do the first scenario: when D-day is a normal working day for Libra woman.

The suggested activities are common. You don’t judge it so fast. For some couples, they don’t have time, they don’t have the ability to have some normal dating activities. For example, a new-graduated female doctor. She will be busy with the internship and practice in the hospital. When she will have the time for a normal dating like other couples? And take an example with some celebrity couples. Some celebrities couple have a date RIGHT INSIDE THEIR PLACE.

The dating activities’ order is: company with your Libra woman to a shopping mall for choosing her birthday gift (of course, we’re still not telling her about it yet)-> during the choosing process, Libra woman would have some comments. You would have a chance to confess. -> If you miss the chance-> keep the process normal, but pay attention to your Libra woman body language. During the process, she would find an interesting item for herself. -> try to remember what it is-> and then, you can buy that item right at the scene. -> if you were brave, you can give the gift to your Libra woman and confess about your feelings.

Until this point, you will have more activities or not. It depends on Libra woman’s answer. If she says yes, move on to the next activities-> it’s going to a restaurant for the dinner. (the reason is Libra woman still needs to eat after the working day)-> and then, if your Libra woman doesn’t want to go home, watching a movie in the theatre is the best choice-> next activity is delivering your Libra woman to her place safely.

(Don’t think about having sex at the first date -.- Libra woman is not easy-going. If you mention it, Libra woman will make some excuses and go back to her home alone. After that, I think you know the result)

The second scenario: when D-day is a day off for your Libra woman. The activities order will have more. Thus, you will invite her a little early. You might ask your Libra woman the starting will be around 11 AM. You will lead her to a shopping mall for choosing the birthday gift. -> Next activity would be lunch in a restaurant. If your Libra woman doesn’t feel hungry, you could invite her to watch a movie. Or going to the art collection. -> and then, going to a park even it’s rain. That place would be the confession location. With the Autumn atmosphere, the Autumn trees with changing-color-leaves, they would provide you a romantic scene. -> after the confession… once again, it depends on your Libra woman’s answer 🙂

On the D-day

Just following your plan. You can make some changes from the plan above according to your situation with your Libra woman.

Be aware and prepare your mind in advance. Libra woman is as known as a leader. It still has a possibility that your Libra woman will take control of the date’s activities.

If you feel okay, let’s your Libra woman take the lead. However, just remind her: the main purpose for the date is finding the birthday gift. And your main goal for the date is buying-> giving the birthday gift to your Libra woman-> and then doing the confession!

If you forgot your Libra woman’s birthday, here is the gift’s list at the last-minutes

Those gifts need to be practical for Libra woman can use immediately.

Art tickets, music concert tickets, gallery tickets, watching movie tickets, etc. Even the airline tickets to travel somewhere 🙂

entry tickets

Artistic books


Decision maker

Designed Handbag

Design phone case

Diamond ring/ diamond earrings

Fleece throw blanket

Gift card

gift card

Handmade birthday greeting card, 3D birthday greeting card

Makeup kit

make up kit

Makeup mirror with light

Massage oil essential

Massage body appointment


Mini humidifier

Popular books that Libra woman favorites


Perfume, l’eau de toilet, etc

Tea and tea set for drinking with friends

Towel kit

Yoga mat

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