Some Aquarius man’s rules and thinking pattern about Friendship

The first trait you will notice if he is the Sun Aquarius: He is friendly with you at the first meeting, and then, you find his friendly attitude has something unusual. You can’t tell where you feel it’s weird, but definitely unique when it compares with others.

He doesn’t talk much. Even he chooses to share his opinion, somehow you still feel the invisible distance. It’s understandable since you are still a stranger to that Aquarius man.

Talking with him a little longer, you find that Aquarius man emphasizes independence and respects your privacy. It gives you the hint that he is expecting you should respect him at some points. He could say such if you are comfortable, could you bla bla.

Therefore, you stop at the normal friend zone or the co-worker. You wouldn’t hear much about his friends. If the Aquarius man mentions about someone, that person high-chance is his close friend. Or someone who the Aquarius man respects a lot.

His Aquarian network doesn’t similar to others as well. The uniqueness shows in the quality. His network usually surrounds some small close-friends, and his friends usually are high education, high intelligence one. If you don’t see one of his friends doesn’t have that trait, the reason would be someone who Aquarius man respects.

Aquarius man builds his great network by the trust. This trait shares with Capricorn Zodiac about one point: they hate the liars! -> And then, Aquarius man trait separating with Capricorn is using knowledge to find out who and how the liars are made. Capricorn Zodiac doesn’t do this-> Capricorn Zodiac waits for another to volunteer, to tell the truth instead of forcing.

Therefore the rule about Aquarius friendship: he will choose someone who can trust and have the same level of intelligence and knowledge.

One more rule of Aquarius man: once he considers you as a close friend, he definitely won’t sit still while you need help with difficulties.

Some common traits in normal Life and in the workplace

One real example of my co-worker. He is the Sun Aquarius. He has been working at one UPS building for more than 5 years long. At that time, our team leader is the senior employee with 20 years served for UPS company. One day, our team leader makes the move to another company. The Aquarius man comes in-person to greeting and goodbye the team leader at the Aquarius man’s day off. He brings some small gifts to the team leader and chitchats with him -> it’s just one example of how Aquarius man treats co-workers and supervisors. -> if you treat Aquarius man right, he won’t do the bad things to you since he will use his brains to think.

Using the brain is one of the best things Aquarius man can do in his whole life. When we don’t look at other aspects of the Aquarius man, you will surprise how effective the Aquarius man uses his brain. His brain usually produces many creative and innovative ideas. Plus, those ideas are very unique. You need to think outside of the box in order to understand Aquarius’s creative ideas.

Besides, Aquarius man also uses his brain to learn more knowledge. He understands information plus knowledge is more expensive than money. It’s one kind of power.

And Aquarius man will use that power to choose friends carefully. It little repeats with the content above. Because knowledge and intelligence are the two main categories that Aquarius man chooses for friendship. Normal people usually don’t understand the Aquarius man’s mind. They usually misunderstand. And the Aquarius man usually is misunderstood too. -> However, it really doesn’t matter to him. Because everyone has their own life. He respects your life. And he can not live for you, can’t be you!

Basic, Aquarius man believes in himself first.

What you should know If you have a crush (or like) Aquarius man

The first thing you should aware of is his attitude when you are still the stranger to him. The Aquarius man is smart that he can’t understand if you don’t share your emotions and feelings. -> Thus, you should look at yourself-> and then honestly ask yourself that what you like about Aquarius man

Because he DEFINITELY asks that question! He would ask “why you like me?”, “what you like about me?”

The second thing you need to pay attention to: Aquarius man doesn’t use his heart much. When it comes to love or even lust, it defines as our emotions and feelings-> we usually assume it derives from the heart

However, the Aquarius man doesn’t think so. He understands all the emotion wave from angry, sad, hopeless to happy, neutral, sorrow, pity, jealous, etc. -> all of them are the productions of the brain’s chemical.

You should forgive the Aquarius man about this issue-> he sometimes doesn’t understand his own emotions and feelings. -> it’s irony because Aquarius Zodiac talent is helping another to share emotions and feelings, but Aquarians itself can not do.

The third thing: you really need to prepare yourself. Because the Aquarius man kinda likes to change. He will change for making things more interesting. You will meet many unexpected from him. You should track the date with him by day to day. Aquarius man will make each dating date become special. He wants every single date with you is different from another. You should expect he will do many things which are different from other couples.

For example: the first date, the Aquarius man might invite you into a library. Next time, he would ask you if you want to watch a horror movie with him. Yeah, not a romantic, not action types, not your favorites genres of the movie at all.

Another example is Aquarius man might lose contact with you for several days. He is busy to do something that considers interest to him. And then, suddenly one day, Aquarius man acts super sweet to you.

Summary: If your eyes are looking at an Aquarius man for boyfriend, you definitely will have many interesting dating dates. And the quality haha is very special and unique. You won’t mistake what Aquarius man does with what your ex-boyfriends did in the past. You will see the world under the new aspect!

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