With Mesopotamia Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians and Babylonians, Egypt was also one of the earliest civilization about 3000 BCE years. They settled down near the Nile river. Ancient Egyptians depended on the Nile River. Before 3000 BCE, ancient Egypt was divided into two (like North Korean and South Korean nowaday):

  • Upper Egypt
  • Lower Egypt

About 525 BCE, Astrology and Astronomy had a very valued since it can predict the time, the season, the winds, the Nile’s flooding, etc. for agriculture (included farming, fishing and foresting). Who practices Astrology and Astronomy, will have a higher social class.

As the time flies, Egypt at the modern time still keeps agriculture, but they are less depending on nature; therefore, Astrology nor Astronomy’s value drop!!!

About the Egypt Social Structure

If you google a little bit, you will know that Ancient Egypt had two kingdoms (Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt) before the King Menes unified two into only one Egypt like nowadays. Each kingdom shares the same social structure.

When did it formed?-> based on other authority websites which derived from Egyptologists, the ancient Egypt social structure was formed at the Dynasty of Menes. It would be about between 3150 BCE and 3000 BCE

How the structure displays?

Ancient Egypt Social Structure

*Sorry that Gne attaches low quality photo, but it’s the only one Gne can find with Google. Of course, this image has the royal free. It’s free to reuse. It’s still better than nothing, no photo/picture, right? The photo/picture helps you to easy to follow 🙂 *

Based on Egyptologists, the ancient Egypt Social Structure has the rank, the class like their pride symbol – Pyramid. Therefore, when people search for the Egypt Social Structure images, they usually find a Egypt Social Pyramid. It’s just one way for easy to remember since Egypt is famous with Pyramid.

The first also highest is the Egypt King. We have a different name for it. It’s Pharaoh. Under the Egyptians eyes, their Pharaoh is a GOD, so they don’t dare to see directly into Pharaoh face unless Pharaoh tells them so.

Pharaoh Scrupture

The second rank is a governor. The Egyptian word “Tjaty” in the picture above is another name of a Vizier. A Vizier job is helping Pharaoh with State Affairs. Tjaty also is the highest officer. He is appointed by Pharaoh. When Pharaoh leaves Egypt capital for some reasons, Pharaoh usually leaves all the authority for Tjaty to take care all the Egypt affairs.

The third rank is High Priest and High Priestess. That is the official title for people who practice Astrology and Astronomy in the ancient Egypt time. Usually, the High Priest/ Priestess is chosen from the noble families or Royal family. They worship all Egypt GODs. They take care of the ceremonies. They maintain the GOD temple. They usually own the land.

Based on the picture above, other officials and the Army General share the fourth rank in the Egypt Social Structure. Officials collect and report all affairs into the Tjaty – who censor before submit to Pharaoh.

Next is the Scribers who record all events internal and external Egypt kingdom.

Below the Scribers rank is the Egypt Army. Just like other army structure that still remains until now. We will have the normal ranking: normal soldier-> a leader of a small group soldier-> a captain. All is under the Army General management. If Egypt has a war, they all follow the Pharaoh lead.

Last is the lower social class. They are craft men, farmers, blackmists, bakers, teachers, etc.

However, with Gne personal idea, the Egypt Social Structure is still missing a few things

First, the ancient Egyptians people believe in the GODs – the GODs of the whole Universe. Therefore, in Gne’s opinion, the first one we should mention is the Egypt GODs of Universe.

With this idea, it reminds Gne into one Hollywood movie about Egypt and Mummies. However, Gne doesn’t remember the movie name. Gne remembers there is one scene at the near end. The Pyramid has a hug diamond at the top sharp Pyramid. That hug diamond could symbol for a GOD in the ancient time

And then below the Egypt GODs, we continue with Pharaoh who is also a GOD, but in human form.

Next, we just continue to go down to Tjaty / Vizier -> The High Priests and Priestesses -> Officials and Army General-> Scribers -> Army -> Lower social Class.

Egypt scene slave

Second, the Egypt Social Structure forgets one lowest class: the slaves. In the ancient time, slaves are very common. They are people who build the Pyramid, and do other labor jobs.

Third, Gne wonders why Egypt had that social structure? Gne has googled about that question, but Gne still can’t find the answer yet. Perhaps Gne used the wrong keyword? And then, Gne thinks about it: why Google doesn’t show any websites which relate it? Is that question hard to answer?

Egyptologists don’t question themselves: Why Egypt had that social structure?

Is it because that Social Structure is the only one model existed at the time?

Perhaps, the question cross the Socialists barrier….

One more example Ancient Egypt Priest in the same comic book

There is a connection between the section above and this one. Both are about the Priests, the High Priests and High Priestesses

With the previous post which is about Mesopotamian Priests, the Priests are the astrologers aka astronomers. And the main theme of this HWA site is about Horoscope with Astrology.

Astrology was originated from Mesopotamia. By the times and the population immigration, Astrology expanded to Egypt and share a few. Therefore, with Ancient Astrology, Egyptian Astrology is a branch.

if you have read about the previous post, Gne gave one example of Mesopotamian Priest and more specific about Babylonian High Priest.

Here, Gne will introduce two Egyptian High Priest and High Priestess in the same comic book “Crest of the Royal Family”

The first High Priestess whom Carol meet is Isis or another name Ashisu (with different translators). In the comic book, Isis is Memphis/Menfuisu Older sister. When they were young, as Isis was about 8-years-old and Memphis was about 6-years-old, their father Nefermaat, also a former Pharaoh, decided what are their life goal.

Nile's daughter comic book Isis
from Pinterest

At the very young age, Isis was pointed as a Priestess. She follows all the procedures and trainings. She would take over everything from the former High Priest.

When Isis was 16-years-old, she knows very clear that she loves Memphis. She expected they will get married in the near future. This is the Egypt ancient Royal culture.

As their father, Pharaoh died because of a “dirty trick” from the enemy insider and from the neighbor kingdom assassins, Isis became a ruler of the Lower Egypt when she turned 18. She also became a High Priestess.

Another example is High Priest Gupta, as know as Kapta.

From another authority site

This is the first time Carol meet the Egyptian High Priest official. The drawing at the first few volume is not very sharp, but by looking at it, we can predict some personal traits.

The Egyptian High Priest Gupta / Kapta is ambitious man. And he is addicted to the gold color. He could use anything to achieve what he want.

With his reputation, he gives advice directly to the young Pharaoh, and draw the front line for him. In another word, the High Priest has an ability to manipulate the Pharaoh. The High Priest reads the Egyptian GOD’s will, but he somehow misinterprets for his own ambitions.

The Egyptian High Priest and High Priestess has too much authority and power in the royal politics.

Until this period, Astrology and Astronomy are creating the opponents.

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