Ladies, you notice you are not young for playing around anymore. You feel that you are mature enough for a serious romantic relationship. If the new partner is suitable for your personality, you will consider being a long-term relationship. Perhaps, further and farther.

If you involve to the dating app, dating site, Virgo man is a safe choice. Once you get to know more Virgo man, you will see him as a dark-horse. Read farther below and discover why.

About Virgo horoscope (basic for both genders)

The Zodiac name: Virgo

The Zodiac position: 6th Sign in the Horoscope circle. It doesn’t mean Sun Sign, Moon Sign, AC, Mars, etc.

The icon/ symbol:

Virgo symbol

Virgo icon is very similar to the Scorpio icon since it has one small difference that is quickly noticed by Virgo. Other Zodiac Signs usually skips the small in order to focus on another aspect. The clue is the ending-part.

The star constellation: Virgo constellation

The energy in China culture: Yin – Feminine

A little further in real life: Virgo man has more femininity comparing with other 11 Zodiac men. Virgo man still is born with normal physical man shape. However, his brain functions similar to all women. You will catch a few times that Virgo man likes to nutrify long hair. It would not so long, but definitely, his Virgo’s hair confused you about the real gender.

Virgo man sometimes like to nutrify long hair

About Virgo woman…it’s kind of the opposite. If we’re still based on the Yin / Yang culture, when you have so many Yin on you-> it will reach the max point of Yin-> therefore, it meets Yang energy. Virgo woman is born with completely normal women brain, women body shape with normal function. Nevertheless, most of Virgo women act like a man.

Since the 8th grade education in my home country, students are taught about some basic sex information. Even Virgo girls have normal function, somewhere in the behaviors, Virgo girls show some masculine signs. I have been met with some Virgo girls. I observe that sort is kind of correct. Some Virgo girls as classmates with me, there are some brief moments. They act like a boy, treat like brother-brother with me. With other male classmates, Virgo girls see them as a real male friend and keep some distance because of the gender difference. Or seeing other boys as a potential of lovers, crush, lust.

I have one more brief example. It’s my little sister. When I apply Horoscope with Astrology on my little sister, I can read her natal birth chart. First, my little sister Sun Sign is Virgo – which is same as me, but a different date. -> this first information explains my little sister behavior more masculine with her girlfriends. My little sister usually treats me like a brother with brother more than a little sister. And the second sign in my little sister birth chart supporting my guess is my little sister Moon Sign.

Do you know it’s Moon Sign which makes you different with other people having the same Sun Sign with you? And for my little sister, her Moon Sign is in Taurus. Somehow, it boosts more masculine on my little sister. That second information, Taurus Moon hand-in-hand with Virgo Sun Sign, makes my little sister become a tomboy. Around the 3rd class in primary school, my little sister likes to have short hair.

Yes, I know it’s common now, but my little sister chooses the short hair like a real men hairstyle!

One more example is one older Virgo woman that I know for a short time ago. Don’t mistake she’s my girlfriend. 🙂 It’s older than me around 5,6 years old. She’s Virgo Sun Sign definitely. She’s engaged when she’s around 29,30 years old. And when I have a few weeks working with her, I feel she’s close more to a big sister to me. (by the way, I am the oldest child in my family). Thus, for clear, I treat her like a real bloody bigger sister to me. And yeah :3 sometimes she has some manly moment ? (now I lose contact with her)

Virgo Mythology

There are various myths associated with the constellation of Virgo, although powerful goddesses are a dominant theme, for example Dike, the goddess of moral righteousness, Tyche, the goddess of luck or chance and Astarea, the goddess of justice and convention who abandoned the Earth as humans became more brutal.

However, Demeter is the goddess most closely associated with the sign of Virgo. She is the Greek goddess of fertility and ruler of the seasons. She was honoured particularly towards the end of summer when the golden ears of corn were harvested.

She taught men how to plough and women, how to grind the grain and bake bread. She was stricken by grief after her daughter Persephone was abducted by Hades (Latin: Pluto) who was aided by Zeus, and she allowed the land to become barren.

Zeus feared that humanity might not survive and that nobody would be left to bring him sacrifices. He therefore made a bargain with Hades for the release of Persephone.

However, when journeying back to her mother, Persephone ate a few Pomegranate seeds, the symbol of marriage and was therefore bound to Hades. Demeter had to accept sharing Persephone with Hades, and that barrenness is also an aspect of fertility. From that time forth, Persephone spent one third of the year with Hades and two thirds with her mother.

Astro Wiki

Top 5 Virgo man personality that no one can mimic completely

Eye bird on small and details

While Leo man focuses on the big picture, Virgo man chooses the opposite direction. Virgo man has the talent about eye-bird on small things. Even some small insignificant to the rest of people. Since Virgo man pays attention to small, somehow his working speed has a better performance.

Well-organized ideas that some people don’t understand

This is one of the top 3 Virgo man’s concern. Special with me hehe. I usually feel a little angry when I see a mess in front of my sigh. Sometimes, I ignore because it’s not my responsibilities. However, at some surrounding that I can control, I usually put it in order and stay organized.

Virgo man organized thinking confuses other people. I meet both in my workplace and in my parent’s house. Before I join the UPS team unloader-loader, I have no complaints about my cleaning job duty. All the ground supervisors appreciate my cleaning work since I always keep the final job in organized in my control. I don’t touch some personal items in the building office, but I make some “change” for suitable to my cleaning routine.

On that cleaning job, I have a little reward on Christmas day since I clean good enough after some office parties. My reward back then is a small blanket from my ground supervisor. Other people have some chocolate.

After I join the UPS loader position, my loading quality at first doesn’t suitable for UPS quality because I still learn at that time. After several months of practice until now, I am pretty sure about my good loading UPS quality in import/export trailers.

However, with some new team member joining the loader position for several months, they don’t observe and adapt what I load in the trailer. They just complain and say they don’t understand my loading quality. I know everyone has their own suitable style. Even with me, I adapt to other seniors, experienced loaders in my team. Until now, I have my own style loading and still stack all the package tightly enough. I also meet UPS “T” standard. It’s the “T” mechanical supporting pressure rule. It’s similar with the T you see in the brick wall. And new team members don’t understand how I make that UPS “T” ? They stack with their own common sense and waste so much space in the export trailer.

T support pressure in the brick wall

They don’t understand-> and just complain about why I usually change their sort order packing.

And in my parent’s house, -.- give me a break when it comes to organized things in the house. I have no authority to do. Thus, I have all control in my room. And I am pretty sure my room is more well-organized than my little sister room. I bet all Virgo man room usually stay in organized than the rest of men.

His surrounding environment needs to be clean enough

Just another Virgo man’s concern ? If you have a Virgo man as your boyfriend, you will notice one his habit. His first action after he comes back to his place is preparing for a shower. All Virgo man concerns about being clean more than other men. First of all, Virgo man starts to clean himself before cleaning other things in his room, in his house.

With Virgo’s detail-orientation, Virgo man cleaning routine is better than his male peers. Virgo man will go farther to clean some tiny spot in the bedroom if he has time. Virgo man will move the furniture and clean the mess behind it. Unlike other men plus some lazy ladies ?. Some like to hide their mess behind a door, below the sofar chair. Some even put the dirty clothes right on their bed!

When Virgo man loses temper, his critical logic will silent you!

I still remember in the Central Seattle College English 101 classroom. The instructor asks all students to learn more about critical thinking. He shares: not every single college students master critical thinking-> and then apply to a deeper comprehension of the higher education. However, Virgo man has that ability before English 101.

Critical thinking plus reasoning is a special gift from the Sun. All Virgo genders have that ability. Comparing with Virgo woman, Virgo man is “harder”. Virgo man doesn’t good about controlling his critical thinking. He usually has more enemies because of his lacking control. Virgo man doesn’t show much respect when he’s critical with older people. Virgo man will still use his critical thinking as a knife’s blade to attack other peoples when Virgo man doesn’t like someone behaviors. As Virgo man grows more mature, he knows about his critical can give some damages because not everyone likes to hear it. He will silent and hide his critical “blade”-> waiting for using to who he considers as the enemy.

Thus, a mature Virgo man knows how to use his gift. However, Virgo man is lazy to apply that gift to what he doesn’t interesting…

Why Virgo man usually isn’t confident?

High self-esteem is granted for Leo Zodiac Sign. With the other 11 Zodiacs, they need to work on themselves in order to achieve higher self-confidence. Top 2 Signs which works hardest are Capricorn and Virgo. Both of them share the same starting point: they have nothing at the beginning. Everything they have now is the result of hidden, private, behind-the-scene efforts and sweats. Thus, the quality of grant high self-esteem and achieved self-confidence seems equal, but there is something else.

Since we are in Virgo month, let’s take a look about Virgo man first.

Self-confidence has two areas: physical and mental. In this case, Virgo somehow is lacked pride at the moment he’s born. Virgo man body shape is normal. As a Virgo boy, he notices that his self-esteem is lower than other peers. He notices some reasons, but still not pay much attention since he’s playful.

As Virgo boy grows up more, he now can apply his critical thinking to himself. He analyzes why he has low self-esteem. He lists out all possibilities-> re-exam each area-> analyze what is the root reason in that aspect-> what he can do for achieving higher self-confidence.

Virgo man lists possibilities about his low-confidence:

  • About physical
    • his shape body. Virgo man thought his shape body is normal. Maybe a little chubby under someone’s eyes.
    • his height comes from his parent’s DNA
    • his habit eating food
    • his frequency practice exercises
    • his bad smell hygiene after his sweats
    • his embarrassed feeling when someone mentions about his body parts
    • his “average” face beauty
    • his walking body language
    • etc
  • About mental:
    • Worry too much about other people saying
    • Feeling the pressure from social and peers
    • Disappointed whenever Virgo man tries something with the mind looking for the perfection
    • Family background, ethic, race, education level, etc.
    • Doesn’t have mental support from his parents, siblings since he’s a child.

After all, that is how a Virgo man duel with general life, normal surrounding, and environment. Even so, why Astrologers and some women spray the gossip: Virgo man is a nice choice for a long-term partner?

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