Today is October 22nd. It’s the last few days in the Libra month. There has a Horoscope myth: when someone is born in the last few days of this Zodiac sign. That person will “borrow” some traits of the next Zodiac Sign.

Let’s learn (or review) some facts about Scorpio – The Zodiac Sign.

Some facts about Scorpio the Zodiac Sign

First of all, Scorpio is the 8th Zodiac Sign in the circle. The word Scorpio derives from ” Scorpion”

Based on the Christian calendar, Scorpio month starts from October 24th until November 21st.

Scorpio is one of the Water Sign

Scorpio is the cardinal quality. It means all Scorpio people have fixed characteristics. In the love life, Scorpio people know and draw clearly the line between like, love, dislike, hate.

The theory symbol Scorpio:

symbol different between scorpio and virgo

When we take a closer look, Scorpio’s symbol is similar to the Virgo Symbol. Still the letter “M” shape. The end is different. For Scorpio’s symbol, the M has the going-up narrow. While Virgo’s symbol, it’s down and having an extra leg pointed on the left side. Because of this reason, some Astrologers still believe Scorpio is born from Virgo. When Scorpio and Virgo get together, they will feel they have been found the soulmate.

The animal symbol for Scorpio: of course, it’s mainly about all kinds of Scorpions in nature. When people hear about Scorpio the Zodiac Sign, they usually think about the Scorpions animal symbol. They don’t know that Scorpio Zodiac Sign has two more uncommon animal symbols which are the snake and the phoenix.

All three animal symbols represent three angle’s Scorpio. One is the danger. Another is about death. And last is the revive. The last two involve to the Scorpio’s Ruler.

About Scorpio Zodiac Sign Ruler: it has two periods of time. In the ancient Astrology and Horoscope, they believe the main ruler for Scorpio Zodiac Sign is the Mars planet. (Mars also is the represented rule for Aries Zodiac Sign). Until 1930, when the modern Astronauts and NASA discover Pluto planet, Astrologers consider changing the Scorpio’s main ruler from Mars to Pluto. That is the result after observing Pluto’s impact on the Scorpio Zodiac Sign. Astrologers realize Pluto planet has more effects on Scorpio Zodiac Sign about the death, the inner, the rebirth, through actions. Thus, the final decision: Pluto planet is the main rule for Scorpio Zodiac Sign. In some transitions, Mars planet co-impact.

About Scorpio constellation and the mythology

Scorpio Constellation in Southern Sky
Scorpio Constellation in Southern Sky

Scorpio Zodiac Sign constellation is Scorpius. Scorpius is one of the 48 constellations identified by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the second century. The constellation has 18 stars in total.

And the mythology:

The myths connected with Scorpio are closely related to the primitive hunter Orion who was both libidinous and a keen hunter. After he raped his mother in law, he was blinded by her husband King Oinopion but regained his sight with the help of the divine blacksmith Hephaistos.

He then immediately went about avenging himself by attacking all of nature.

Artemis, goddess of the wilderness, the hunt and wild animals Moon, was so worried that Orion would destroy the animal kingdom that she created a giant scorpion which killed Orion with one sting.

In another version, it is said that Artemis created the scorpion in self defence because Orion tried to rape her. Whatever the case, the primitive hunter was killed by a creature that is itself considered to be one of the oldest and most primitive creatures. Because of their animosity towards each other, the constellations of Orion and Scorpio never appear in the night sky at the same time.

About Scorpio’s characteristics

Until now, Astrologers (regardless of the ancient or modern astrologers) still believe that Scorpio Zodiac Sign is one of the most complex characteristics sign. While we are still in the last few days of Libra month, I would like to use Libra’s energy: view the issue with many different angles.

My perspective this time: I view Scorpio Zodiac Sign as a sign derived from the Virgo Zodiac. Since Scorpio is a complex sign, I choose the Virgo as the perspective starting point. I choose two more Zodiac Signs helping to explain and share about Scorpio’s personality.

The simple formula:

Scorpio = Virgo (as the main) + Cancer + Capricorn.

Looking at the horoscope circle, the middle point between Virgo Zodiac and Capricorn Zodiac locates at the Scorpio. In another saying, Scorpio shares some characteristics from both Virgo and Capricorn.

Now, look at the main element Virgo. The first thesis is Scorpio derives from Virgo.

Even Scorpio has 60 degrees apart from Virgo, they share the same characteristic: Observation. The fact is both Scorpio and Virgo have a great observation skill. Both pay attention to the details, the small things that people usually forget and skippable. Both observe other people’s body language and behaviors.

And the observation expresses in a different level. Scorpio observation is a deeper level. Scorpio observes people in the longer term, with more aspects than Virgo. Scorpio wants to understand the person at a deep level. Scorpio wants to know until the bottom. Other people wary and sometimes scare about Scorpio because Scorpio wants to know the dark and the deepest secret.

The different point about the Scorpio observation is the intensity. Virgo is more easy-going.

After observing, Virgo finds it’s hard to maintain privacy because Virgo wants to have the confirmation from that person. After observing, Virgo will be critical and seeing Virgo as the correct point. Thus, force or refuse other opinions.

While Scorpio has a different way. After observing, Scorpio still keeps silent. And observe more for understand more. When it has the chance or the situation harms to Scorpio, Scorpio will slowly slowly slowly release. Scorpio will lure the target for them to confess. The common Scorpio trigger is ” I know about your secret”.

A simple sentence like that, it still has a sharp eye -> makes the person to wary and scared. It feels like a mental battlefield for Scorpio. When that person avoid or negate, Scorpio will release more clues and also show some evidence.

The intensive is the trait that Scorpio shares with Cancer. Another trait Scorpio sharing with Cancer is the protection. Actually, it turns to care more! When Scorpio sees the loved one having the sickness, Scorpio like Cancer will volunteer to take care of the loved one. If the situation needs, both Scorpio and Cancer produce so strong willpower that can move the mountain.

Scorpio shares three traits with Capricorn:

  • Ambitious
  • Never give up
  • Stubborn

Some of Scorpio’s unique traits are

The special gift – the sensitive. It’s a natural gift for Scorpio. Scorpio can sense and guess about human needs and wants. Most of the cases, Scorpio is correct when it comes to human needs and wants.

Thus, Scorpio has one more unique trait: manipulation. After Scorpio senses and know about other people’s vulnerabilities, Scorpio controls as on what Scorpio wants. Scorpio can use the secrets as the blackmail. Or Scorpio uses the higher and much better weapon for manipulating.

It’s sex. You don’t read wrong. Scorpio people have great bed skills. Scorpio still makes love with the person who Scorpio loves. At the same time, Scorpio has sex with another to satisfy the physical need. Or Scorpio uses sex as the weapon to achieve higher power and get the goals. This situation happens a lot with a Scorpio man. Scorpio man definitely loves his woman with all the heart, emotion and feeling. Nevertheless, Scorpio man still has sex with another woman who he finds very sexual! other women understand that behavior is not acceptable. Scorpio man just doesn’t understand. To him, it’s a physical body need.

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