Why you should read this post?

Why I create this post?

Simple, it’s a part of “about HWA”. Gne has share “about HWA – What, Where, When, Who” , and now it’s Why.

First, Gne is a reasoning person. Therefore, Gne usually asks the question Why a lot.

However, it finds it’s little funny when Gne hears the young student’s answer when they are in the elementary school, high school.

The situation is simple. In the classroom, a teacher asks “why”, some students will volunteer to share their reasons. In another hand, some passive students just say such as because I like, or because it’s a fact.

Back the Why I create this HWA?

It’s simple: Gne wants to find the reason for understand the situation or the incidents. As Gne can understand the reason, Gne can find the solution after deeper research.

The root of reason is again deriving from my first love. If you are curious about my first love, you can go back the “about HWA – When” for more details. At the moment of break up, Gne…Gne’s mind was in bland as Gne hear the break up idea from Mountain girl….Therefore, Gne didn’t catch up her reasons.

Gne just wants to find the reason why Mountain girl and Gne was broke up back then.

Horoscope With Astrology helps Gne to guess some possibilities for her reasons.

And then, Horoscope with Astrology helps Gne to better self-understand, be aware of behaviors

Another reason: Gne looks for some pieces of advices while Gne is in relationship with a lady. Gne will share more in the blog since she’s Capricorn anyway :3

Why you should give Horoscope with Astrology a chance?

With Western Astrology, you can understand more about the behaviors, the characteristics of yourself, about your spouse, your family members, your relatives, your friends, your colleagues, your co-workers and even with the criminals or celebrities.

Thank you for reading and Have a nice day 🙂

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