Who are you?

Do you find it a common question? as you first meet a stranger? It usually replace by introducing such as “My name is XXX” or “I’m XXX”. “Who are you?” is a little rude in the Western. It’s more mundane in the Eastern, special in my home country Viet Nam and perhaps China. Gne mentions about China since Gne has been watched some ancient, modern Chinese movies. They use “Who are you?” a lot.

Back to the Western college time in the 19th century, a lot of freshmen are misleading in life. Their instructors usually question them:” who are you?”; “what are you good at?”

At the time, students just “play” more than work, study since the privilege, the social class rules the College time. In some book, it calls the College dark time.

The students don’t know how to identify themselves except the setting at the beginning. Their parents give them the name, the gender responsibilities, the role in the house, etc.

Horoscope nor Astrology can help them.

However, modern Horoscope with Astrology has the capacity.

By look at the natal birth chart, an Astrologer can tell who you are without further communication. The natal birth chart shows who you are in the past, the person who you are now; however, it doesn’t guarantee the future.

who are you
A typical Psychology question, can you answer it?

The future is based on the present and the past. It means you can work on yourself and build your best version in the future.

Who is behind the scene?

For this HWA now, it’s only me, Gne admin XD It means I need to do all the works, but at least I can control a few things here.

And for the natal birth chart and the Astrology, it’s Planets.


It’s houses.

3D beautiful house
XD haha not this 3D beautiful house

It’s astrological houses 😛

It’s 12 signs: Aries -> Taurus -> Gemini -> Cancer -> Leo -> Virgo -> Libra -> Scorpio -> Sagittarius -> Capricorn -> and Pisces.

It’s aspects between houses, between signs, between planets,etc.

But the most important is the birth information. It’s your full name (first and last/ family name), your day of birth, your birthplace/ town/ country, your time during a day.

Those core things never change as the time pass. The sun is still delivering the light to our Earth. The moon is still orbiting our planet and rules the water wage.

The variable is the Astrologers. It means Astrology IS ALWAYS ACCURATE because the Astrologers observe through the planets and other elements. He/She might interpret differently.

Take Gne as one example. My favorite sign is Capricorn, only Capricorn ladies haha even they hate me like my little cutie cousin. Therefore, you will find more positive as you read about them in HWA.

In contrast, Gne has the difficult to interpret the Gemini (which is most difficult to Gne), perhaps Taurus as well. However, Gne thinks (for now) I don’t have much trouble with Taurus since it’s Earth sign like my sun sign Virgo 🙂

Gne knows it’s completely confidential information in the USA; however, a good Astrologer can guess three main signs in your natal birth chart by observing your outlook, by talking indirectly. Or just simple ask directly like me 🙂 Gne usually asks when I know they can share. So far, It works with all my old female friends 😛

Gne just shares a little bit. We will dig more detail with Natal birth chart’s post in the near future.

Who would benefit?

Gne would say all people who can read and understand what Gne writes on this HWA website ? You can read my posts and my blogs as one short entertainment. Gne thinks Millennials share more common with me since Gne is still in the range.

Perhaps some teenagers -.- if they are interested 🙂

For older people within the middle age and up, hmm…Gne doesn’t think HWA would benefit this range age much since you have been passed a half life’s quantity already. If you read HWA posts, it just confirms some facts in your past. It might remind you of the old memories. Perhaps, help you to find a solution for the current situation. Or, you can understand the incidents. For healing as well?

Astrology has sections: money, career and success, relationships, transitional period, prediction, business read,etc. that could catch your need.

Or some branch’s Astrology: Vedic Astrology, Chinese Astrology, etc.

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