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It’s Gne admin. In the previous post, which is about HWA – what, Gne introduces one side of this HWA.

Here, it’s the second: where

First where: the information derives from?

We are in the cyber age. We have a ton of information online. We sometimes jump into a false information, a scam, etc. Gne totally understands when you doubt about the information quality, accuracy.

You might wonder how reliable the information from HWA?

Well, I don’t mind to tell you frankly since that’s one of my nature personality – honest into stupid.

😛 Gne will explain more as Gne shares about my own characteristic.

My first main source information is from a website named Astro.com and their schools, their data.

The second source information derived from my little experiences as Gne interacts with other people in the past, in the present and perhaps in the future as well 🙂

And the third source…Hmmm… it’s from other authority horoscopes websites. Gne will quote directly from their websites and leave their name under the quote. Gne just afraid that they will sue me when Gne does that.

However, Gne just copies and past a direct quote from them-> and then, Gne analyzes and explains in my ways. It likes we are talking about the same issues, but express in the different ways, perhaps in different point of views.

Therefore, as you read some HWA posts, you might find similar ideas in the different websites, but Gne has been aware of the plagiarism. When Gne was still studied in the school to improving my English skills, my instructors always always always reminds the students about avoiding the Plagiarism.

Gne knows the pain of plagiarizing and being plagiarized (even Gne never experience before) because Gne has been reading about it. Gne also hopes that no one would do that to Gne since Gne doesn’t have the intention to do that in the first place. Gne has made very clear that Gne DOES NOT PLAGIARIZE from any one. Gne might borrow the main idea and express in my ways because Gne has a different background. Gne has a different life comparing with you. Gne might share some similar aspects, beliefs, etc. with some people. It’s just simple that Gne shares the same Sun Sign Horoscope/Zodiac. Gne will explain more details why Gne mentions very specific about Sun Sign, not just simple 12 horoscopes: (you have been known about 12 signs. Let’s review with Gne. At the same time, check your memory and share your knowledge with newbies 🙂 )

  • Who is the first one, the first leader ever of 12 zodiacs? ARIES
  • Next one? Taurus
  • Then? Gemini ( -.- Honestly, Gne has a conflict with this sign. As The Sun moves into this sign in 2019, and beyond years later, Gne will try my best to keep neutral tone when Gne writes about this sign.)
  • Who is the best housewife model/ image? Cancer ( :3 This is my personal compliment because I have a little bit Cancer in Gne haha A husband who has a lovely wife – who is born under the Cancer sign – you will know what Gne is talking about hihi )
  • Now Welcome the King and the Queen: LEO. Or Gne should say:” Dear Highness, Dear Queen” 😛
  • Here is my Sun sign: Virgo – Haha I’m Virgo male :3 By the way, Gne is not a typical Virgo male because of… Gne retrieves it later 😛
  • After me, it’s Libra. ( Shhhh don’t tell my girlfriend. Gne easily get attracted to Libra girls and women. However, with my future wife on my side, it’s a different story! With my future wife, Sun Libra girls/women mean less to me haha it calls self-control and loyalty to a wife as a good husband)
  • Next one is a mysterious: Scorpio
  • After that? the childish, adventurous Sagittarius.
  • And my forever favorite sign: Capricorn XDDDD I love you all, no matter what kind of relationships. I am a big fan of Capricorn girls and Capricorn women :3
  • The one Gne usually forgets about it: Aquarius since Gne doesn’t interact much with Aquarians.
  • The last one is the wisest, the most intelligent sign: Pisces.

Second where: source’s physical location

Physical location influences into Astrology and Horoscope in general.

In this part, Gne introduces a little about how Astro dot com website earns the audience’s trust since the 1980s. ( Gne mentions in above. You can roll up to find the URL)

According to Astro dot com website, their headquarter located in Zollikon in
Zürich, Switzerland country. Gne doesn’t talk more detail about Zollikon since we have the Wikipedia already. Here is the link to Wiki Zollikon.

Below is a short gallery about Zollikon.

Above is about Zollikon, Zürich, Switzerland country. Their astrologer’s team are currently living there also almost their works.

Let’s say you have known nothing about Horoscope with Astrology.

You, by accident, across the Western Horoscope daily report, a weekly report on the newspaper, on the magazine. You have nothing to do at that moment. You just read it for killing time or little relax and fun.

-> after you read and think about your current situation, you would have doubted the Horoscope daily, weekly report’s accuracy as a normal person with common sense.

Gne was in that situation before. Gne did feel that Western Horoscope daily report is partly correct (like 50%?) when Gne first read in my first language – Vietnamese.

Back then, Gne didn’t pay attention much since it’s just partly truth into my situation. Gne didn’t question why the daily, weekly horoscope only tell perhaps 50% truth into the reality.

Now, Gne knows the reason, which the physical location is.

It’s because of Western Horoscope, not Astrology. It’s less accurate when you live away from the source -> sound unclear, right?

Take me as an example. Gne knows about the Western Horoscopes when Gne still live in my home country. There is gap geography between the place where I live before and the source.

VietNam country time zone is GMT+8. The source information…honestly, Gne doesn’t know the source information because the website doesn’t share. Plus, their information has been translated into my Vietnamese language. Here is the domain website URL horoscope Gne had been followed for a while before discover the Astrology: Lovedia

After Gne moved into the USA, Gne found that Astro dot com has higher efficiency. The GMT Zollikon is GMT + 1. The GMT – 8 is Seattle’s time zone.

Gne doesn’t know why we have this small issue, but it’s interesting to Gne for dig deeper and then give a clearer explain for myself. Gne will update as Gne writes about it later 🙂

The physical location where you are, it affects into the Astrology. The most important element is your birth town/city/hospital/resident or a little bigger, your birth place like a country.

In summary

Where are you come from? With a small piece information, Horoscope with Astrology can retrieve some characteristics, some behaviors and perhaps understand a fully you.

Want to understanding a person, you usually talk, communicate, observe the behaviors.

However, to Gne, it has a quicker, faster, and more correct by using Astrology. What Astrologers need are:

  • The first name and the last name. Perhaps your full given name, not a nickname -.-
  • The location where were you born. Normal with some Astrology software, they just need you to type the city name. Some ask a specific longitude and latitude.
  • The date of your birthday according to normal Western Calendar.
  • The exactly hours, the time during the day when you were born. This piece of information usually lies on the mother’s memory. However, this information is optional. If you know, it will give you a better result.
  • And the last is your gender

In this post, we touch the Where. The next upcoming post will be the time.

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