I know some people still believe that earning one bachelor’s degree in a University, a College is the best way to find a job. Yes, I admit that belief is never wrong in some situation, but that’s the common track.

There are some exceptions like Bill Gates with Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook, Jeff Bezos with Amazon and so on. Those businessmen share one common. They started their own business as an undergraduate student. I might be misinformed about their education, but what they did is inspired for the young generation to step out the comfort zone and start to do actions.

I also received an advice from a 61-years-old Electrician about a week ago when our family paid him for repair and remodel a few things.


He’s self-employed and he has been in the industry for years. He shares with me that his children don’t have the College Bachelor. He said that going to the College just graves a big debt after the graduation. He urges his children to go to the technical schools or something similar to that -> get a 2-year degree or one certificate, license “Electrician” like him. No matter where you go, you always get employed because every country has the electric. That’s one kind of job’s secure.

Let’s me ask you: are you happy with your 9-hours work? If you are happy with that, congrats to you since you find your dream job or something close to it, and I’m happy for you when you do what you like to do ? It would not consider as the work if you are happy and enjoying what you like to do for the living and for your general life goal.

How about some people want to get out of the box? How about some people don’t enjoy their regular job? They want to seek more financial freedom to do things they like to do, for travel, for more fun time with family, etc. I’m more likely the second group

What HWA – Horoscope With Astrology is about

Something deeper than horoscope because HWA starts as a personal interest. Just like other interests, you are excited while you first discover it-> You like to dig more-> research more-> sometimes, you hit the dark side, the dead end-> but the interest is still there, and it keeps you get back.

The word “Horoscope” has been around for more than a decade, but people don’t know much about Astrology.

When people hear about the term “Horoscope”, they usually think about the Western Horoscope plus 12 signs in the first place because it translates into many languages in the worldwide. Even within the USA, “Horoscope” just gains more attention in the past 5 years. (according to Google trend)

signs-of-the-zodiac horoscope

However, do you know how many “Horoscopes” that we have besides Western Horoscope?

  • We have Chinese Horoscope (or the similar Vietnamese Horoscope, which is derived from Chinese one)
  • Below a little bit in the Asia continent, we have India Horoscope with the name: Vedic Horoscope; Electric Astrology from Japan, etc.
  • And some more

In fact, you have a misunderstanding! The fact is:

“Horoscope is a junk food of Astrology”

And this Astrology is different with the Astronomy where NASA is working on.

Since the modern Astrology is the deeper and more spectrum different areas in human life.

astrology - deeper horoscope

In short

This website HWA – Horoscope With Astrology will focus on the relationships. It could be:

  • The romantic relationship between Two Sun Signs
  • The friendship between 12 Zodiacs
  • The planetary relationships
  • The relationship Zodiacs with 12 houses
  • The deeper knowledge of love relationships
  • Some suggestions at the beginning, during and beyond in relationship of two people

P/S: The daily, weekly and monthly basic horoscope will come when the writer is mature enough and has firm background education.

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